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Company Profile With References Web&Mail


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Company Profile With References Web&Mail

  1. 1. V. 10/09/2012
  2. 2. 2518
  3. 3. EXECUTION ORIGIN OF EXECUTION ORIGIN OF PROJECT TITLE COUNTRY CLIENT PROJECT TITLE COUNTRY CLIENT PERIOD FUNDS PERIOD FUNDS Albanian Network Management, Leak Detection and EU Delegation to1 Regional Development Studies ALBANIA 2005 2006 EU - CARDS BOSNIA & Development Fund 15 Works Supervision for Water Supply Projects in Bosnia and 1999 2001 EU - PHARE HERZEGOVINA Bosnia & Herzegovina Herzegovina Road Design and Construction EU Delegation to2 ALBANIA 2006 2007 EU - CARDS Standards Albania Training on Water Quality and Spanish Agency Spanish Agency Quantity Management - Assistance BOSNIA & Support to the Development of Agriculture Spanish Agency Spanish Agency 16 for International 2002 2003 for International Programme for the Restoration of the Delta of HERZEGOVINA3 Farmers Associations and Cooperativism in ALBANIA for International 2007 2008 for International Co-operation Co-operation Neretva Albania Co-operation Co-operation EU Delegation to BOSNIA & Technical Assistance and Training for the 17 Support to Air Monitoring Bosnia and 2004 2006 EU - CARDS HERZEGOVINA Improvement of the Delivery of Public EU Delegation to Herzegovina4 ALBANIA 2007 2009 EU - CARDS Services at the Local Albania International Spanish Agency Government Level Training on Irrigation Water BOSNIA & 18 Management 2004 2004 for International Management HERZEGOVINA Health System Modernization Project: TA for Group (IMG) Co-operation5 ALBANIA Ministry of Health 2009 2010 WB Health Facility Rationalization Plan in Albania EU Delegation to Support to Environmental BOSNIA & 19 Bosnia and 2004 2006 EU - CARDS Supervision of Skhodra Sewerage Systems EU Delegation to Field Inspection HERZEGOVINA6 ALBANIA 2010 2013 EU-IPA Herzegovina Construction Albania Support to the Recuperation of International Spanish Agency Technical Assistance to the Project Implementation Albanian Road Ecosystem of Bosna River and its BOSNIA &7 ALBANIA 2011 2013 EIB 20 Management 2006 2006 for International Team of the Albanian Road Authority Authority Tributaries - Training on Water Quality and Quan- HERZEGOVINA Group (IMG) Co-operation tity Management ARMENIA, EU Delegation to Transboundary River Management Phase II European Provision of Feasibility Study for Wastewater BOSNIA &8 AZERBAIJAN, 2008 2010 EU-TACIS 21 Bosnia and 2007 2008 EU - CARDS for the Kura River Commission Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Bihac HERZEGOVINA GEORGIA Herzegovina International Spanish Agency ARMENIA, Integrated Management of Neretva River BOSNIA & 22 Management 2007 2008 for International AZERBAIJAN, Basin HERZEGOVINA Group (IMG) Co-operation BELARUS, European International Spanish Agency9 Waste Governance ENPI East GEORGIA, 2010 2013 EU-ENPI Support to the Elaboration of the Bosna River BOSNIA & Commission 23 Management 2009 2010 for International MOLDOVA, Basin Management Plan HERZEGOVINA RUSSIA, Group (IMG) Co-operation UKRAINE Creation of Sustainable Management Plan International Spanish Agency BOSNIA & ARMENIA, 24 of Neretva River: Hydrological and Hydraulic Management 2009 2010 for International HERZEGOVINA AZERBAIJAN, Models for the Upper Neretva Group (IMG) Co-operation Programme for the Prevention, BELARUS, European10 Preparedness and Response to Natural and GEORGIA, 2011 2014 EU-ENPI Building in the Capacity to Promote Exports EU Delegation to Commission BOSNIA & Man-made Disasters (PPRD East) MOLDOVA, 25 and Develop the Export Base in Bosnia and Bosnia and 2009 2011 EU-IPA HERZEGOVINA RUSSIA, Herzegovina Herzegovina UKRAINE PIU - Second Support to Meet the Requirements of the EU Delegation to Environmental Impact Assessment in 4 National Water Energy Community Treaty for Southeast BOSNIA &11 AZERBAIJAN 2010 2010 WB 26 Bosnia and 2010 2012 EU-IPA Rayons (Agsu, Ismayilli, Devechi and Siyazan) Supply and Europe, with an Emphasis on Energy Efficiency HERZEGOVINA Herzegovina Sanitation and Renewable Energy Ministry of ISWM-Design and Implementation of EU Delegation to12 AZERBAIJAN Economic 2010 2012 WB Institutional and Capacity Building in the BOSNIA & Communication and Social Inclusion Program 27 Bosnia and 2011 2012 EU-IPA Development Employment Sector HERZEGOVINA Herzegovina Design and Supervision of a "Strengthening of B&H Environmental EU Delegation to13 Mechanical Waste Separation Facility in BELARUS Belcomtehinvest 2011 2013 WB BOSNIA & 28 Institutions and Preparation Bosnia and 2011 2013 EU-IPA Grodno HERZEGOVINA for Pre-Accession Funds " Herzegovina International Spanish Agency Human Resources Development in the Water BOSNIA & “Capljina Water Supply System – FOPIP and BOSNIA &14 Management 1999 1999 for International 29 EBRD 2012 2013 EBRD Sector HERZEGOVINA Public Service Agreement“ HERZEGOVINA Group (IMG) Co-operation 6 7
  4. 4. EXECUTION ORIGIN OF EXECUTION ORIGIN OF PROJECT TITLE COUNTRY CLIENT PROJECT TITLE COUNTRY CLIENT PERIOD FUNDS PERIOD FUNDS "Support to Implementation of the Birds and EU Delegation to BULGARIA, BOSNIA & Developing Capacity in Implementation and European30 Habitats Directives in Bosnia and 2012 2014 EU-IPA CROATIA, HERZEGOVINA 42 Enforcement of Environmental Law through Commission DG 2006 2007 EU-PHARE Bosnia and Herzegovina” Herzegovina ROMANIA ECENA and IMPEL - 1st Phase Environment Ministry of AND TURKEY Project Preparation for Waste Water Treat-31 BULGARIA Environment and 2001 2001 EU - PHARE BULGARIA, ment Plants - Pazardjik, Blagoevgrad, Razlog Developing Capacity in Implementation and European Water CROATIA, 43 Enforcement of Environmental Law through Commission DG 2007 2009 EU-PHARE ROMANIA Preparation of Solid Waste Management Meas- Ministry of ECENA and IMPEL - 2nd Phase Environment AND TURKEY32 ures in Burgas, Dobrich and BULGARIA Environment and 2005 2006 EU - ISPA Provadia Regions Water Capacity Strengthening Measures for the EU Delegation to 44 CROATIA 2004 2007 EU - CARDS Croatian Environment Agency Croatia Environmental Assessment of Developing Development of a Joint Air Quality Manage- Ministry of Reg. Strategies in Croatia (Implementation of EU Delegation to ment Programme for the Boundary Bulgarian- 45 CROATIA 2005 2007 EU - CARDS33 BULGARIA Dev and Public 2005 2006 EU-PHARE EU Legislation on Environmental Croatia Romanian Region along the Lower Danube- Works Strategic Assessment) BULGARIA Support to Maximise the Socio-economic EU Delegation to 46 Development Effects of Sveto Brdo Mountain CROATIA 2007 2008 EU - CARDS Integrated Management of Transboundary Croatia Tourism Resort for Lika - Senj County Groundwter between Bulgaria and Romania in Dobrudja/Dobrogea Ministry of Development of Hazardous Waste34 Area - Technical Assistance to Ensure BULGARIA Environment and 2006 2007 EU-PHARE 47 Management System including Identification CROATIA CFCA Croatia 2008 2010 EU-PHARE Transboundary Groundwater Water and Management of Hot Spot Sites Management According to the Water Frame- 48 Project Pipeline for IPA / EU Structural Funds CROATIA CFCA Croatia 2008 2010 EU-PHARE work and Groundwater Directives Supervision of Construction of the Water 49 Supply and Sewerage System with Wastewater CROATIA Hrvtske Vode 2010 2014 EU-IPA Treatment Plant for Slavonski Brod Implementation of the Environmental Acquis at Regional and Local Level: Assistance in Environmental Ministry of Reg. Public Relations for the County Waste Regional and Municipal Waste Management Protection and35 BULGARIA Dev and Public 2006 2007 EU-PHARE 50 Management Centre Mariscina in CROATIA 2010 2012 EU-IPA Planning, Implementation and Enforcement of Energy Efficiency Works Primorsko-Goranska County Legal Requirements in the Fund (EPEEF) Waste Management Sector Developing a Geospatial Urban Water Supply Government of 51 GEORGIA 2010 2011 ADB and Sanitation Utility Management System Georgia Further Development of the Administrative Road Depart- Ministry of ment - Ministry of36 Capacity for the Implementation of the BULGARIA 2007 2009 EU-PHARE 52 Kakheti Regional Roads Improvement Project GEORGIA 2010 2011 WB Finance CFCU Economic Environmental Acquis at Local Level Technical Assistance for Waste Management Developmemt Ministry of Ministry of37 in Regions “Levski, Borovo, Veliko Tarnovo, BULGARIA 2008 2008 EU-ISPA Environment Road Safety Management Plan for the Kakheti Regional Varna, Stara Zagora, Lukovit and Kostenets 53 GEORGIA 2010 2011 WB Regional Roads Improvement Project Development and Support to the Municipality of Sofia in the Infrastructure Preparation of Applications for Structural Municipality of Structural38 BULGARIA 2008 2013 Road Depart- Funds in the Fields of Environment Sofia Funds and Regional Develpment Preparation of Detail Design and Bidding ment - Ministry of 54 GEORGIA 2011 2013 WB Documents for Upgrading of the E-60 Highway Economic Operational Developmemt Organisation and Carrying out of Trainings for Ministry of Program39 BULGARIA 2009 2011 Institutional Support for Environmental Regional and Local Authorities Finance "Technical European Agency Assistance" 55 Management to Ministry of Environment and KOSOVO 2003 2005 EU - CARDS for Reconstruction Spatial Planning Ministry of Supervision of the Construction and Recon- Ministry of Environment and Safety Inspection and Development of40 struction of Sliven Sewerage Network and BULGARIA 2009 2011 EU - ISPA Economy of Water - Sliven 56 Sustainable Operation and Maintenance KOSOVO World Bank 2005 2005 Inner Water Supply Network Spain. Trust Municipality Provisions for the Radoniqi Dam Funds Burgas Water and Wastewater – Further Institutional Support to the Ministry European Agency41 BULGARIA Burgas Municipality 2010 2011 EBRD 57 KOSOVO 2005 2008 EU - CARDS Creditworthiness Enhancement Programme of Energy and Mining for Reconstruction 8 9
  5. 5. EXECUTION ORIGIN OF EXECUTION ORIGIN OF PROJECT TITLE COUNTRY CLIENT PROJECT TITLE COUNTRY CLIENT PERIOD FUNDS PERIOD FUNDS Further Institutional Support to the Solid European Agency Support to the Ministry of Environment - European Agency58 KOSOVO 2005 2007 EU - CARDS 76 MONTENEGRO 2005 2007 EU - CARDS Waste Utilities for Reconstruction Montenegro for Reconstruction European Agency59 Incorporation of Publicly Owned Enterprises KOSOVO 2007 2008 EU - CARDS Support to the Development of the EC Delegation to for Reconstruction 77 MONTENEGRO 2007 2009 EU - CARDS Environmental Sector Montenegro Institutional Support to Municipalities for European60 Improving of Environmental KOSOVO Commission 2007 2009 EU - CARDS Feasibility Study, Environmental Impact As- Ministry of Laws and Regulations Liason Office sessment and Short Term Investment Plan for Ministry of 78 MONTENEGRO 2008 2008 Economy of European the Regional Landfill for the Municipalities of Economy of Spain Assistance to the Ministry of Energy and Min- Spain. FEV61 KOSOVO Commission 2009 2011 EU - IPA Niksic, Pluzine and Savnik ing Liason Office "Raising Environmental Awareness EU Delegation to European 79 MONTENEGRO 2011 2013 EU-IPA in Montenegro" Montenegro62 Support to Local Government KOSOVO Commission 2009 2011 EU - IPA Gdansk Water Liason Office Environmental Impact Assessment for Gdansk 80 POLAND and Wastewater 2005 2005 EBRD Business Environment Technical Assistance Water and Wastewater Project63 KOSOVO WB 2009 2011 WB Company Project - Municipal Business Centers Institutional Strengthening Program for En- Ministry of Water, European 81 vironmental Management to the Ministry of ROMANIA Forests and 1996 1997 EU - PHARE Sector Wide Approach in Health - Feasibility64 KOSOVO Commission 2009 2010 EU - IPA Water, Forest and Environment Environment Study and Mapping Liason Office Ministry of Water, European Financial Proposal Preparation of Phare Pro- 82 ROMANIA Forests and 1996 1997 EU - PHARE65 Municipal Social and Economic Infrastructure KOSOVO Commission 2009 2012 EU - IPA jects, Environment in Romania Environment Liason Office Consultancy to Companies of the Paper-Paste Ministry of Support to the Preparation of Kosovo Ministry of 83 ROMANIA 1997 1997 EU - PHARE Sector and Paper Industry Industry66 Environmental Strategy and National KOSOVO Environment and 2010 2011 SIDA Environmental Action Plan Spatial Planning Proposed Industrial Pollution Abatement Ministry of Water, Project to Design and Prepare Project Com- 84 ROMANIA Forests and 1998 1998 WB ponent to Strengthen Regional Environmental Environment67 “Building Energy Efficiency Study” KOSOVO WB 2012 2012 WB Agencies Feasibility Study and Detailed Engineering Ministry of Ministry of 85 Design for Water Supply and Waste Water ROMANIA 1999 2000 Economy of "Support for the Ministry of Environment and Economy of Spain EU Office in Treatment Systems in Romania Spain. FEV68 Spatial Planning (MESP) in Water Manage- KOSOVO 2012 2014 EU-IPA Kosovo ment and Monitoring of Water Resources Strengthening of the Institutional and Ad- ministrative Capacity to Manage an Environ- Integrated Management of Transboundary European Agency 86 ROMANIA CFCU 2000 2001 EU - PHARE69 MACEDONIA 2005 2007 EU - CARDS mental Policy in Conformity with the Acquis Water Resources for Reconstruction Communautaire Development of Remediation Plans with European Agency Technical Assistance for Treatment of Drinking70 Financial Requirements for Elimination of MACEDONIA 2007 2008 EU - CARDS for Reconstruction 87 and Waste Water of Brasov City and ROMANIA CFCU 2000 2001 EU - PHARE Industrial Hotspots Neighbouring Towns (ISPA Application Brasov) Technical Assistance for Preparation of Invest- EU Delegation to71 ment Project for Wastewater Collection and MACEDONIA 2009 2010 EU-IPA Technical Assistance for the Management and Macedonia Treatment in Prilep 88 Supervision for the ISPA Contracts in Craiova, ROMANIA CFCU 2002 2008 EU - ISPA Feasibility Study for the Railway Corridor VIII - Ministry of Romania72 MACEDONIA 2010 2011 EBRD Eastern Section Transport Technical Assitance for Strengthening the Technical Assistance for Strengthening the Local Environmental Protection Inspectorates EU Delegation to 89 ROMANIA CFCU 2002 2004 EU - PHARE73 Capacity of the Institutions to Manage and MACEDONIA 2011 2012 EU-IPA (LEPI) and Developing Regional Protection Macedonia Inspectorates (REPI) Implement the Operational Programmes Rural Development Project - Technical Assis- Program for Development of the Water Utili- Ministry of Ministry of Public74 MOLDOVA 2011 2013 EU and EBRD 90 tance and Training for Communes, Commune ROMANIA 2003 2005 WB ties in Moldova Environment Administration Associations and Counties in Dolj County Preparation of a Republic Level Solid Waste European Agency Technical Assistance for Elaboration of the75 MONTENEGRO 2003 2004 EU - CARDS 91 Environmental Cost Assessment and ROMANIA CFCU 2003 2005 EU - PHARE Master Plan for Reconstruction Investment Plan 10 11
  6. 6. EXECUTION ORIGIN OF EXECUTION ORIGIN OF PROJECT TITLE COUNTRY CLIENT PROJECT TITLE COUNTRY CLIENT PERIOD FUNDS PERIOD FUNDS Technical Assistance for Road Safety Measures Technical Assistance and Supervision of the92 ROMANIA CFCU 2003 2004 EU - PHARE 109 ROMANIA CFCU 2007 2009 EU-ISPA Implementation ISPA Contracts in Suceava Advice on the Strengthening of the National93 ROMANIA CFCU 2003 2004 EU - PHARE Ministry of Devel- Environmental Protection Agency in Romania Management and Site Supervision of Works 110 ROMANIA opment, Housing 2007 2010 EU - PHARE Strengthening the Institutional and Financed under Phare 2005 and Public Works Administrative Capacity of the Ministry of94 ROMANIA CFCU 2004 2005 EU - PHARE Conceptual Design for Infrastructure Works Municipality of Health to Adopt the Acquis Communautaire in 111 ROMANIA 2007 2011 Local Budget the Field of Water and Related Risks (Framework Contract) Cornetu Design and Works Supervision for the Road National Adminis-95 ROMANIA 2004 2008 EIB Training Programme for the Managing Ministry of DN56, Craiova-Calafat tration for Roads 112 ROMANIA 2007 2008 EU - PHARE Authority within the Ministry of Transport Transport Ministry of Municipal Services Project - Review and As- Economy of96 sessment of the Water/Wastewater and Solid ROMANIA WORLD BANK 2005 2005 Technical Assistance for the Management of Spain. Trust Waste Investment Program the Project “Rehabilitation and Development SC Apa Service SA Cohesion Funds 113 ROMANIA 2008 2011 of the Drinking Water Supply and Sewerage Giurgiu Funds Technical Assistance and FIDIC Works Systems in Giurgiu County"97 Supervision During Project Implementation in ROMANIA CFCU 2005 2009 EU - ISPA Bistrita (ISPA Bistrita) Continuation of the Supervision Services for the Design and Construction Works for the Development of an Air Quality Management S.C. APAVITAL S.A. 114 Implementation of the Water Supply and ROMANIA 2008 2010 EU-ISPA Programme for the Romanian Region Along Iasi98 ROMANIA CFCU 2005 2006 EU - PHARE Wastewater Treatment ISPA Measure no. the Bulgarian Border on the Lower Danube - 2000/RO/16/P/PE/006 in Iasi ROMANIA Timisoara Aquatim Refinance Project Site Supervision for the SAMTID Projects Ministry European “Rehabilitation of the Treatment Technology for SC AQUATIM SA99 ROMANIA 2006 2008 EU - PHARE 115 ROMANIA 2008 2012 EU-ISPA / ERBD Financed under Phare 2003 Integration Wastewater and Improvement of the Sewerage Timisoara Rehabilitation of Water Supply System in Network for the Population of Timisoara” Compania de Apa100 Urban Localities from Somes-Tisa ROMANIA 2006 2008 EBRD Supervision Services for the Works Contracts Ministry of Devel- SOMES Cluj Hydrogeographical Basin – SAMTID Cluj 116 Financed from Phare 2003 - SAMTID ROMANIA opment, Housing 2008 2010 EU - PHARE Component and Public Works Technical Assistance for Project Implementa-101 tion and Works Supervision in Ramnicu Valcea ROMANIA CFCU 2006 2010 EU-ISPA & EIB TA for the Implementation of the Drinking 117 ROMANIA CFCU 2008 2009 EU - PHARE (ISPA) Water Directive Provisions Site Supervision of Civil Works for Ministry of Technical Assistance for Implementation of 118 ROMANIA Ministry of Justice 2009 2012 World Bank102 ROMANIA CFCU 2007 2008 EU - PHARE Justice Road Safety Measures Continuation of Works Supervision for the S.C. Compania de 119 ROMANIA 2009 2012 Local Budget Improving the Standards of Road Construction Implementation of the ISPA Measure – Craiova Apa Oltenia S.A. and Maintenance and Improving the Technical Assistance for Project Management:103 ROMANIA CFCU 2007 2008 EU - PHARE Cohesion Fund Programming and the Quality of the Road “Extension and Rehabilitation of the S.C. Compania de Construction Works 120 ROMANIA 2009 2013 / National Drinking Water and Wastewater Systems in Apa Olt S.A Budget Further Support to IPPC and LCP Directives Olt County"104 ROMANIA CFCU 2007 2009 EU - PHARE Implementation Technical Assistance for Supervision of Works Cohesion Fund - Rehabilitation and Extension of Water Somes Water Technical Assistance for Strengthening the 121 ROMANIA 2009 2012 / National Supply and Sewerage Systems in Cluj and Salaj Company Programming Capacity of the Romanian Budget105 ROMANIA CFCU 2007 2008 EU-ISPA Counties Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development Technical Assistance for the Supervision of Cohesion Fund Contracts related to the Integrated Waste Bistrita – Nasaud Technical Assistance for Preparation of 5 122 ROMANIA 2010 2011 / National106 ROMANIA CFCU 2007 2009 EU-ISPA Management System in Bistrita-Nasaud County Council Projects in the Environment Sector Budget County Ministry of Devel- Technical Assistance for the Extension and Cohesion Fund TA for the Implementation of Grant Schemes Gorj Water Com-107 ROMANIA opment, Housing 2007 2008 EU-PHARE ESC 123 Rehabilitation of the Water Supply and ROMANIA 2010 2013 / National 2005-2006 in the Field of Environment pany and Public Works Sewerage System in Gorj County Budget Technical Assistance for the Elaboration of the Technical Assistance for Institutional Services Cohesion Fund Cohesion Fund Application and Tender Docu- S.C. ACET S.A.108 Strengthening for Regionalisation of Water ROMANIA CFCU 2007 2008 EU-ISPA 124 ROMANIA 2010 2014 / National ments for the Modernization of the Water and SUCEAVA and Sewerage Services, Timis Budget Wastewater Infrastructure in Suceava County 12 13
  7. 7. EXECUTION ORIGIN OF EXECUTION ORIGIN OF PROJECT TITLE COUNTRY CLIENT PROJECT TITLE COUNTRY CLIENT PERIOD FUNDS PERIOD FUNDS Supervision of the Works Contract Financed Ministry of Technical Assistance for Project Management under the Phare 2005 ESC Programme - Regional “Extension and rehabilitation of water and125 ROMANIA 2010 2011 State Budget Compania de Apa Cohesion Component for Large Regional Infrastructure Development and 137 wastewater infrastructure in DOLJ County” ROMANIA 2011 2015 Oltenia S.A. Funds Projects Tourism financed through SOP Environment (2007 – 2013) Continuation of the Supervision Services for the Design and Construction Works for the S.C. APAVITAL S.A. Cohesion Fund126 ROMANIA 2010 2011 Technical Assistance For Project Manage- Implementation in Iasi of the ISPA Measure Iasi / Local Budget ment And Works Supervision “Extension And Cohesion no. 2000/RO/16/P/PE/006 138 ROMANIA S.C. HARVIZ S.A. 2012 2016 Rehabilitation Of The Water And Wastewater Funds APA SERV SA Cohesion Infrastructure In Harghita County” Extension and Rehabilitation of the Treatment127 ROMANIA Alexandria Water 2010 2013 Funds / OP Station in Zimnicea Agglomeration Company Environment Sayano Dam. Installation Instrumentation and 139 Piezometry for the Leak Detection and RUSSIA RODIO 1996 1997 Private Client Cohesion Apa Tarnavei Mari Internal Concrete Deformations128 Treatment Stations in Agnita and Dumbraveni ROMANIA 2010 2013 Funds / OP SA Water Operator Environment Water Directo- Training on Water and River Basin Spanish Agency rate - Ministry of Technical Assistance for Works Supervision: 140 Management According to the EU Framework SERBIA 2005 2005 for International Cohesion Fund Agriculture, Water "Extension and Modernization of Water and Directive and other EU Regulations Co-operation129 ROMANIA AQUABIS S.A. 2011 2015 / National and Forestry Wastewater Infrastructure in Bistrita-Nasaud Budget County" Strengthening the Services of the Public European Agency 141 SERBIA 2005 2008 EU - CARDS Health Laboratories in Serbia for Reconstruction Technical Assistance for Project Manage- Cohesion ment and Works Supervision "Extention and APA VITAL SA Iasi Feasibility Study for the Road Novi Sad - Sabac European Agency130 ROMANIA 2011 2016 Funds / OP 142 SERBIA 2007 2008 EU - CARDS Rehabilitation of the Water and Wastewater Water Company - Loznica - Pozega for Reconstruction Environment Systems in Iasi County" EU Delegation to Design and Implementation of a Water Technical Assistance for the Works 143 SERBIA the Republic of 2007 2009 EU - CARDS131 ROMANIA Ministry of Health 2011 2013 World Bank Management Information System Supervision of 22 Hospitals Serbia EU Delegation to Municipal Infrastructure Support Programme Technical Assistance for Works Supervision 144 SERBIA the Republic of 2008 2011 EU - CARDS Cohesion (Phase 1 - CARDS Programme) and Procurement Contracts within the Project Botosani Local Serbia132 ROMANIA 2011 2018 Funds / OP "Integrated Waste Management System in Council Environment Botosani" Supervision of Construction Works on EU Delegation to 145 Belgrade By-Pass, Section A SERBIA the Republic of 2008 2011 EU - CARDS Supervision of the Works Contract Financed Ministry of (Batajnica – Dobanovci) Serbia under the Phare 2006 ESC Programme - Regional133 ROMANIA 2011 2012 State Budget Component for Large Regional Infrastructure Development and EU Delegation to Projects Tourism 146 Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies SERBIA the Republic of 2008 2009 EU - CARDS Serbia Technical Assistance for Works EU Delegation to Supervision and Site Engineering within the Support to National Investment Planning and 147 SERBIA the Republic of 2009 2011 EU - IPA project "Rehabilitation of the Heating System Cohesion Implementation Iasi County Serbia134 in Iasi Municipality for Conformation with the ROMANIA 2011 2014 Funds / OP Council EU Delegation to Environmental Standards on Air Environment Technical Assistance for Development of an Emmissions and for Increasing the Urban 148 SERBIA the Republic of 2009 2011 EU - IPA Environmental Approximation Strategy Heating Efficiency" Serbia EU Delegation to Municipal Infrastructure Support Programme "Technical Assistance for Works Supervision 149 SERBIA the Republic of 2010 2013 EU - IPA (Phase 2 - IPA Programme) within the Contract “Extension and Compania de Apa Serbia135 ROMANIA 2011 2014 Cohesion Fund Rehabilitation of Water and Wastewater S.A. Buzau EU Delegation to Infrastructure in Buzau County”" Sewage and Wastewater Strategic Master 150 SERBIA the Republic of 2010 2012 EU - IPA Plan for the West Morava River Basin Technical Assistance for works supervision of Serbia the project “Extension and modernization of Compania de Apa Cohesion EU Delegation to136 water and wastewater infrastructure in Dolj ROMANIA 2011 2015 Oltenia S.A. Funds 151 Study of Flood Prone Areas in Serbia - Phase 1 SERBIA the Republic of 2010 2012 EU - IPA County” financed through SOP Environment (2007 – 2013) Serbia 14 15
  8. 8. EXECUTION ORIGIN OF EXECUTION ORIGIN OF PROJECT TITLE COUNTRY CLIENT PROJECT TITLE COUNTRY CLIENT PERIOD FUNDS PERIOD FUNDS Preparation of a Feasibility Study, Environ- Technical Assistance to Mitigating Flood Risk Ministry of Ministry of 168 TURKEY CFCU 2008 2010 EU - IPA mental Impact Assessment, Conceptual in Flooded areas in the GAP Region152 SERBIA Environment and 2010 2010 Economy of Design, and Staff Training for the Construction Consultancy Services for Design and Spatial Planning Spain. FEV of the Kolubara District Regional Landfill Reconstruction Supervision of Etiler Police Istanbul 169 TURKEY 2010 2012 EIB EU Delegation to Vocational Academy Dormitory and 40 Governorship153 Further Support for Implementation of DIS SERBIA the Republic of 2010 2012 EU - IPA Schools in Istanbul Serbia OBRASCON State Budget EU Delegation to Marmaray Project: Gebze-Halkali Commuter HUARTE LAIN S.A.( Technical Assistance for the Hazardous Waste 170 TURKEY 2012 2014 (Ministry of154 SERBIA the Republic of 2010 2012 EU - IPA Rail Upgrading OHL) – DIMETRO- Management Facility Finance) Serbia NIC S.A. JV Construction Supervision of the Construction Complementary Support to the Ministry of Ministry of Ecol-155 of the Highway E-80, Prosek - Dimitrovgrad SERBIA Coridor X Doo 2010 2014 World Bank 171 Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine for UKRAINE ogy and Natural 2011 2014 EU-ENPI (Corridor Xc) the Sector Budget Support Implementation Resources Supporting Access to Rights, Employment EU Delegation to156 and Livelihood Enhancement of Refugees and SERBIA the Republic of 2010 2012 EU - IPA PMU Uzbek Surkhandarya Water Supply and Sanitation Internally Displaced Persons Serbia 172 UZBEKISTAN Communal 2010 2014 ADB Project Services Agency EU Delegation to Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources and157 SERBIA the Republic of 2011 2012 EU - IPA Energy Efficiency Serbia Preparation of Technical Specifications and Tender Dossier, and Supervision for Supply EU Delegation to Contract and for Design & Works Contract158 SERBIA the Republic of 2011 2014 EU - IPA for Construction of Substations 400/110 kV Serbia Vranje-4 & Leskovac-2 and Accompanying Lines EU Delegation to Higher Education Teaching Infrastructure159 SERBIA the Republic of 2011 2013 EU - IPA Programme Serbia EU Delegation to160 Sustainable Development in the Energy Sector SERBIA the Republic of 2011 2012 EU - IPA Serbia EU Delegation to Technical Assistance for the Municipal161 SERBIA the Republic of 2011 2014 EU - IPA Infrastructure Support Programme (Phase 3) Serbia Supervision of Construction and Electric Power162 Commissioning of the New Waste Water SERBIA Industry of Serbia 2012 2014 EU - IPA Treatment Plant at TPP Nikola Tesla B (EPS) SLOVAK European163 Improvement of Water Quality Monitoring 1995 1998 EU - PHARE REPUBLIC Commission Geophysical Research in the Surroundings of European164 SLOVENIA 1998 1999 EU - PHARE Krsko Nuclear Power Plant Commission Consultancy Services for Water Supply SCADA Bursa Water165 TURKEY 2005 2006 EIB System in Bursa Company Technical Assistance and Supervision for166 Çanakkale Regional Solid Waste Management TURKEY CFCU 2007 2010 EU - MEDA Project Supervision and Consulting Services of Bursa Water167 TURKEY 2007 2008 EIB “BURSU 13- Water Supply SCADA System" Company 16 17