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Fellings about comenius exchange

  1. 1. FELLINGS ABOUT COMENIUS EXCHANGE. ANTONIO GALA SCHOOL SEVILLE, OCTOBER 2010 Marta and Paula A. The school exchanges are an experience that you can't forget, because it helps you to know new cultures and to coexist with the persons who practice them, and they can live our culture for few days and we too. First or second day, we can be a little unwell, because there isn't much confidence between us, and it can appear misunderstandings. We felt this but early, we have solved them with the help of our teachers or our interior... Polish people, are a little close at first time because it is their culture, but we have to distinguish that they're very hospitable, and more polite than us, but we're more open. Now, we have learnt about their customs.. They drink Vodka and we drink wine (between another things) and they have the custom to drink tea in all of their meals, while we drink water, fizzy drinks, juice.. Now we will talk about the food. In our opinion, we like more our food and we think that we have more healthy habits than them. We think that in a school exchange the most important thing is feel very good; like in your house, and we have felt this because they have behaved with us very good. The school exchange are very good because you learn to be more tolerant and respect other cultures. You feel a lot of emotions that you can't feel a normal routine and you can meet new people and do more friends, so we thing that it is a very good experience for all of people, and more for students, because you learn more english and have a very good time. Now, we will talk about the families, because we think that it is very important because if you stay in your sister's home and the family speak with you and offer you the best thing
  2. 2. that they can, you feel like in home. And if you eat the meals with the family and they tell you things about their culture or another more make a good ambient so we think that the school exchange are great, fantastic, the best... =) We will never forget it... NATALIA&PATRYCJA The students exchange started in October. Than we started talking with Spanish girls on Facebook and later talking with them in different ways, for example on Skype. In April they came to Poland for a week. Very quickly we've made friendships. We've learnt from them that when we have good time, it doesn't matter what time is it and we are late. We think that for them everything what we won't do today we will do tomorrow (mañana). When they came back to their houses we were still talking with them on Facebook and other social portals. Now in October we came to Spain. We are having very good time. We very like their culture. It's very cheerful and funny. It's very sociable nation. When they are going down the streets they all the time talk with their neighbours or just friends. They are not shy at all, they can sing or dance in the city center. When we were going with there to Portugal they were all the time singing and laughing. Later we started singing to but unfortunately they were better. We very very very like girls and boys we've met here. This moments from these two exchanges we will never forget. It's something special for us. We can learn spanish words and we can teach them polish too. It's funny when we hear that for them our language sounds like "shhrchsush". It's veeery funny when they are trying to say something in polish and also when we are saying something in spanish. Justyna&Zuza My first thought was Nice weather , becouse was very warm. Later we saw cool trees“ ” and another plants. The most tree we like was palm :D Next Spanish people welcomed us. They wrote big word Witamy or Czesc it was very nice. Later we went to ours Spain“ ” “ ” people´s homes and met their families. We all think that Spanish people are very friendly. First day we spent in their school we met teachers and another students. We had some
  3. 3. lessons for example English Lesson and PE. Next we had free time. In Wednesday we went to Portugal. Then we visited the school and we went to the beach. We swam the boat and went to Island and later we came back to Spain. Next day we was in Seville:) We had some indicative game. We was in park and we saw a beautiful palace. Next we had free time. Now we are in their school and we write that:D For this moment we think that Spain is very beautiful, funny and very loudly;) but we love it:D(but we prefere Poland xD) When Spanish people was in Poland also was very nice. We had a lot of activities. We think that they like Poland :D Elena and Mónica We're Mónica and Elena and we're Spanish. We're 15 years old and last April we went to Poznań (Poland) for a week, and it was our second exchance with the Comenius Project. Elena: My Polish friend is Hania. I knew her and her parents before the exchance, because we were talking on Facebook and Skype. They are very good people and very loving, hospitable, friendly and cozy. In her house I felt like in my house. Then in all the school trips I spend a very good time with my friends and all the Polish girls, who became friends too. It has been the best expirence that I have had in my life with the school, because I learnt A LOT OF English and now I have a very good friend and a second family in Poznań. Now Hania is in my house and she is like my sister. We're very good friends and we're all the time together. We enjoy so much together and when we always spend a very good time. I think next year I'm going to go to Poznań to visit her and I know that our friendship is going to be as good as now for a lot of years.
  4. 4. Mónica: It was the first time that I went to another country without my paretns and the first time that I travelled by plane. It was a very cool expirence, because I liked it very much and because my friends sang me the Happy Birthday in the plane.“ ” I didn't know Aleksandra and her family neigther. When I arrived to her house I felt very well because her father's girlfriend spoke Spanish, although I couldn't speak so much with her. All the trip was very good because I spent a very good time with my friends and Polish girls and I learnt a lot of English. Aleksandra couldn't come but in her stead has come Karolina. Me and my family are very happy and she's happy too. Karolina is very cheerful and she loves very much my family. I think she is having a very good time here, like me. Think that we're going to spend a very good time together, because we're now friends and I'm very lucky to have known her. Agnieszka Garczynska and Mª Angeles Lugo Duran Aga says: I'm very like Sevilla! When we flew I saw a big Spain in the night. It was beautiful. Next a difficult trees in Sevilla. There are beautiful too. In Poland we don't have tropical trees. There is more hot than in Poland and I'm very like it. The food is very good but very different than a normal polish food. It's a little problem but I think that when I can spend more time in Sevilla I will can try to like it. I'm very want to live in Sevilla. It's the most beautiful place in the world for me! Mary says: I think with de Comenius project we can live a wonderful experience in other countries, where we learn about their customs, their environment and its people. The project will live a wonderful week in Poland, with Polish girls. We were very nervous, since I know there only a little, and so at first there were some drawbacks, but gradually
  5. 5. everything got better and was a painful farewell, full of tears. We loved the beautiful nature Poland, his way of making us feel at home, there were some problems with food and different customs, but all solve together, without more, is just to thank you to Comenius for allowing live a fascinating week. Hania and Karolina We now know the spanish culture. We saw how the spanish people live . How do they say hi , how they say goodbye and of course how they spend their free time . It´s nice to meet their friends and live with their family . Our spanish friends showed us many interesting places. We learned how to make really delicious spanish sandwiches :) Their parents and families are LOVLEY people and we will be friends till the rest of our lifes !!! Hania : I live with my friend Elena . She´s really nice person :) I have a great time with her and her family :) We did together cake . She´s showing me everything !!! That´s a great thing :) She has a brother , who is really nice and funny boy . He loves football . Her parent also show me everything :) Elena´s dad is really nice and he cooks delicious food for the family :) Her mum is like my mum , so I feel very good in their home :) Everybody talk to me in English so we don´t have problems in communication :) Elena has got a dog Duna and she´s soooooo nice and cute :D Duna is Golden Retriver and she has lovley ears :) Like my dog :) My friend also has a turtle Rosa who ( like Elena said me ) is now preparing for the winter so she sleeps :D In the evenings we walk together Duna and one day we saw a wonderful animal yellow lizard . The family has wonderful house and garden . Elena gives me– diffrent things to eat so I can try everything :) I´ll remember this time in Spain forever :D It is a great experience and I´d like to stay here longer. When we hosted her in Poland It was great time and I hope that Elena also liked it :)
  6. 6. Karolina: I live with Monica. It´s very lovley person. She live in the flat with her brother,mother and father. Her family is very very nice people.Her brother is very funny:)He loves karate and sports game. Her mother is very warm person.She works with the children.They dad is very nice .Hi loves singing and dancing. Her family is very big. Monica is very very very lovley person.She love karate and family.I ´m sleeping in the room her brother. The rooms and flat are very beautiful.I love spanish and food . It is delicious. Her mother is very good cooking. I love Monica and her family. I´ll not forget this time in spain :) Julia and Ala We are happy. We met amazing people who were very nice, friendly, loud and crazy with a great temperament. We were surprised by us so warmly received, we felt like at home ;) we very liked people who we live. The prevailing climate here fell to our taste. We liked the local cities and places. The local architecture is brilliant.narrow streets, parks, squares, houses and fountains which we really liked ; D we believe that the street singers were amazing! They really had talent. Exchange gave me a lot of advantages. We could know about new places and people. You can learn a lot about the culture of other countries. I will always remember time spent here! ;)
  7. 7. Sara and Irene I'm Sara. When I went to Poznan I felt scared becouse I didn't knew someone, only met my friends, but they went to girl polish's house and I filled scared. When I arrived to my girl polish's house I filled shame becouse all was new for me, the house, the people and of course becouse my falimy were very far. Later when gone are the days I felt better, becouse the people were very friendly and the falimy were very friendy too. The food were different and my friend and I had problem with them, but finaly we accustomed. The wether were very very different of Spain, becouse the wether was cold and the all day was rainig. But the travel and the change were very good and the finaly I was cry becouse I love this city and her people :D I'm Irene Martí. When I went to Poznan, I stayed in Justyna's house, I felt scared but she treat myself very well. I had longing for knowing the new city. Everything was new for me, the vegetation, the climate, the country, the culture. I thought that the only thing beetwen us was the english, but then I realized that united us much more things. Whit this exchange I learned a lot, I met a new culture and I has cast even more I like to travel. I don't regret having made the exchange. Now the polish girl are staying in Spain, we are having a great time. Asia and Cristina In general, the comenius proyect made me feel so great. We met girls from Spain and they meet girls from Poland on facebook.
  8. 8. Every weekends we were talking together.. And in April the girl from Spain were flown to Poland. We were together, spend a lot of time; this time was so difficult at the begining, but when we were three days in Poznan, everything was much better. The girls from Poland feel great and very like the girls from Spain and in reverse too. :) The Feelings Of The Enxange: Asia(Polish girl): I´ve feel great, because I met fantastic girl from other country. I´ve feel fantastic when I was go to Spain. I met new city, and beautifull monuments. I think that City Sevilla was great. In Spain the Alcazar and old market was great. This is for me other city, but very beautifull. I met very nice family, who was for me great. Cristina(Spanish girl): In this time, I've feel so happy because we meet very nice girls from another country, when we were in Poznan I don't what to do, it was another traditions and language. But it was a very good expirience, because Poznan is a really beautifull city, town hall, old market... When I was in Poland i had a very nice family, and i miss them so much. We think that in Poland we had some confusion, because when each one talked in our language, the other thought they were speaking ill of them, and the same in reverse; but in the end it was just a misundertanding. But in resume, the experience was SO GREAT.
  9. 9. Lucía and Sofía We have learned through the Comenius *Comenius programme heps us to meet to peolple other countries. *Teaches us cultures of other places, tradition, customs and other forms of life. *Teaches us to know how lifes with unknown people, and you must learn to live with them, and adapt to their ways of living. *It helps us learn, communicate and develop us know in other languages Experiences through the Comenius Everybody thinks that go to other country is a strange experience, but when you live it changes their opinions totally. When I go to poland, I don't know my host girl. And I thought that I was not going to enjoy my exchange. But I was confused. The firsts days were stranges because accustom to other lifestyles is difficult but I must learn and I passed a good days in poland. I repited again, because is a experience very beautiful. I like follow talking with my polish girls. And other people that I met in comenius programme.
  10. 10. Paula and Anabel We are so happy. This experence is great. You can learn english the fun way. In the first moment we feel scared to go another country, but when we were there everything was different. We could see that people are similar to Spain; nice, generous ... but with other cultures and customs. They treated us very well and we feel at home. Poland is wonderful but it's very cold. The families are very kind , They always were aware about us. We past a lot of good times. When the poland girls came to Spain, was the contrary, they came from another country and that we were the welcomed in our home. We tried that they're here comfortable and spend fun times, like when we went to Poland. All this has been a fantastic experience. Learn English in the most fun, meet people, I spend great times, you have the opportunity to meet other usual and able to travel, is an unforgettable and unique experience thet you live with your friends. :)