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Boot camp posters 2


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Each poster has different tips and tricks to try in order to familiarize yourself with general iPad and iOS functions.

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Boot camp posters 2

  1. 1. App Management Moving Apps & Making Folders Press. Hold. Move.
  2. 2. App Management Deleting Apps Press. Hold. Delete.
  3. 3. Multitasking Switching Apps Double click. Swipe. Select. Four fingers. Swipe. or
  4. 4. Multitasking Search for Apps Swipe.
  5. 5. Multitasking Closing Apps Double tap. Swipe.
  6. 6. Safari Bookmarks Tap. Name. Save.
  7. 7. Safari Add to Home Screen Tap. Name. Add.
  8. 8. Safari Open in iBooks Tap. Read. ( go to )
  9. 9. Accessibility Speak Selection 1 Tap. Speak Selection allows the iPad to speak any text you select. Adjust the speaking rate. Highlight words as they are spoken.
  10. 10. Accessibility Speak Selection 2 Hold. Select. Speak.Turn on. (open )
  11. 11. Accessibility Guided Access 1 Tap. Guided Access helps someone using the iPad to stay focused on a task. Guided Access limits the iPad to a single app, and lets you control which app features are available.
  12. 12. Accessibility Guided Access 2 Turn on/off. Start/Cancel. Triple Click. (open )
  13. 13. Keyboard Features Tap. Hold. Magnify Move & Split Press. Hold. Select.
  14. 14. Notifications Notification Center Swipe. Date. Calendar events. App notifications. Missed messages. Weather.
  15. 15. Controls Control Center Swipe. AirPlay. Volume. Brightness. Screen lock.
  16. 16. WiFi Settings Basics 1 Auto-Lock (screen timeout) Select. Log in. Accept. Choose.
  17. 17. Settings Basic 2 Tap.Choose. Automatic UpdatesWallpapers
  18. 18. Physical Features Buttons Home. Sleep. Volume.Mute.
  19. 19. Buttons Actions Home. Sleep. Sleep (quick press) + Home (quick press) Screen Capture Sleep (long press) Power Off Sleep (long press) + Home (long press) Hard Reset