the         COURIER The Official Alumni Affairs E-Magazine Our Lady of Fatima University Volume 3 No.1 July, 2012         ...
the      COURIERFIRST ALUMNI, from page 1Jericho is an incoming fourth year nursing student, 18 years old, permanentreside...
the        COURIER                                                                                Dr. AMIE CENTRO, from pa...
the        COURIERGRADUATE NURSE PROGRAM, from page 1As a StudentIn 1976, there were two graduate degrees for Nursing; the...
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Courier page 1-4

  1. 1. the COURIER The Official Alumni Affairs E-Magazine Our Lady of Fatima University Volume 3 No.1 July, 2012 COLLEGE OF NURSING ALUMNI ASSOCIATION FIRST SCHOLAR by Alma Reina B. Alejandro The College of Nursing Alumni Asso- ciation (CNAA) awarded its first Adopt- an-Alumni Scholar to Jericho Murillo- Sambajon last June 8, 2012 at the Office of Alumni Affairs, accompanied by Mrs. Rosanna Suva and Mr. Arnel Buen- camino, alumni representatives for the College of Nursing; and Mrs. Cristina Samonte, faculty of the College of Nurs- ing; and Dr. Michael Joseph Diño, Nurs-Jericho Sambajon receives cash and certificate from Mr. Robert Bjorn Santos for the first scholarship ing Care Management Level Coordina-program under CNAA. Accompanied by (from left to right) Dr. Michael Joseph Dino, Mrs. RosannaSuva, and Mr. Arnel Buencamino. tor. See First Scholar, page 2To Serve and To ProtectDr. Amie Centro Graduate Nurse Program Batch 1976: Dr. Fred B. Ruiz “To enforce the law, prevent and control crimes, maintain peace and order, and ensure public safety and internal security with the active support of the commu- nity”, is the mission state- ment of every police offi- cer in the country. A young girl once dreamed of becoming a police officer to serve and that dream came true. Dr. Amie Centro is a graduateDr. Amie Centro, Dr. Fred B. Ruiz, College of Nursing Faculty and of Our Lady of FatimaWomen’s Desk Investigator University (OLFU) under Graduate School Professor Bachelor of Science inValenzuela City Police Station Criminology Batch 2004. Our Lady of Fatima University made its history with people who started it. A glimpse from the past will give us an idea ofShe chose OLFU, having the mark of becoming the pioneer gradu- where we came from. One of the persons behind the makingate of BS Criminology, which was offered in the year 2000. She of OLFU is Dr. Fred B. Ruiz, together with other alumni wholearned about the basic information required to become a future, started it all.effective law enforcer, especially in the City of Valenzuela. See Graduate Nurse Program, page 4 See Dr. Amie Centro , page 3 The Official Alumni Affairs E-Magazine of Our Lady of Fatima University Volume 3 No.1 July, 2012 / Page 1
  2. 2. the COURIERFIRST ALUMNI, from page 1Jericho is an incoming fourth year nursing student, 18 years old, permanentresident of Gen. Leon, Valenzuela City, a son to Mr. Bernard (41 yearsold) and Mrs. Mirasol Sambajon (35years old), and eldest among seven sib-lings.Jericho is a graduate of elementary and high school with honors. He spendshis free time in playing puzzle games, sudoku, board games, and other mindgames. He also loves reading pocketbooks authored by Bob Ong, and nurs-ing textbooks, watching television and movies. Together with his group ofperformers, Jonathan is also engaged in the performing arts; he sings,dances, and acts on stage. This involvement, he surmises, may be the rea-son why he sometimes encounters conflicts with his studies.Taking up the nursing course was not a plan for Jericho, but because of hisaunt’s persuasion. She told him that finishing the Nursing course will give himan assurance that getting a job outside the country will be a lot easier for him.Jericho thought of having him enrolled is much better than just having him Jericho Samabajon together with thestay at home and doing nothing. During his first year in Our Lady of FatimaUniversity, his educational expenses were shouldered by his auntie who Alumni Affairs Director, Mr. Robert Bjorn Santosworks in the United States. Eventually, due to the declined economy in theUS, it affected his aunt’s source of income so Jericho became the last on the list of her priorities. He was forced to stop his school-ing. The scholar tried to get himself employed as a Customer Service Representative but the company told him that they will bedictating his work schedule, which made him worry for his work might interfere with his schedule of classes. Hence, he opted notto get a job to make him earn to support his studies.It was then when one of Jericho’s teachers in the College of Nursing, Ms. Aura Ydda Alyne Toreja, asked him if he’s interested toapply for a scholarship under the College of Nursing Alumni Association (CNAA). He underwent screening and managed to havepassed all the qualifications, one of which was having a final grade not lower than 2.0 in all his subjects. He pursued to secure allthe required documents for the scholarship because he really wanted to finish his studies. For Jonathan believed that if others cando it, he can do it as well. CNAA was established with an aim to support qualified students who are financially incapable but have the drive to learn and achieve their goals. Funds were donated by the alumni of the college from different batches and deposited to the account managed by the officers of the association. Through this, the no- ble dictum to improve man as man will no longer be impossible. Dr. Michael Joseph Dino, Mrs. Rosanna Suva and Jericho Sambajon The Official Alumni Affairs E-Magazine of Our Lady of Fatima University Volume 3 No.1 July, 2012 / Page 2
  3. 3. the COURIER Dr. AMIE CENTRO, from page 1 She found out that her studies during her undergraduate years were very effective in relevance to her career goal. Dr. Centro managed to finance her studies by being hired in OLFU as a Student As- sistant for almost 3 years. She worked in the library from Monday to Friday, and having other part-time work every Satur- days and Sundays, to support as well her other personal expenses. She deems being lucky when the univer- sity supported their batch in their review for the board examination in Baguio City for 3 months. She passed the licensure exami- nation for Criminology last August, 2004. After her licensure exam, she sustained Dr. Amie Centro as a model police woman in one of the billboards of her studies in Master of Science in Crimi- nology Major in Police Administration at Valenzuela City Police Station with Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian Emilio Aguinaldo College and graduated last October, 2008.While studying, she learned to demonstrate perseverance and knew how to respectothers. Dr. Amie considers her grades in college as a good indicator of her aca-demic achievement because as a working student, she had a grade of 1.0 in Alge-bra as well as in some other subjects, and her lowest grade was 2.25. She partici-pated also in extracurricular activities like the feeding program wherein she learnedhow to adjust with different types of people and to stay humble.Ms. Centro previously taught in the College of Criminology wherein she was evalu-ated and ranked as top 1 faculty in OLFU last year. She also conducts board lec-tures in the University of Cordillera, Delta Review Center, and Taguig City Univer-sity. She worked as an Investigator in Women and Children Protection Desk at theValenzuela City Police Station. She had been an Administrator-Police Non-Commissioned Officer (PNCO) under the Office of the District Director in NorthernPolice District Office and an Action-PNCO under the Office of the Deputy RegionalDirector for Administration in Camp Bagong Diwa, Bicutan, Taguig City.Being part of the university, she believed that the skills and knowledge she acquiredfrom her previous experiences must be imparted to those who will become future Graduation Day forofficers and to current students in our university. And as a police officer, the skills Amie’s Doctoral Degree in Criminologyshe acquired were to maintain, and to give services without asking any favor in re-turn. She sustained a good working relationship with her supervisors.So far, the most difficult project that Amie worked on was the completion of her dissertation during her study of doctoral degree. As apolice officer, the most difficult part was when she experienced handling rape cases for the minors, especially the 3-to-5 year-old chil-dren who were sexually abused by their neighbor and being involved in entrapment operations. For her, the primary problem in thePolice Organization is the children in conflict with the law. Those children will undergo counseling under the Department of SocialWelfare and Development.Dr. Centro has never stopped searching for knowledge. She progressed to be a Doctor of Philosophy in Criminology from the Philip-pine College of Criminology in Manila, graduating in May of 2012. At present, she is enrolled under Doctor of Jurisprudence having 19units at Universidad De Manila (UDM). The Official Alumni Affairs E-Magazine of Our Lady of Fatima University Volume 3 No.1 July, 2012 / Page 3
  4. 4. the COURIERGRADUATE NURSE PROGRAM, from page 1As a StudentIn 1976, there were two graduate degrees for Nursing; theGraduate in Nursing and the Bachelor of Science Degree inNursing. At that time, Dr. Ruiz did not intend to enroll in Nurs-ing. It was not his personal choice, but it was his family whodecided that he had to be enrolled in this degree. However, hetried to learn to love the course as he went on with the differentpractice of the nursing profession.At that time, Our Lady of Fatima University was not yet in exis-tence. Since an internship program to the pre-nursing coursewas required, Dr. Ruiz together with other students, were notlucky to be admitted in Manila Central University (MCU). How-ever, OLFU then Our Lady of Fatima College was rising as aCollege of Nursing in the summer of 1973. He didn’t have anyother school to go to, trying to scout in other schools. Then, he Dr. Fred B. Ruizdiscovered OLFU. Being in a new school, he thought that it could give him a better opportunity. He was never failed with his expectation. Dur- ing his interview, the administrator then was the late Mrs. Juliet Santos. She was so warm and happy in accepting him, and she even introduced him to her spouse, Dr. Vicente Santos, inside his clinic, which was in the same room. One of the things he learned from his studies is the love of God which Dr. And Mrs. Santos inculcated in him. Next is the value of work, value of being a student,Dr. Fred B. Ruiz is having his discussion with his students under Doctor of Philosophy in and the value of learning to love one an-Nursing Administration, (from left to right) Lilibeth Bobias, Marlyn Cabading and Cui other, and to love one’s future course or“Angela “ Yan Yan inside the Graduate School Faculty Room. profession.What he learned from OLFU is countless, like the love for his profession; the love for his clients and patients (even the uncooperativeones) in the hospital; and love for his co-workers; his colleagues from the academe and from the hospital, the staff nurses, and hisstudents, to whom he is inclined at present.He believed that his grades were a good indication of his academic achievement. He became one of the listers of the School of Nurs-ing in Manila Central University. He also had his share of disappointment when he was not able to get his Outstanding Clinical Awardeven though he had a grade of 1.06. Someone got a higher grade than him. Fortunately, he was able to maintain his grades up to hisdoctoral degree.The most rewarding experience for him was when he saw one of his former students working with him as his Co-Professor, becausefor Dr. Ruiz, his students became his inspiration in doing his job well in the classroom. He also considers his former students not athreat to him because he is already old, he understands that someday, his students will be replacing him. See Graduate Nurse Program, next page The Official Alumni Affairs E-Magazine of Our Lady of Fatima University Volume 3 No.1 July, 2012 / Page 4