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  1. 1. Chapter 10.2The Louisiana Purchase
  2. 2. Louisiana Purchase…Today
  3. 3. Guiding Questions………Why was control of the Mississippi River important to the United States?
  4. 4. Guiding Questions………How did the United States purchase Louisiana?
  5. 5. Guiding Questions………What were the results of the explorations of Lewis and Clark and of Zebulon Pike?
  6. 6. Control of the Mississippi RiverFarmers west of the Appalachians shipped their crops on the Mississippi to New Orleans. From there, ships carried the produce to Atlantic ports.
  7. 7. Control of the Mississippi River Spain controlled New Orleans. Sometimes they threatened to close the port. In the Pinckney Treaty of 1795, Spain agreed to let Americans ship their goods down the Mississippi to New Orleans.
  8. 8. Control of the Mississippi RiverIn 1800 Spain gave Louisiana back to France. Napoleon wanted to grow food in Louisiana.
  9. 9. Control of the Mississippi RiverEvents in Haiti, a French colony in the Caribbean, ruined his plans. Enslaved Africans in Haiti revolted and declared their independence.
  10. 10. Control of the Mississippi RiverTo gain control of Louisiana, Jefferson decided to buy Louisiana.
  11. 11. The U.S. Buys LouisianaJefferson sent Robert Livingston and James Monroe to buy New Orleans and West Florida from Napoleon.
  12. 12. The U.S. Buys LouisianaLivingston and Monroe met with the French foreign minister. After some time, he asked them if they would like to buy all of Louisiana.
  13. 13. The U.S. Buys LouisianaSurprised, Livingston at first offered $4 million. Eventually, he and Monroe agreed to $15 million.
  14. 14. The U.S. Buys Louisiana No one was sure the purchase was constitutional. In the end, Jefferson decided that he did have the authority to buy Louisiana. The Senate approved the treaty, and the Louisiana Purchase went into effect.
  15. 15. Expedition of Lewis & Clark
  16. 16. Vocabulary……. Expedition: a long journey of exploration.
  17. 17. QuickTimeª and a decompressorare needed to see this picture.
  18. 18. Purposes of the expeditionto map a route across the Louisiana Purchase to the Pacific Ocean
  19. 19. Purposes of the expedition:to study the territory’s geography—land, climate, plants, and animals
  20. 20. Purposes of the expedition:to learn about the Indian nations who lived there
  21. 21. The Journey….. Lewis and Clark left from St. Louis and crossed the plains by way of the Missouri River. Sacagawea, a Shoshone woman, and her husband agreed to accompany the party as translators.
  22. 22. The Journey…..The Shoshones showed Lewis and Clark the best route over the Rockies. Lewis and Clark crossed the Continental Divide.
  23. 23. Vocabulary…..Continental Divide, the high mountain ridge that separates river systems flowing toward opposite sides of the continent.
  24. 24. The Journey…..The party built canoes and floated down the Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean.The return trip back to St. Louis took another year.
  25. 25. The Expedition of Zebulon Pike
  26. 26. Purpose of the journeyto explore the upper Mississippi River, the Arkansas River, and parts of present-day Colorado and New Mexico.
  27. 27. The Journey….From Colorado and New Mexico, Pike entered Spanish territory. Spanish troops arrested Pike and his men and took them into Mexico.
  28. 28. The Journey….The party was later escorted through Texas back to the United States.