SF Design Week 2013: The Walls are Listening - Designing for the Internet of Things


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Connected devices and getting smaller, cheaper and embedded into our environments. Everyday objects - thermostats, door locks and parking meters are starting to connect to the Internet. They are always on and always ready to serve.

Are we always ready to be observed and influenced? How will we design experiences that are distributed and constantly morphing? This new era of information access will require a new approach to user interface, user experience and digital service design. In this talk, we will survey how the Internet of Things are re-shaping our connected lives, how it will transform digital design, and designers' role in this new and exciting time.

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  • Hello. My name is Alfred Lui. I design digital services and connected devices in San Francisco. Thank you for coming.
  • Bill Buxton 20 years theory. Mark Weisser, the Chief of Technology at Xerox PARC Research coined the term in 1988 (25 years ago). Gartner, a technology research firm, also identifies IoT to be in the same phase of their hype cycle as Big Data, HTML5 and Crowd-funding.
  • Adjacent possibles are new ideas enabled by 1, and often more, enablers that have become available .
  • In the 80s, WYSIWYG software on Macs and Laser Printers became available at consumer prices
  • That enabled desktop publishing
  • During the past 3 decades, thanks to Moore’s Law , we saw CPUs drop to prices that allow them to be embedded into cheap devices . At the same time, these CPUs have also become much more power efficient. Wireless data now covers most cities . In 2015, it is expected that 75% of people in the world will have Internet access. From 1% in 1995 and 15% in 2005 . Cloud services and APIs give these cheap devices contents and services to connect to.
  • All these are enable the world where smart and connected devices will be everywhere.
  • https://angel.co/good-night-lamp
  • “ There’s No Place Nice Home” GPS Shoes (2012) by Dominic Wilcox Bay Area Maker Faire (2013)
  • http://www.cisco.com/en/US/netsol/ns827/networking_solutions_sub_solution.html#~forecast http://readwrite.com/2010/08/10/objects_outpace_new_human_subscribers_to_att_veriz#awesm =~o9ERBdnNPAdkmR
  • To quote a phrase at Fjord, a service design firm that I worked for - User is the new OS, is becoming a reality.
  • Each device fulfills a standalone context of use. When combined, devices transform into a richer user experience.
  • Gathering the right level of user’s identity at the right time will deliver the ‘kill app’ for the Internet of Things.
  • Designing for IoT is still at a very very early stage . I hope you find this talk inspiring and some of examples here help you start thinking about how your work will be in the upcoming age of IoT.
  • http://www.meetup.com/The-San-Francisco-Internet-of-Things-Meetup/
  • SF Design Week 2013: The Walls are Listening - Designing for the Internet of Things

    1. 1. @connection76 Hello.
    2. 2. @connection76 The walls are listening Designing for the Internet of Things San Francisco Design Week June 24, 2013
    3. 3. Why are we talking about IoT?
    4. 4. @connection76 IoT Internet of Things aka. Smart Devices aka. Ambient Computing aka. Ubiquitous Computing
    5. 5. @connection76 IoT Internet of Things is a network of uniquely identifiable and interoperable objects connected by services over the Internet.
    6. 6. ‘Adjacent possible’ 6
    7. 7. #sfdesignweek @connection76 A B C
    8. 8. WYSIWYG LaserWriter #sfdesignweek @connection76
    9. 9. WYSIWYG LaserWriter Desktop Publishing #sfdesignweek @connection76
    10. 10. #sfdesignweek @connection76 Low-Powered, Cheap CPUs Open APIs + Cloud Services Data Network Everywhere
    11. 11. #sfdesignweek @connection76 Low-Powered, Cheap CPUs Open APIs + Cloud Services Smart Devices Everywhere Data Network Everywhere
    12. 12. Experiments & successes 12
    13. 13. #sfdesignweek @connection76 Industrial solutions http://blogs.kqed.org/injofellow/files/2010/05/4-1024x682.jpg
    14. 14. #sfdesignweek @connection76 Consumer solutions https://angel.co/good-night-lamp
    15. 15. #sfdesignweek @connection76 Artists’ and hobbyists’ experiments http://www.dominicwilcox.com/gpsshoes.htm
    16. 16. What does IoT mean to designers?
    17. 17. #sfdesignweek @connection76 The Fourth generation of computing Time Place Purpose Person
    18. 18. #sfdesignweek @connection76 Challenges • UX will be distributed • UIs will be the new source of noise • User is the new OS
    19. 19. New areas of opportunities
    20. 20. #sfdesignweek @connection76 Designing system of devices Composition ContinuityConsistencyComposition
    21. 21. #sfdesignweek @connection76 Composition
    22. 22. #sfdesignweek @connection76 Composition
    23. 23. #sfdesignweek @connection76http://geekoholics.files.wordpress.com #sfdesignweek @connection76
    24. 24. #sfdesignweek @connection76 Consistency
    25. 25. #sfdesignweek @connection76 Consistency http://geekoholics.files.wordpress.com #sfdesignweek @connection76
    26. 26. #sfdesignweek @connection76http://support.runkeeper.com/entries/23647396-Connecting-with-Pebble-Watch Current Limitations of RunKeeper and Pebble 1. iPhone and Android users - Average speed is not available. Therefore, you will  only see average pace. Again, we're looking to add this option to a future build 2. International version users on metric system - Instead of a decimal or comma when displaying total distance or average pace, you will see a rectangle with a large X in the middle. It looks weird, we know, but should be fixed in a future release.
    27. 27. #sfdesignweek @connection76 Continuity
    28. 28. #sfdesignweek @connection76 Continuity #sfdesignweek @connection76
    29. 29. #sfdesignweek @connection76 Identity
    30. 30. #sfdesignweek @connection76
    31. 31. Thank you.
    32. 32. #sfdesignweek @connection76 @connection76 Alfred Lui Designer of Digital Service & Internet of Things Founder & Organizer of San Francisco Internet of Things Meetup (@SFIoTMeetup)