Day 2: Integrating Conversion Optimization into Your Marketing Strategy


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Day 2: Integrating Conversion Optimization into Your Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. All Together Now: Integrating Conversion Optimization into Your Marketing StrategyTodd Barrs, Webroot SoftwareBrian Jones,
  2. 2. Conversion Integration Making The Case For Continuous Improvement Through Agile Techniques Todd Barrs Sr. Manager, Website Optimization October 20, 2011Thursday,"October"20,"11" Webroot"So*ware,"Inc."–""Proprietary"and"Confiden:al"Informa:on" 1"
  3. 3. A"Case"Study"In"Progress"Thursday,"October"20,"11" Webroot"So*ware,"Inc."–""Proprietary"and"Confiden:al"Informa:on" 2"
  4. 4. Conversion Optimization Cannot Operate in IsolationThursday,"October"20,"11" Webroot"So*ware,"Inc."–""Proprietary"and"Confiden:al"Informa:on" 3"
  5. 5. Effects of Isolation User Shown: Then Redirected to:,"October"20,"11" Webroot"So*ware,"Inc."–""Proprietary"and"Confiden:al"Informa:on" 4"
  6. 6. Conversion Conference San Francisco 2011 Summary: 1.  Align performance metrics (CR) across the entire organization. 2.  Get to know your internal customers (get buy-in). 3.  Clearly define & agree on testing metrics. 4.  Start small, and optimize to impact revenue.Thursday,"October"20,"11" Webroot"So*ware,"Inc."–""Proprietary"and"Confiden:al"Informa:on" 5"
  7. 7. Revolutionizing The Security Industry •  6MB"ThinKClient" •  Super"Fast"Scan"Times" •  CloudKbased"Security"Thursday,"October"20,"11" Webroot"So*ware,"Inc."–""Proprietary"and"Confiden:al"Informa:on" 6"
  8. 8. Website Redesign Old" New"Thursday,"October"20,"11" Webroot"So*ware,"Inc."–""Proprietary"and"Confiden:al"Informa:on" 7"
  9. 9. Setting Page Goals & Priorities " " What"visitors" What"we"want" want"to"know." visitors"to"know." " " What"we"want" What"visitors" visitors"to"do." want"to"do." "Thursday,"October"20,"11" Webroot"So*ware,"Inc."–""Proprietary"and"Confiden:al"Informa:on" 8"
  10. 10. Redesign AnalysisThursday,"October"20,"11" Webroot"So*ware,"Inc."–""Proprietary"and"Confiden:al"Informa:on" 9"
  11. 11. Marketing Campaigns & AwardsThursday,"October"20,"11" Webroot"So*ware,"Inc."–""Proprietary"and"Confiden:al"Informa:on" 10"
  12. 12. Effects of Integration •  User Presented: •  Tracking done by web analytics •  Continuous user experienceThursday,"October"20,"11" Webroot"So*ware,"Inc."–""Proprietary"and"Confiden:al"Informa:on" 11"
  13. 13. New Website Performance Website"Conversion"Rate"Thursday,"October"20,"11" Webroot"So*ware,"Inc."–""Proprietary"and"Confiden:al"Informa:on" 12"
  14. 14. What Happened?Thursday,"October"20,"11" Webroot"So*ware,"Inc."–""Proprietary"and"Confiden:al"Informa:on" 13"
  15. 15. Redesign Improvement (Theory)Thursday,"October"20,"11" Webroot"So*ware,"Inc."–""Proprietary"and"Confiden:al"Informa:on" 14"
  16. 16. Redesign Risks •  “Best Guess” •  Loss of visitor feedback loop •  There is a HUGE opportunity cost (lack of testing) •  If you must redesign: –  Keep the redesign process as simple & short as possible –  Redesign ready for testing on day oneThursday,"October"20,"11" Webroot"So*ware,"Inc."–""Proprietary"and"Confiden:al"Informa:on" 15"
  17. 17. Continuous “Conversion” ImprovementThursday,"October"20,"11" Webroot"So*ware,"Inc."–""Proprietary"and"Confiden:al"Informa:on" 16"
  18. 18. Often The Same Destination B Continuous Improvement A Redesign EffortThursday,"October"20,"11" Webroot"So*ware,"Inc."–""Proprietary"and"Confiden:al"Informa:on" 17"
  19. 19. Agile Improvement (Optimization) •  Based on agile management & software dev concepts •  Websites are software •  Websites are fluid and always changing (Visitors, markets, seasonality, technology) •  There is no “optimal” state •  Maximize the frequency of pivots (changes/testing) •  Ideas, select, execute, analyze, iterateThursday,"October"20,"11" Webroot"So*ware,"Inc."–""Proprietary"and"Confiden:al"Informa:on" 18"
  20. 20. Lessons Learned & Next Steps •  Began testing immediately •  Paralleling with vastly different version (agile redesign) •  Organizational change (Demand Generation) –  Reporting structure –  Physical seating structure •  Reducing/eliminating requirements documentation •  Wire-mock vs. wireframe, then mockup (1 revision) •  Adapting site structure for self serviceThursday,"October"20,"11" Webroot"So*ware,"Inc."–""Proprietary"and"Confiden:al"Informa:on" 19"
  21. 21. Summary •  Redesigns are risky –  Best guess (lose feedback loop) –  Opportunity cost –  Keep redesign short and simple •  Websites: The only constant is change •  Continuous & Agile “Conversion” Improvement –  Increase your ability pivot often –  Feedback from your visitors: Test, Implement, RepeatThursday,"October"20,"11" Webroot"So*ware,"Inc."–""Proprietary"and"Confiden:al"Informa:on" 20"
  22. 22. Contact Information Todd W. Barrs Sr. Manager, Website Optimization "/Webroot" @Webroot"Thursday,"October"20,"11" Webroot"So*ware,"Inc."–""Proprietary"and"Confiden:al"Informa:on" 21"
  23. 23. Additional Resources 3000+ Syndicated Articles 250+ Tools, Books & Services Case Studies, White Papers, Discussion Todd W. Barrs "/VisitorCentric" Co-Founder @VisitorCentric" Groups"“Visitor"Centric”"Thursday,"October"20,"11" Webroot"So*ware,"Inc."–""Proprietary"and"Confiden:al"Informa:on" 22"
  24. 24. Additional Resources Why Search Marketing Silos Are Conversion Killers Brian Massey & Chris Robino QR Code Conversion Optimization Todd BarrsThursday,"October"20,"11" Webroot"So*ware,"Inc."–""Proprietary"and"Confiden:al"Informa:on" 23"
  25. 25. All Together Now: Integrating ConversionOptimization into Your Marketing Strategy ff
  26. 26. Preface•  Every situation and company is unique•  There is no black & white in CRO terms•  I can speak of my past experiences
  27. 27. •  Recently joined as Senior Manager, Search Operations.• is a technology and marketing company in the Automotive Industry based in Burlington, VT.•  My role is to contribute as a thought leader and advise a cross functional team on strategies to enhance services, products, and tools.•  Over 12 years experience in digital marketing in a variety of industries and capacities.
  28. 28. Quick Agenda•  What is CRO?•  CRO Evolution & My Experiences•  Overcoming Cross Department Objections•  Resources•  Q&A
  29. 29. Building Enterprise Level Testing Programs
  30. 30. What is CRO?•  Critical Question: What is conversion optimization?•  Is it testing page components such as headlines, offers, buttons, and colors?•  Is it what technology is better?•  25 A/B Test Case Studies Session Yesterday –  Test specifics –  What If’s –  Scenarios•  DO NOT copy your competitors tests
  31. 31. What is CRO?•  Understanding the difference between testing and creating an optimal user experiences that delivers relevancy•  The Human Connection Session Yesterday –  Stressed upon User Experience –  The people/knowledge before the technology –  Understanding each and every situation is unique•  Most organizations go through an evolution learning how to crawl, then walk, and finally run.
  32. 32. Re-Evaluating the Conversion Process Header Offer Copy User Experience CTA Design
  33. 33. Post Click StrategyAre You Truly Segmenting all Your Traffic and Visitors? User User Experience Experience-  Marketing Channel-  Device-  Persona-  Searcher Intent User User Experience Experience
  34. 34. Crawling PhaseTactics Include:-  Quick actions & small scale tests showing micro success-  Free tools and resources requiring no long term strategy-  Non-Committal: Requiring no formal approvals or business justificationsMy Example-  CEO wanted to remove free offer on PPC landing page-  Ran 30 day A/B split test using GWO and built 1 yr, 2 yr, & 3 yr. revenue model-  Result: After seeing test results, CEO did not want to remove free offer
  35. 35. Challenge decisions made with lack of data or complete understanding
  36. 36. Walking PhaseTactics Include:-  Project Based: Time line based-  Financial/Results Oriented Goal: Scenario based revenue models creating definable ROI-  Limited Exposure: Subset of traffic, set cost, guaranteeMy Example:-  Built a comprehensive ROI model based on reasonable lift-  Plan included a lift guarantee or money back therefore creating low risk-  Result: Double digit lift in lead conversions resulting in millions
  37. 37. What s Right For You?Vendor Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3 Feature 4 Feature 5 ! Technology*vs.*Professional*Services*Name 1 x x xName 2 x x x ! Implementa8on*Timeline*Name 3 x x x ! Implementa8on*Technology*Name 4 x x x ! Guarantee*Name 5 x x xName 6 x x x ! Past*Success*Name 7 x x x x ! Total*Cost*of*Ownership*Name 8 x x xName 9 x x x ! Years*in*Business*Name 10 x x x ! Tes8ng*Methods*
  38. 38. Running Phase-  Long Term Commitment-  Dedicated Resources-  Sophisticated Toolset and AnalyticsMy Example:-  Building upon past smaller successes-  Demonstrated the advantages of a long term comprehensive conversion program vs. testing .-  Built internal cross department support with web development & designers-  Invested in best of breed resources including toolset, analytics, and people-  ****Overhauling Strategy vs. Testing Elements of a Page****
  39. 39. Cross Department Support•  As we moved through the phases resistance built•  Key is Common Sense. Most Individuals Want to Feel Involved and Valued•  Objections Include: 1.  You are outsourcing thus eliminating my job 2.  You are doing this because you do not believe we are capable 3.  We have unique IT systems and 3rd party tools will not work 4.  In the past we decided this would not work 5.  There are other more important projects
  40. 40. Objection No. 1•  Objection: You are outsourcing thus eliminating our jobs•  Response: What s In It For Them? You will learn a new skill set that will make you more valuable to this company as a conversion rate expert and more marketable in general
  41. 41. Objection No. 2•  Objection: You are doing this because you do not believe we are capable•  Response: What s In It For Them? You can focus on other equally or more important projects that fit your skill set more accurately.
  42. 42. Objection No. 3•  Objection: We have unique IT systems and 3rd party tools will not work•  Response: Involvement & Participation I would like you to be involved and discuss these specific issues as you are much more qualified than me.
  43. 43. Objection No. 4•  Objection: In the past we decided this would not work•  Response: Involvement & Participation Let me show you my research and get you involved and let me know your thoughts.
  44. 44. Objection No. 5•  Objection: There are other more important projects•  Response: What s In It For Them? Goal is to increase effectiveness and ROI across the board for all of our projects.
  45. 45. Key Take Aways1.  Don t Confuse Testing & Conversion Optimization2.  It s Not About the Technology3.  Conversion Optimization affects the entire organization4.  Think of all Parties Involved & Create Value5.  DO NOT copy your competitors
  46. 46. ResourcesGreat Reads…-  Honest Seduction: Using Post-Click Marketing to Turn Landing Pages into Game Changers-  Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions-  Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Marketing
  47. 47. QuestionsTwitter