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A Dyslexic's A-Z of Urban Gardening


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This talk is a visual journey through some of the many creative ways that people are cultivating their urban environments. From the secret night pursuits of guerrilla gardeners to the work of neighbours at the local community garden, there are lots of inspirational people creating exciting spaces around our cities.


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A Dyslexic's A-Z of Urban Gardening

  1. 1. A Dyslexic’s A-Z ofUrban Gardening
  2. 2. Allotments
  3. 3. Growing Landscapes
  4. 4. Pot Hole Gardening
  5. 5. Community Gardens
  6. 6. Urban farms
  7. 7. High Line
  8. 8. Rooftop Gardens
  9. 9. Balcony Gardens
  10. 10. Container Gardening
  11. 11. Mobile Gardens
  12. 12. Aquaponics / Hydroponics
  13. 13. ThankYouSay hello: @altyler References: