yagdao-0.3.1 JPA guide


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yagdao-0.3.1 JPA guide

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yagdao-0.3.1 JPA guide

  1. 1. Yet Another DAOJPA Guide YAGDAO 0.3.1
  2. 2. yagdao http://www.altuure.com/projects/yagdao Mert Can Akkan  mcakkan@yahoo.com  http://www.altuure.com
  3. 3. overview Popular Java ORM layer  JPA 2.0  Hibernate Spring 3.0+ Support (optional) Lightweight No Implementation Framework No Static Code Generation Annotation Based GenericDAO/CRUD operations Custom operations
  4. 4. dependency-heaven Lightweight framework with minimal dependencyGroupId ArtifactId Version Optionalcglib cglib 2.2 Nocommons-logging commons-logging 1.0.2 Noorg.antlr antlr-runtime 3.2 Noorg.slf4j slf4j-log4j12 1.5.8 Noorg.apache.geronimo.specs geronimo-jpa_2.0_spec 1.1 JPAorg.hibernate hibernate-core 3.5.1-Final hibernateorg.hibernate hibernate-entitymanager 3.5.1-Final hibernateorg.springframework spring-beans 3.0.4.RELEASE spring supportorg.springframework spring-jdbc 3.0.4.RELEASE spring supportorg.springframework spring-orm 3.0.4.RELEASE Spring support
  5. 5. maven dependecy<dependencies> <dependency> <groupId>com.altuure</groupId> <artifactId>com.altuure.yagdao</artifactId> <version>0.3.1</version> </dependency><dependencies><!-- repo.altuure.com--><repositories> <repository> <id>repo.altuure.com</id> <name>repo.altuure.com</name> <url>http://repo.altuure.com</url> <layout>default</layout> </repository></repositories>
  6. 6. my first yagdao easy implementationpublic interface UserDAO extends GenericDAO<User,Long>{}
  7. 7. quickstart GenericHibernateDAOFactoryuserDAO = (UserDAO) GenericHibernateDAOFactory.createInstance(UserDAO.class, sessionAccessor);The GenericHibernateDAOFactory will create instance of given DAO at the runtime
  8. 8. springframework support package scan feature<yagdao:jpa id="DAOFactory1" base-package="com.altuure.yagdao.blog.dao" entity-manager-factory="entityManagerFactory"/> one by one definition <yagdao:jpa base-class="com.altuure.yagdao.blog.dao.UserDAO" session-factory="mySessionFactory"/>
  9. 9. GenericDAO save(Object entity) update(Object entity) load(T id) loadLazy(T id) delete(Object object) delete(T id) vs….
  10. 10. custom methodscreate & update Get rid of all setter and getter operationspublic interface UserDAO extends GenericDAO<User,Long>{ @YMethod(type = YMethodType.SAVE) User create( @YParameter("username")String username, @YParameter("password")String password, @YParameter("email")String email); @YMethod(type = YMethodType.UPDATE) User updateRoles(long id, @YParameter("roles")Set roles); }
  11. 11. custom methods query Embeded Query Support@YMethod( type = YMethodType.QUERY, query="select u.username from User u where u.email=:email“)String findUsernameByEmailQuery( @YParameter(value = "email")String email); Named Query Support@YMethod(type = YMethodType.QUERY,queryName="findByEmail")String findUsernameByEmailNamed( @YParameter(value = "email")String email);
  12. 12. custom methodsexecute@YMethod(type = YMethodType.EXECUTE, query="update User set password=:password")int updateAllPasswords(String newPassword);Tip:All execute methods must return an integer
  13. 13. custom methodsappend APPEND Method handler is a simple query builder in which you can append query strings with not null parameters@YMethod(type = YMethodType.APPEND,select = "pbyte,count(id)",groupBy = "pbyte",having = "count(id)>10") List<SimpleBean> appendQuery( @YParameter("pint>=?") int i);
  14. 14. custom methodscriteria &count(experimental) Criteria method handler is like append method handler tries to build a query with not null values by parsing query parameters.
  15. 15. custom methodscriteria•Custom Paging and order is supported•Selected field and fetch are supported@YMethod(type = YMethodType.CRITERIA)SearchResultList<SimpleBean> criteria1(@YParameter(value = "pint>=") Integer arg1);
  16. 16. custom methodscount@YMethod(type = YMethodType.COUNT) long count2(@YParameter("pint") Integer arg1, @YParameter("pdate<=")Date endDate); Returns only count query result of criteria method To execute both see SearchResultList
  17. 17. smart parameters & return types YPage: enables order and paging  criteria methods YLimit: enables only paging  append method  criteria methods SearchResultList: fetch total size of result list public SearchResultList(List<T> result, long totalCount, YPage paging) { super(result); this.totalCount = totalCount; this.paging = paging; }
  18. 18. pagingTo add paging to any querying method is easy just add YPage,YLimit as a method parameter@YMethod(type = YMethodType.APPEND,orderBy = "id desc") SearchResultList appendPage1(@YParameter("pbyte>=?") byte arg1,YLimit limit);PS: YLimit is valid in all while YPage is valid on only Criteria Methods
  19. 19. prefetch result sizeDefining ‘SearchResultList’ as a return type enables a count queires for all methods@YMethod(type = YMethodType.CRITERIA) SearchResultList<SimpleBean> criteria1(@YParameter(value = "pint>=") Integer arg1);
  20. 20. and more Object based and method based fetch support@YMethod(type = YMethodType.CRITERIA)@YFetch({ "product", "order", "order.customer" })List<OrderItem> findByCustomerCityAndMaxPrice2(…); projection support at append methods
  21. 21. thanks For more please see sample application:http://code.google.com/p/yagdao/downloads/list?q=label:Type-Samplemaven jetty:runhttp://localhost:8080/blog