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Client Stories: Sales Force Leadership Development


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Align Consulting
Client Stories: A Global FMCG Firm - Distribution Channel
Sales Force Development Services
Sales Force Assessments
Leadership Academy

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Client Stories: Sales Force Leadership Development

  1. 1. v.01 Sales Force Leadership Development Project ‘’FMCG – Distribution Channel’’ Client Stories
  2. 2. Project Scope ROI of Learning & Development 5 3 Designing / Planing Learning & Development 4 Implementation of Learning & Development Activities 2 Analysis of Learning & Development Needs 1 Business Model & Sales Strategy 6 Capability Building Sales Force Academy
  3. 3. Project Scope Assessment Design CORE SALES MANAGEMENT COMPETENCIES SALES MANAGEMENT ACTIVITIES Hiring Motivating Holding Accountable +11 more SALES MANAGEMENT RESULTS Sales Human Resources KPIs Business Coaching DeCoder DNA DeCoder VAL MOTIVATION
  4. 4. Project Scope Assessment Reporting  Sales Managers Assessed : 120+  Group Assessments : 14 Days  F2F Assessments : 7 Days  # of Competencies Assessed : 15  # of Activities Monitored : 11 Assessments by numbers : Job Alignment : 360 Activity Time Allocation : Leadership Value-Add Stage :
  5. 5. Project Scope Personal Proficiency Organizational Awareness Customer Focus Alignment (Build the Leadership Muscle) Managing Talent Execution Excellence Shaping Future Real Life Assignments (Intrapreneurship Projects) Academy Design & Results Sales Force Leadership Academy by numbers : Sales Force Leadership Academy Concetrations :  Sales Managers Trained : 120+  Academy Duration : 2 Years  Internal Trainers Upskilled : 8  Total Training Days : 56  Capability Improvement : %25  HR KPI Improvement : %12
  6. 6. Your Business Priorities Stimulating Growth Scaling for Growth Becoming More Customer Centric Driving Innovation Dealing with Complexity Activating New Operating/Business Model Assessing Organization and Leaders Your Human Resources Priorities Linking Human Resources to Business Value Designing your HR Strategy Designing HR Organizations Building HRIS Building Excellence in HR Transforming HR Building HRBP Assessing HR Organization & Professionals Building Corporate Academy Your Sales Force Priorities Not Growing Fast Enough Not Able to Scale The Sales Force High / Low Turnover Shifting to Consultative Selling Sales Force Alignment (Lack of Alignment) Unable to Select/Find New Salespeople Ineffective Sales Management Major Change in Sales Strategy Growing Sales Team without Hurting your P&L Call us: @ 0533 960 0225 Mail us: