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QR Codes in Education


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Presented at PETE & C February, 2011
Presented at Technology Expo on April 7, 2011 at Villanova University
Presented at PACTESP Conference March, 2013

Published in: Education
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QR Codes in Education

  1. 1. + QR Codes in the PACTESP Mid-Winter Conference Classroom March, 2013 Al Tucker Chester County Intermediate Unit
  2. 2. + This presentation is available: URL
  3. 3. + I teach kids… Commercial Art & Digital Printing Technology Technical College High School, Pickering Campus
  4. 4. + What are QR Codes? Background How it works  Developed by Denso-Wave to inventory auto parts in 1994  QR = “Quick Response”  QR codes can be read in two directions=store more data  They are free, open source The Nuts and Bolts of #QR Codes David Hopkins Bournemouth University
  5. 5. + Marragem explains QR codes… Marragem explains QR codes
  6. 6. + QR Code Marketing Examples
  7. 7. + QR Code Marketing Examples Japan Trends
  8. 8. + QR Code Marketing Examples Japan Trends
  9. 9. + Getting Started QR Code Readers Smartphone Readers Desktop Readers  DANSL – Desktop Reader  Apple App Store  iCandy – Commercially tagged  Qrafter, Quickmark, NeoReader, codes Optiscan, Google Goggles  Android Market iPad  QR Droid, Google Goggles,  i-nigma QR code reader Quickmark, i-nigma, Barcode Scanner  Generic Cell Phone Site Kaywa
  10. 10. + Getting Started: QR Code Generators QR Code Generators-Basic QR Code Generators/Managers  Delivr  Snap-Vu  Kerem Erkan  Beetag  Kaywa  QRStuff-colored QR codes Generator Browser Plug-Ins  Firefox: QR Link Maker  Chrome: QR Code Tag Extension
  11. 11. + Teaching with QR Codes: Classroom Tools  QR Treasure Hunt Generator  Periodic Table in QR Codes  QR Code Resume  Giving a voice to QR Codes Kathy Schrock’ s Guide to Everything
  12. 12. + Practical Uses
  13. 13. + How are we using these in our school?
  14. 14. + In the Classroom: great ideas 40 Interesting Ways* to Use QR Codes in th and tips Mobile Zebra EDTE.CH Blog Laura Jacob Tom Barrett McGuffey School District
  15. 15. The Daring LibrarianGwyneth Jones
  16. 16. + Pros, Cons & Issues Pros Cons/Potential Issues  Speed of getting to steered  Access to networks and content hardware-potential cost to students  Peak an interest in technology  Not for those timid with  Students are creating content technology use-know your students’ skill levels  Size and density of the codes  Overuse
  17. 17. + Additional Resources QR Codes in Education Livebinder Steven Anderson Diigo Links on QR Codes Al Tucker Tech Directions Article on QR Codes Al Tucker