"No Excuses" Workout Demonstation & Instructions


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"No Excuses" Workout Demonstation & Instructions

  1. 1. The "How" DYNAMIC WELLNESS "NO EXCUSES" WORKOUT On-Site Video e-Learning Print
  2. 2. STRENGTH TRAINING TIPS <ul><li>Use good form! This is the most important thing. Good form will help you get the most out of your time and help prevent injury. </li></ul><ul><li>Do all exercises S-L-O-W-L-Y! This will ensure your effort is most effective. </li></ul><ul><li>Visualize the muscle you are exercising. For example when you are doing bicep curls mentally focus on the bicep muscle. </li></ul>3 Things to remember when Strength Training
  3. 3. THE “GOOD MORNING” Strengthens lower back and helps prevent back problems; stretches and strengthens hamstring and glute muscles Correct Form Keeping your back flat, rise slowly focusing your effort on your lower back muscles. Repeat the movement, keeping your lower back and abdominal muscles engaged the whole time. Repetitions Do three sets of 12 – 15 repetitions, resting for 10-20 seconds between sets.
  4. 4. THE PUSH-UP The classic tried and true upper body exercise. Strengthens chest, shoulders, triceps and upper back muscles Correct Form It is really important to perform this movement slowly with your mental focus targeted on the chest, shoulder and arm muscles. Repetitions Do 2-3 sets of as many push ups as you can. Rest 30-45 seconds between each set.
  5. 5. THE “Knees” PUSH-UP
  6. 6. Awesome leg and lower body exercise involves almost all of the leg muscles The Squat Correct form—Keeping back straight bend the knees and slowly lower your body focusing on the leg muscles. Pause and return to almost upright without locking the knees. Do 2-3 sets of 8-12 repetitions.
  7. 7. THE LUNGE Excellent all around leg muscle movement. Strengthens thigh muscles, butt muscles, and calves The Lunge and the Squat use similar muscle groups so if you are just starting out pick one or the other. Try them both and see which works best for you. Stand with left leg in front of you and your right leg behind you in a balanced position. Slowly lower your body until your back knee is within 2 inches of the floor. Slowly return to a nearly upright position and repeat. Repetitions Try for 6 – 12 repetitions per leg
  8. 8. THE ABS CRUNCH Strengthens and tightens abdominal muscles Correct Form Lie on the floor with knees bent, feet flat and hands touching the sides of your head or crossed over your chest. Using your stomach muscles, slowly raise your back to approximately 4-7 inches off the floor. Slowly lower to nearly touching the floor without relaxing the muscles.   NOTE: It is important to keep the stomach muscles engaged the entire time.   Repetitions Try for 10 – 20 repetitions initially. The goal is to work up to 3 sets with only about 20 seconds between sets, doing as many repetitions as you can for each set.
  9. 9. Don’ t Forget to Warm-Up The Dynamic Wellness Way <ul><li>Triggers release of Synovial Fluid </li></ul><ul><li>Warm up our joints as well as our muscles </li></ul><ul><li>Plus it ’s just plain FUN </li></ul>