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Deep Breathing How To's


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Deep Breathing How To's

  1. 1. ®Focus on your breathInhale through your nose for 4 seconds,pushing out your abdomen, then your lowerribs, then your chest as your body fills with air.Hold your breath for 4 seconds.Exhale for 4 seconds through your mouth,letting air our as you let it in, from yourabdomen to highest parts of your lungs.Allow all the stress in your body to escape withyour breath. © 2008 DW GROUP, LLC
  2. 2. STRESS Affects BreathingStress can limit oxygen intake Oxygen is the most important nutrient for the heart, brain and every other major organ We also expel about 20% of the toxins in our bodies through normal breathing © 2009 DW GROUP, LLC
  3. 3. ® Benefits of Deep Breathing A Natural Tranquilizer!Increases Serotonin & Calms the MindHelps center our thoughtsTake in more needed oxygenExpel damaging toxinsLowers heart and respiratory ratesLowers blood pressureEnhances mood © 2008 DW GROUP, LLC
  4. 4. ®Stress Response Cycle © 2008 DW GROUP, LLC
  5. 5. ®SEROTONIN – Key NeurotransmitterThe “Feel-good” Chemical Reduces Stress Associated with Serenity & Optimism Positively affects Sleep, Pain, Appetite, Blood Pressure Improves Concentration © 2008 DW GROUP, LLC
  6. 6. ®Keep Breathing! © 2009 DW GROUP, LLC
  7. 7. © 2009 DW GROUP, LLC