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Bing gordon-hacking-gamification


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Bing Gordon, the co-founder and former creative chief at Electronic Arts, conjured up “Hacking Gamification” to show entrepreneurs how they can use game design principles to heighten the wow quotient in their products and services. Infused with creative insight, wit, personality and a lifetime of gaming industry expertise, Bing’s presentation tackles the question, “Why gamify?” The answer: to entice and capture a new generation of users. This dynamic slide presentation charts the path to success by breaking it down into a three-part experience — acquire, engage and retain. Sprinkled throughout are battle-tested gamification tactics, lessons learned, best practices and key take-aways. Get in the know with this useful resource from the EA luminary who promises us that “gaming is the new normal.”

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Bing gordon-hacking-gamification

  1. Hacking Gamification Bing Gordon, KPCB @bingfish @kpcb
  2. Why Gamify?
  3. Game patterns are the new normal2 -10x improvement 1 2 3 Acquire Engage Retain
  4. Decades of Gaming
  5. Acquire
  6. First Five Seconds“I am smart—this is what I expected.” 1 Acquire “First” MattersFirst Session“This is fun—what I expected, only better.”“I know what I am doing—and I like it.”
  7. 1 Acquire “First” Rules• Win first, win fast• Give them a reason to return• Send invites (if you love it)
  8. 1 AcquireThe Original “Touch” Pinball Construction Set 1983
  9. The New “Shelf” 1 Acquire
  10. 1 Acquire10:1
  11. Just as in SEM… 1 AcquireThe landing screenis everything.
  12. 1 AcquireReduce bounce by90%Before install: After first five seconds:Sketch what you Is this what youexpect to see… expected?
  13. 1 AcquireFrames Are Wine Labels
  14. 1 AcquireInterface is the Engine NASCAR “draft meter”: 2x
  15. 1 AcquireInterface Toys Work Wants and fears spinner of Sims 2
  16. 1 Acquire“Opt in” Complexity Open style menus of Sim Golf
  17. 1 AcquireFB Profiles = Social 15M not 1M for Zynga Poker
  18. 1 AcquireFriend Bar Mechanic 70M, not 2M for Farmville
  19. 1 AcquireVirality: The New Marketing Incentives Invites Virtual goods Incented invitesGames: imbue value in VG -- 4 -10x (watch for TOS!) Incented installs +25%
  20. 1 AcquireVirality: The New Marketing
  21. Take Aways 1 Acquire 10x Touchable “box” 90% Bounce reduction » I feel smart » Win first, win fast 2x Interface = engine 4-10x Viral design
  22. Engage
  23. Wow!!! 1x first two sessions Good!! 1 to 3x first session 2 EngageDesign Beats Yuck! 0x first session Oh F*#@! Never
  24. 2 EngageWither Factor First Successful Time Pressure
  25. 2 EngageIdentityThe Most Precious Asset
  26. 2 Engage Who Are You?Build a Profile: Identity, career score key.
  27. 2 EngageLike Going Out Take 30 minutes
  28. 2 EngagePower of Personalization Tiger Woods Golf: +50%
  29. 2 EngageLive Life in Levels
  30. 2 EngageShow Numbers
  31. 2 EngageBadges Rule • I have 600+ • 2x hours/week • 75% female, average age 42
  32. 2 EngageTrophies Matter
  33. 2 EngageYearning for Recognition Sim City: 20,000 uploaded cities “They all look the same!”
  34. “Aileen City is such a great place to live. The parks arebeautiful and the highways are never jammed.Come to Aileen City!” 2 Engage UGC Text #1 1% upload | 25% download“Joe City is a towering spectacle of glass and concrete. It is not just acity, it is an economic dynamo!”“You have to watch the citizens to understand Jennville. They shop,they bustle, their houses are perfect.”
  35. 2 EngageCo-Op CrushesCompetition 3:1
  36. 2 EngageGifts 30x Brags
  37. 2 Engage Party of 520 - 30% productivity gains
  38. Design Principles• Value what you make, value what you earn 2 Engage• Golf courses should look hard, play easy• 90% of players are 90% of the way• Constraints are fun• Experts fail fast; everyone else wins fast, wins first
  39. Take Aways2x Great second session 2 Engage Viewable profiles Badges, achievements Numbers, stats for 10-25%4x “Invest” and avoid “wither” UGC for 25% of players Social obligation for 25% of players
  40. Retain
  41. 3 RetainMultiple, Parallel Goals Probabilistic, too. Lessons from the Skinner Box. 2 currencies (Las Vegas)
  42. 3 RetainLook Ahead Will she come back? When? What will she do in the second session? Will she be playing a month from now? What will she expect?
  43. 3 Retain “Pinch”Resource Management in Farmville
  44. 3 RetainConstraints & Quantity
  45. 3 RetainPre-Announcements Huge World of Warcraft -- 0% churn from level 35-40, 55-60 (mount, elder game) Pre-register at retail -- 10-20% of first week sales
  46. 3 RetainContent Updates SellCorrelated to quality
  47. Madden Football • 70% repeat if “game of the year” • 30% repeat purchase if “liquid AI is what’s running down their legs” 3RetainContent Updates Sell The Sims expansions • 16 expansions, 50M units • 60% ARPU increase
  48. 3 RetainSocial Obligations Lock-In• Madden – “You can’t convert the whole fraternity.”• Guilds – Appointment gaming – Peer pressure and privileges – Marriages (and divorce)• Asynchronous: 4x more than simultaneous
  49. 3Retain Magic NumbersTwitter Facebook• 40% 1 month retention • 20 friends• 90%-ish monthly retention if 10 • 70% “long term” retention followers
  50. 3 RetainVirtual Assets : 3x Factor Ultima Online House owners - 3 years
  51. Madden sequels• 2x for high quality• Use “NPS” (Net Promoter Score)• % recommend - % who wouldn’t 3 Retain Quality Matters • 80 - 85 = Top 50 • +50 -100% for each +5 points
  52. Design Principles• Show numbers 3 Retain• Look ahead• Pinch• Constraints are fun• Pre-Announcements• Content updates sell
  53. 3 RetainTake Aways Do the Math
  54. 3• 4x: Pinch and “look ahead” game mechanics Retain• 100%: Pre-announce (for a month)• 50%: New content, if same quality as original Take Aways• 20%: Social structures: – 90% less churn for players who are “well-guilded”• 15%: Virtual assets – 67% less churn for players who are “well-castled”
  55. New Media, New Rules“The best way to keep someone playing forever is to have them play today.” -- Bing
  56. Real World Gamification