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[Altibase] 3-3 directory contents


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directory contents

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[Altibase] 3-3 directory contents

  1. 1. $ALTIBASE_HOME Contains files that creates procedure related to monitoring bin conf lib include msg dbs logs sample audit trc install admin arch_logs Default directory of archive log file Utility file called Audit that checks data inconsistency during replication process Execution files that ALTIBASE HDB provides Directory where ALTIBASE configuration file( exists Default directory where all the datafiles are saved Directory for header file that is needed for writing application program Directory of Macro configuration file for the Makefile Directory of library file that is needed for writing application program Default directory where all the redo log files and log anchor files are saved Directory where files that contains error messages are saved Sample directory of application program Directory of all the trace files where the current status of ALTIBASE HDB is recorded