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Job descriptions matching/delivery


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Job descriptions matching/delivery

  2. 2. MATCHING Job Develop, along with the VP ICX GIP, and implement strategies. Description 1: Job Search for matching opportunities in network (Matching mania, LC-LC Description 2: Cooperation,etc). After the account was RA, schedule a meeting with ICX Sales Member and gather all Job the information necessary to start the matching process. Description 3: Deliver the weekly tracking of activities to VP ICX GIP. Send e-mails to suitable EPs attaching the FAQ and a Booklet and any other Job document asked by the VP. Description 4: Respond every received e-mail even that it doesn’t match with the company’s profile. If it matches, ask for the AN.
  3. 3. Job Description Contact, weekly, the company to inform them how the process is. 5: Job Description With the AN in hands, translate the curriculum (if the company asks to) and bring the 6: curriculums to the company. Job Description Realize online interviews (AIESEC, company and the EP to verify the motivation and 7: the EP’s skills.) or produce videos for introduction to the company. Once the TN chose the candidate, fill out 3 company’s ANs (one for AIESEC, one for Job Description TN and one for the EP), as well as AIESEC and TN visa letters and authenticate 8: them. Job Description Ask the VP to match in 9:
  4. 4. DELIVERY Job Description Develop, along with the VP ICX GIP, and implement strategies. 1: Job Description Exchange information about TN and EP matched between the Matching PM and 2: Delivery PM. Job Description Knowing the timeline of all TN’s accounts. 3: Job Description Doing and update all the necessary tools for the account of TNs (Podio). 4: Job Description Contact the matched EP to ask the list of documents required for the Student’s Visa 5: by the embassy.
  5. 5. Job Description Scan and send by mail the visa documents to the EPs address. 6: Job Description Help the trainee with any occasional Visa application doubts. 7: Job Description Provide accommodation for the trainee and pipeline for host interested. 8: Perform initial alignment meeting with the trainee before his arrival, aligning points as Job Description salary, duration, host and duties / responsibilities of all parts involved, flight 9: information and schedule the pick up at the airport. Job Description Pick up at the airport. 10:
  6. 6. Job Description 11: Schedule and going on the first day of work with the trainee. At this meeting, it’s necessary to align periodicity of contact for accounting with the company, details of clothing and realign expectations about timetable, JD, salary. Job Description 12: Accounting – one call per month, minimum. On this call, gather feedbacks on the trainees development, on the relationship between the company and AIESEC and evaluate the partnership so far. Job Description 13: By the half of the exchange, schedule a meeting for negotiating ReRA. Job Description 14: Job Description 15: Delivery all the documents required for TLA. RA the TN on my@; start all the process again to deliver a new trainee.