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Why surge testing is so important


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Learn how electric motor surge testing can predict failures. Understand the procedures and standards your motor shops should follow.

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Why surge testing is so important

  1. 1. Electrical Equipment Company - Electric Motor Surge Testing Why surge testing helps detect motor failures. Things you need to tell your motor shops.
  2. 2. Surge Testing Predicts Electric Motor Failure Electrical Equipment Company - Electric motor surge testing helps identify a shorted motor conductor turn and is a predictor of future motor failure due to turn-to-turn shorting.
  3. 3. Root Causes of Failure Electrical Equipment Company - Electric Motor Insulation as Root Cause of Failure Failure of electric motor conductor insulation is a first sign that motor is going to fail. Root cause of failure is often insufficient insulation on windings, especially at turns.
  4. 4. Motor Insulation Damage Chemical deposits on motor windings break down electric motor insulation. Movement of winding during start-ups causes excess wear on insulation. Electrical Equipment Company -
  5. 5. Electric Motor Surge Testing Essentials Electrical Equipment Company -
  6. 6. 80% of electric motor failures start out as turn-to-turn faults. Motor Surge Testing needs to be part of a comprehensive maintenance program. Electrical Equipment Company - Surge Testing Can Lower Failures
  7. 7. Electrical Equipment Company - SKF Power Packs Baker PP30, Baker PP40 and Baker PP85 A surge test is conducted with a Baker type testing machine, following accepted procedures. Baker-Type Surge Testing
  8. 8. Motor technician connects a Baker-type test machine to load side of motor starter. A voltage pulse is placed across two of the three electric motor winding conductors. Electrical Equipment Company - Testing Procedure
  9. 9. Electrical Equipment Company - . Motor Testing Procedure Test is then repeated for all three pairs of motor windings to enable comparison. Common problem is motor shops not understanding proper voltage levels.
  10. 10. Electrical Equipment Company - Understanding Correct Electric Motor Testing Standard
  11. 11. Know the Proper Standard Test is for the dielectric strength of motor insulation separating the turns within a form wound coil. Electrical Equipment Company -
  12. 12. To calculate motor voltage, define the type or condition of motor coils, as shown below. Electrical Equipment Company - Common Motor Testing Standards Correct Motor Voltages Will Vary
  13. 13. IEEE 522 Levels Ensure that your motor shops use proper voltages for surge testing. Voltages below are per IEEE 522. Electrical Equipment Company - Applying Correct Voltage Levels
  14. 14. Waveforms Confirm Successful Test Uniform Oscilloscope WaveForm Electrical Equipment Company - An ideal motor surge test on an oscilloscope will display a uniform waveform. All three sets of windings must be acceptable.
  15. 15. Electrical Equipment Company - Ask Questions, Avoid Failures Ask your motor shop which standard they use for surge tests. Low and Medium Voltage Motor Repair Service Center (Shop) Selection Guide
  16. 16. Visit our website for the motor testing standards guide. Ensure that your motor shop follows the proper standard. For assistance or a consult contact or call 800.993.3326 Electrical Equipment Company -