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Is your storeroom ready for a vmi solution


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How to determine if your maintenance storeroom is ready for a VMI solution

Published in: Engineering
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Is your storeroom ready for a vmi solution

  1. 1. Do You Need a VMI Managed Storeroom? MRO Storeroom Solutions
  2. 2. What’s Your Current Storeroom Inventory? Electrical Equipment Company - If your storeroom has a lot of free-issue items, a VMI solution will save time, reduces costs while improving availability of needed parts.
  3. 3. Source: EECO 2015 Storeroom Management Survey. Other mentions include: Ballasts, conduit, fittings, solenoids, tape, Sta-Kon® terminations, electronic parts, float switches, gearboxes, power supplies, proprietary OEM parts. What’s in a typical storeroom inventory?
  4. 4. Electrical Equipment Company - Getting Ready for a Storeroom Assessment
  5. 5. Electrical Equipment Company - Electrical Storeroom Self Evaluation Start with a 5-minute check up on your storeroom. If it’s been more than 3 years since the last review, our online storeroom evaluation will help.
  6. 6. Storeroom Optimization … Now you’re ready for an Electrical Storeroom Inventory Assessment Electrical Equipment Company - After you complete the self-evaluation, get your historical records together. Last 2 years is ideal. Don’t worry about critical seldom used items. Conduct a review with stakeholders – maintenance, planning, purchasing to be sure their needs are heard. Tell plant management about your plan. Why optimize storerooms? To assure that the right parts are always available. The goal is reducing equipment downtime and improving efficiency.
  7. 7. First Our on-site assessment will determine if a VMI is right for you. A VMI is best for storerooms with parts that have frequent turns. Slow moving items will be classed as OANs or DNRs Electrical Equipment Company - On-Site Storeroom Assessment
  8. 8. High Turnover Storeroom Parts Next We categorize high turnover items for inclusion in VMI. Parts are classified, assigned bin locations. Slow movers (OANs, DNRs) are identified.
  9. 9. Electrical Equipment Company - Parts bins are labeled and barcoded for easy identification. “Right part, right time, right price”. Organized storerooms minimize the time to find parts. Inventory Barcoding, Labeling
  10. 10. 6 - 9 Months We review for stock outs, min/max levels, urgent order instances. Electrical Equipment Company - Electrical Storeroom Review Conditions change over time. Regular reviews help anticipate these situations.
  11. 11. Electrical Equipment Company - A Day in the Life of a Storeroom Manager Video
  12. 12. Visit for Electrical Storeroom VMI Solutions. Learn Electrical Storeroom Best Practices you should know. Ready to take the next step toward storeroom optimization? Email Or call 800.993.3326 Electrical Equipment Company -