School budget sample


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Sample budget presentation for stakeholders. Find out how to compile and present data. Register for the Georgia 40-Hour Director's Training Credential workshop.

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School budget sample

  1. 1. School Budget Sample Prepared by: Althea Penn
  2. 2. Innovations Site Based Budget Process FISCAL YEAR 2013-14 PROCESS TIMELINE 1) Budget Forecast database purification 2) Budget Unit Managers' training 3) Budget Unit Managers request requisitions for each GENERAL OPERATIONS Program "Improvement" budget initiative. 4) Budget Unit Managers prepare original Budget Requests 5) Site Based program allotment budgets are reviewed based on projected FTE enrollment and QBE program earnings formulas. 5) Public budget input meeting 6) Administrator and Budget committee review budget requests as submitted and prioritize all initiatives requested 7) The Budget committee and Finance staff works in conjunction with the Superintendent and Administrator to develop the school's Approved Budget to be submitted for public review and Board of Education review/adoption. 8) The Budget committee and Finance staff prepares the Program line item budget notebooks and the Public Budget document. 9) Board of Education adopts tentative budget. 10) Board of Education seeks public input regarding the tentative budget. 11) Public budget hearing meetings: 12) Board of Education adopts the final budget for FY 2014 13) Board of Education adopts the tentative property tax millage rate for FY 2014 14) First Public Millage Hearing 15) Second Public Millage Hearing 16) Third Public Millage Hearing 17) DCBOE adopts the final property tax millage rate for the fiscal year
  3. 3. Executive Summary • This budget represents an investment plan for our school’s students, employees, and the community as a whole. • The budget recommendations are tied directly to the strategic vision and direction of the Dekalb County Schools Board of Education. • The proposed budget for the general operations of the school are reflected at $2.6 billion. • This investment plan for FY2014 accommodates a student population that is projected to be 243 students. • The Governor’s most current state budget recommendations at the time of budget development were used as the basis for the proposed budget.
  4. 4. Strategic Vision and Direction • We aspire to be and educational institution that prepares future leaders by enabling students to acquire the 21st Century skills knowledge and skills to be successful as they continue their education at the postsecondary level and/or enter the workforce. • Our mission is to pursue excellence in academic knowledge, skills, and behavior for each student, resulting in measured improvement against local, national, and world- class standards • Our strategic goals are to: • Optimize student achievement through responsible stewardship of our financial resources and the proactive pursuit of all resources necessary to meet current and future demands. • Recruit, employ, develop, and retain a team that achieves the mission and goals of the organization. • Meet the continuing and changing demand for essential information through technological systems and processes that support effective performance and desired results.
  5. 5. Revenue Sources QBE Earnings 21% Parents 1% Local 9% Federal 37% Fundraising and Grants 6% Rental and leases 3% Interest Income 9% Other 0% State Funding 13%
  6. 6. Budget Expenditures Salaries 69% Benefits 9% Total Purchased Professional Services 9% Total Purchased Property Services 5% Total Materials and Supplies 6% Total Property 2% Other Objects 1%
  7. 7. Budget Summary This conservative and structurally balanced budget plan is the basis for the educational and organizational strategies designed to improve academic performance and to fulfill our moral obligation to provide our children with the opportunity to reach their full potential.