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Earn your Child Development Associates credential in as little as 3 months. Online training can be completed in 12 weeks.

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  1. 1. A lt h ea Penn, M .Ed.A dm . Inst ruc t o r Welcome to Child Development Associate (CDA) Training
  2. 2. The Child Development Associate (CDA)  National credential administered by the Council for Professional Recognition  A Child Development Associate (CDA) is an individual who has successfully completed a CDA assessment and has been awarded the CDA Credential.
  3. 3. The Child Development Associate (CDA) The Credential is awarded for three child care settings: 1) Center-based, for which Candidates receive endorsements to work with infants and toddlers or preschool children; 2) Family Child Care; and 3) Home Visitor.
  4. 4. The Child Development Associate (CDA) Assessment  Candidates are assessed based upon CDA Competency Standards  Competency Standards are divided into six competency goals  The six goals are defined in more detail in 13 functional areas, which describe the major task or functions that a caregiver must complete to carry out the competency goal.
  5. 5. The Child Development Associate (CDA) Candidate Eligibility Requirements Personal-  Be 18 years old or older  Hold a High School diploma or equivalent  Be able to speak, read, and write well enough to fulfill the responsibilities of a CDA Candidate  480 hours of experience working with children within the past five years
  6. 6. The Child Development Associate (CDA) Steps To Earn A CDA Credential (1) Purchase a CDA packet for Infant/Toddler Center Based, Preschool Center Based, or Family Child Care. This CDA packet contains all necessary CDA information booklets and forms. Packets can be purchased with a credit card from the Council for Professional Recognition by calling 1-800-224-8103, or visit their website at:
  7. 7. The Child Development Associate (CDA) (2) Complete 120 hours of child care training in 8 content areas (a minimum of 10 hours needs to be completed in each content area). The CDA Training areas are: 1. Planning a safe, healthy, learning environment. 2. Steps to advance children's physical and intellectual development. 3. Positive ways to support children's social and emotional development. 4. Strategies to establish productive relationships with families. 5. Strategies to manage an effective program operation. 6. Maintaining a commitment to professionalism. 7. Observing and recording children's behavior. 8. Principles of child growth and development.
  8. 8. Verification of Training Provided Transcript Certificate Letter Candidate must cite the number of clock hours completed in each required area of study on the Direct Assessment Application Form 8
  9. 9. Textbooks 9 Order from the CDA Council store
  10. 10. The Child Development Associate (CDA) (3) Secure an Advisor Work supervisor or $28 (+$.505 per diem if more than 50 miles) Observations by Althea Penn, Educational Consultant Penn Consulting 678.557.8684
  11. 11. The Child Development Associate (CDA) (4) Complete the Professional Resource File, (instructions are in CDA packets.) (5) When 120 hours of Formal Training, Advisor Visit and Professional Resource File are complete, distribute parent questionnaires to the parents of the children in your care. The parent questionnaires must be returned to you and kept in a sealed envelope until the Assessment visit.
  12. 12. The Child Development Associate (CDA) (6) Apply for assessment by - March 1, June 1, September 1 or December 1 of any year. The Direct Assessment Application Form is in CDA packet. Your advisor and director (if center employee) are required to sign the application.
  13. 13. The Child Development Associate (CDA) Application for assessment should include:  Completed Direct Assessment Application Form  Verification of completed Formal Education  CDA Assessment fee of $325.00.  A copy of your Autobiography and the Six Competency Goal Statements  Completed Parent Questionnaires  Completed CDA Assessment Observation.  Professional Resource File
  14. 14. SCHOLARSHIPS for the $325 CDAAssessment Fee can be applied for by students who have completed a preparation course and earned their 120 clock hours Initially, 85% of the assessment fee ($276.25) is awarded and paid directly to the Council for Professional Recognition. The balance of $48.75 is paid by the applicant to the Council. SCHOLARSHIPS will refund this portion of the fee if the applicant presents a valid credential from the Council and continues to meet all the program eligibility requirements. 1.800.227.3410 or 770.642.6722 to request an application. 11_website.pdf Applications should be mailed to: SCHOLARSHIPS and INCENTIVES C/o Care Solutions, Inc. 1117 Perimeter Center West Suite W-300 Atlanta, GA 30338
  15. 15. The Child Development Associate (CDA) (7) Credential Award  After an assessment visit by the Council Rep, a committee of the Council conducts a review of the Candidate's documentation of competence and makes a decision regarding credential award. If a Credential is awarded, the official Credential is sent to the new Child Development Associate. If the committee decides the Candidate needs more training, the Council notifies the Candidate and informs her/him of appeal procedures and other subsequent options.
  16. 16. The Child Development Associate (CDA) (8) Renewal  A CDA Credential is valid for 3 years from the date of award, after which it may renewed for five-year periods. Renewal includes completion of 3 college credits or 4.5 CEUs.
  17. 17. The Child Development Associate (CDA) Benefits  Quality Care - Possess the knowledge and skills needed to meet the specific needs of children  Employment opportunities - instrument for career advancement  Educational opportunities - stepping stone for higher education/degree programs  Financial incentive - financial bonuses/higher reimbursement rates may be available (depending on location)
  18. 18. The Child Development Associate (CDA) For more information on the CDA and/or the process for obtaining the credential: Or 1-800-424-4310
  19. 19. Assessment Stages 19 1. Inquiry 2. Collection of Documentation by the Candidate 3. Application 4. Verification Visit by the Council Representative 5. Credential Award 6. Credential Renewal
  20. 20. Professional Resource File Collection of materials used by the Candidate Provides a picture of what Candidate values in their work Provides opportunity to locate resources and articulate their own view of their work in early childhood programs 20
  21. 21. Professional Resource File  Arrangement  Portable, creative, professional, manageable  Contents  Autobiography  300 word statement (who you are and why you chose to work with young children )  Statements of Competence  Statements of Competence • Writes six based on competency goals, 200-500 words each  Resource Collection (17 specific items)  Organized by Competency Goal areas  Numbered for easy reference 21
  22. 22. Formal Observation 22 Conduct one or more (2.5-3 hours in length) Conducted by the advisor and dated within six months before submission of application (original returned to the candidate in sealed envelope)
  23. 23. Pacing Applications accepted on a rolling basis Verification visit occurs within 90 days from the date the Council receives your complete and correct application 23
  24. 24. Suggestions and Tips Develop and implement a timeline and follow it Use the Candidate Checklist Check the Direct Assessment Application for any mistakes or omissions before mailing it to the Council 24
  25. 25. Verification Visit 25  The original, completed Professional Resource File  Include a copy of the Autobiographical Statement  Include a copy of the Statements of Competence  A sealed envelope containing the CDA Assessment Observation Instrument  A sealed envelope containing the Parent Opinion Questionnaires  The Competency Standards book you purchased  A photo identification card (your I.D.)
  26. 26. Conclusion of Visit The Original Autobiography The Original Statements of Competence The 17 item Resource Collection from the Professional Resource File 26
  27. 27. What does the Council Receive? Copies of: Autobiography Statements of Competence Assessment Observation Instrument Parent Opinion Questionnaires The Early Childhood Studies Review Oral Interview Booklet 27
  28. 28. Student Handbook Overview  Course Learning Objectives & policies p. 5  Obtain necessary materials  Field Experiences  Child Development Associate Competency Profile p. 10  Semester One Infant and Child Development Syllabus p. 11  Course Activities and Requirements p. 12  Calendar p. 14  Semester Two Learning and Early Childhood Environments Syllabus p. 16
  29. 29. First Assignment Due 08/23/12 Personal Child Development Theory Assignment After reviewing the major theoretical perspectives on child development in Chapter 1, formulate your own personal theory of child development. Prepare a 2-3 page paper or 15 slide Powerpoint presentation describing your theory (an orderly, integrated set of statements that describes, explains and predicts behavior).
  30. 30. From application to award Candidates are flying through the new streamlined credentialing process, most receiving "Ready to Schedule Notices" from the Council within just 48 hours of application. If you haven't applied for your CDA yet, applying online is the fastest and easiest way to earn your CDA Credential...don't delay, apply online today! The YourCDA online application is easy to use and comes with additional benefits, like the certainty that your application is filled out correctly, the ability to check the status of your application and more! You must have an active email address to use the YourCDA online application. Before you apply, be sure to purchase a Competency Standards book in your appropriate setting. Application packets are a thing of the past; all you need now is located in one book. Each Competency Standards book contains instructions on how to complete your Professional Portfolio, an application, reproducible family questionnaires and forms needed to complete the CDA Verification Visit with your PD Specialist. Purchase yours online today!
  31. 31. A teacher affects eternity: (s)he can never tell where his(her) influence stops. Henry Adams Althea Penn, m.ed.adm., NAC 678.557.8684 Copyright © 2005 Penn Consulting