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Steve jobs philosophy of design


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pillars of design

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Steve jobs philosophy of design

  2. 2. CONTENT • Biography • Introduction • 6 Pillars – Craft, Empathy, Focus, Impute Friendliness and Simplicity • Above all the Logo • Conclusion • Reference
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION • Steven Paul Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California. His unwed biological parents, Joanne Schieble and Abdul Fattah Jandali, put him up for adoption. Steve was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs • Steve jobs is a man in eleven’s mind, he used this power in a way that had a decisive historical impact. A visionary that changed the lives of millions considered as being a legend, a leader who put in the hands of common people the power of technology, an inventor who made computers intuitive and elegant, a man who initiated what some would consider a cult.
  5. 5. CRAFT • Outlining a workshop process and the workshop environment obliges uncompromising quality. • Settling for second best is not satisfactory environment. • Facilitators can't simply pick a "layout" answer for a workshop prepare and have that be satisfactory. • Taking awesome consideration in planning the procedure comprehensively makes us artisans. • Members rely on upon our procedure abilities.
  6. 6. EMPATHY • Capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing. • Caring for other people. • Having a desire to help. • Empathy involves being compassionate and sympathetic. • Compassion is responding to others in need that motivates a desire to help. • Sympathy is the feeling of care and understanding.
  7. 7. FOCUS • Focus is considered as the third pillar, in design it means that “Once you have an idea remove all the noise so you can focus” • For Steve jobs in order to do a good quality job of things that we planned, we must eliminate all the unimportant opportunities. Generally people think that the word focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on but that’s not what it means at all. • But for the legendary Apple boss it means saying no to the hundred other ideas that they were. This strategy was remarkably simple, but he wants to principally allow people to take the abstract concept of "focus" and boil it down to a practical application like him.
  8. 8. FOCUS Staying organizes by having a hard time setting priorities of tasks Clearing away the distractions of life Planning ahead-Things that need to get done or what the company want to accomplish. By Setting goals which can help people stay on track • Source of focus were: Go for perfect by never stop studying  Shun focus groups  Keep your secrets  Keep teams small  Prototype to the extreme
  9. 9. IMPUTE • Design was a rich profession and design thinking a process that emphasised empathy with user need had not been fully articulated yet. • Mike Mark Kula, one of the first investors of Apple manages to anticipate lessons that were away from being in common circulation. • Emphasized that people form an opinion about a company or product based on signals it conveys. ‘’People do judge a book by its cover’’
  10. 10. QUOTE • We may have the best product the highest quality the most useful software. If we present them in a creative professional manner we will improve the desired qualities.
  11. 11. FRIENDLINESS • Maybe the biggest conceptual leap that Steve Jobs made in the early days of Apple was to recognize that high-tech devices could be friendly. • Apple has made cutting-edge devices seem friendly, and that’s a design strategy specifically intended to appeal to novice consumers and anyone overwhelmed by the capabilities of a computer.
  12. 12. SIMPLICITY • Be flexible and accessible. • Facilitation is accessible for everyone and for everything. • Easy to use. • Make things intuitively obvious. • Ultimate sophistication.
  13. 13. THE LOGO • The Newton Crest: 1976-1976 • The Rainbow Logo: 1976-1998 • The Monochrome Logo: 1998 – Present
  14. 14. CONCLUSION • Help is our intends to joint effort something we all need to energize and it is indispensable. Mr Steve Jobs occupations’ changed that by taking after his 6 Pillars of Design. Just give a valiant effort, identify with the client, concentrate on one thing at once, set an incredible early introduction, be adaptable and keep the procedure inviting, and discover effortlessness in similitudes from the past.
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