Pekka Koskinen-Usage of web analytics to gain competitive advantage in tough economic environment


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Pekka Koskinen-Usage of web analytics to gain competitive advantage in tough economic environment

  1. 1. quot;Usage of web analytics to gain competitive advantage in tough economic environmentquot; Tallinn, Estonia 5.11.2008 Pekka Koskinen
  2. 2. Snoobi company overview • Snoobi Oy founded 2004 by Pekka Koskinen • 35 employees + partner network • Offices at Helsinki, Tallinn and Amsterdam • Fastest growing technology company in Finland (Technology fast 50 Rising Star, Deloitte 10/2008) • Web analytics company • Tracking over 3400 websites • Finnish market leader
  3. 3. Snoobi web analytics tool Some Estonian client examples:
  4. 4. Challenging economic environment • Automatic growth has stalled • Need to retain or increase sales while building cost efficiency • Focus from adding resources smarter operations • More focus on Internet, away from traditional advertising – Search engine , mobile and email marketing are biggest growers • More sales with same resources – Need to increase hit rate in sales – Demand for better and qualified leads
  5. 5. Internet management process • Targets of online strategy – More sales (new and existing customers) – Cut operating costs – Build knowledge / brand / marketing 2. Acquire • Means: website with services to target 1. Convert groups • Effective management of Internet 4. Analyze 3. operations based on firm data Renew – Convert more visitors into customers – Acquire more good quality visitors – Improve content, make modifications – Analyze the impact, plan actions
  6. 6. How web analytics helps? 1. Improve content and conversion Buyers Sales / Contacts cost Browsers savings value Web analytics 3. Generate B2B leads 2. Optimize marketing spent, bid management, campaign optimization
  7. 7. Who needs web analytics? Executives Marketing Sales IT Communications, product managers
  8. 8. Steering visitors Before improving conversion , first you have to know what visitors are doing now on the website
  9. 9. Improving conversion • Improve content • Add links to ”call to action” pages • Make sure people find the right content • Test and measure
  10. 10. Driving visitors to the site Search engines Direct traffic SEM Directories Banners Email campaigns Links / blogs
  11. 11. Traffic sources
  12. 12. Tracking advertisements • ALL online advertising can be tracked – SEO, adwords, email, banners, blogs, directories – Clicks, bounce rates, keywords, conversions, clickpaths, content, companies • Revenue / cost ROI • Optimize marketing budget • Test, monitor and improve campaigns
  13. 13. Optimizing Google Adwords
  14. 14. Sales advantage • Know what companies visit your website and what they do!
  15. 15. Examples how to do smarter sales • Generate qualified and focused leads: – Companies that have visited the site within a month – Companies that have used a specific search term – Companies that have visited a certain page or section – Companies that load over 10 pages – Companies that have reacted to an email campaign – Companies from a certain country • Know more about customers activity on your website before meeting – Has the customer visited our website? – If yes, what has he done there? – How many times and how many different people? – Is the customer showing interest after meeting / during sales process?
  16. 16. Automatic lead filtering and delivery
  17. 17. Management’s KPI view
  18. 18. Our service model 1. Snoobi gives ideas and examples 2. Snoobi very easy to install (generic script), Snoobi gives instructions 3. Snoobi does the configurations – Readable page names, sectioning, goal pages, internal search engines – Configurations reflect to historical data 4. Training to users – How Snoobi is used and configured – How to measure online marketing 5. Local support (technical and business) – Alerts if problems
  19. 19. Snoobi partnership program Companies in the field of online business can apply Benefits: • Free usage of Snoobi technology in own websites • Can offer clients free Snoobi trials • Web analytics education and support altex offers two months free Snoobi trials for all interested participants
  20. 20. Thank you ! Visit: Further info: