Laura Bambach - Digital Creativity And Collaboration


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E!UK Laura Bambach - Digital Creativity And Collaboration

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Laura Bambach - Digital Creativity And Collaboration

  1. 1. collaboration Laura Jordan Bambach Head of Art - glue London Founder – She Says
  2. 2. hello
  3. 3. what we’ll cover today Introduction and a little about glue Some of our recent work Collaboration and the digital space Being a good creative leader in a collaborative environment
  4. 4. Laura Jordan Bambach Head of Art who I am and what I do As Head of Art I: Am responsible for executionalquality – design direction and guidance Sign off design briefs and final work Client Inductions/brainstorms/pitches etc Manage the Design Department Organise training/grad schemes etc. for the Department Firefighting
  5. 5. Front-End Coding Print Design Video Editing Digital Outdoor Specialists Image Comping/ Photo Retouching Information Architecture/Usability Mobile Applications Specialists the design department consists of: Graphic Design Typography Motion graphics/Post Production Illustration Animation 3D Specialists Sound Engineering and Editing
  6. 6. a little about glue
  7. 7. over 100 talented people creative account management design biz dev planning office development
  8. 8. our clients 1999 2007
  9. 9. what we actually deliver Our core business is online advertising creative and strategy Interactive video – Superglue Mobile campaigns Viral work Digital outdoor Email push campaigns Installations Campaign microsites
  10. 10. McCain Potato Parade Adidas Microride Virgin Trains Nature Speaks Adidas Impossible is Nothing our latest work
  11. 11. creativity and collaboration
  12. 12. creativity has always been about collaboration Traditional: Production Creative Agency Creative Agency Client
  13. 13. creativity has always been about collaboration Digital:
  14. 14. where does the desire to collaborate come from? Is it to do with it being a medium in its infancy? It it to do with how the ‘digital industry’ has developed, and the companies and individuals leading the way? Or is it just because the projects are bigger and more complicated, requiring a workforce able to change roles, software and team structures at the drop-of-a-hat? In fact it’s all three, and its a great success.
  15. 15. all the young punks Digital always the underdog Grew in the margins – young, self-taught innovators Shared passion for the new, for the technology and the excitement of interaction Authentically shared attitudes No standards for positions Broad base of multiple skills and experience Most importantly, digital people are doers.
  16. 16. necessity is the mother of collaboration Digital projects by their nature require a great deal of collaboration Complex production processes can’t be separated from concept Interacting in new ways as suppliers and partners Collaboration essential to the creative process – enabling us to keep up with the changing landscape and take advantage of opportunities It allows us to think big, move fast and develop integrated ideas
  17. 17. being transparent Collaboration doesn’t mean compromise Bring everyone into the process – don’t be territorial Encourage feedback on the ideas and make creative choices sooner Speak with the client and their consumers as often as you can – collaborate with the end users Have total transparency with your client about process and methodologies
  18. 18. he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother Creative Social G8 Rally She Says
  19. 19. new kids on the blog Brands becoming facilitators rather than town-criers Antithesis of what advertising used to be about Authenticity is paramount Participation is the new spectacle We have grown many more eyes and ears. Weblogs, podcasts and mobile phone text messaging have given us all new voices.
  20. 20. being a good creative leader in a collaborative environment
  21. 21. creative leadership in a collaborative environment <ul><li>Traditional values are a good starting point: </li></ul><ul><ul><li>An eye for detail </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>A great head for copy </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>The ability to spot a good idea </li></ul></ul><ul><li>But there are a number of other common traits that lead to success… </li></ul>
  22. 22. creative leadership in a collaborative environment Be reachable, be conversational, be transparent Be open to good ideas coming from anywhere Put together the best team for the job Be clear about the project boundaries Be the collective memory for a project Be a good facilitator Fight for the time in project preparation for your team to absorb Spot and enable another good leader Be a motivator Say thankyou
  23. 23. and finally
  24. 24. you are what you eat
  25. 25. thankyou