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Helping immigrants find jobs in Israel: Alternativa LaOleh


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How can we help new immigrants in Israel?
At Alternativa LaOleh we make sure they find a job that best fits their experience, education and special needs.

For the last 8 years we've been lending a sympathetic ear together with the professional know-how of a placement agency, to make sure that the immigrants find their home here, in Israel.
Our uniqueness lies in free services, provided by a network of warm and caring volunteers and a tiny staff of five, all committed to the cause.

Visit us here: or drop in for a visit!

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Helping immigrants find jobs in Israel: Alternativa LaOleh

  1. 1. Alternativa LaOleh is a non-profit association which helps new immigrants with the challenges of finding a job in
  2. 2. who are we?
  3. 3. Alternativa LaOleh was created to help newimmigrants (‘Olim’) find employment and live withdignity in Israel.As a non-profit association,ALO strictly complies withthe requirements of theRegistry of Amutot at theMinistry of Justice.The Ministry supervises ouroperations and hasextended its annualcertification of “Nihul Takin”(“Correct Administration”)since our founding in 2003.ALO includes over 40volunteers andonly 5 staff workers.
  4. 4. who uses ourservices?
  5. 5. Alternativa LaOleh offers itsservices to every ‘Ole’, from any place. Traditionally the Olim we helpedcame from Latin America. More and more come from France and additional countries.
  6. 6. how does it work?
  7. 7.
  8. 8. 1. The immigrant clicks on ALO’s website and chooses one or several jobs that are of interest.2. The immigrant fills in relevant information regarding education and experience. ALO contacts the immigrant for a personal3. interview. ALO also reviews, edits and translates the immigrant’s resume when necessary.4. ALO coordinates a contact between the potential employer and the immigrant. In parallel, ALO helps the immigrant prepare for the job interview.5. Following the interview, ALO remains in contact with the immigrant to ensure all is well, and to help when needed.
  9. 9. Proud achievements: Thousands of olim have found employment thanks to the hard work of Alternativa LaOleh. We average 33 job placements every month.
  10. 10. what’s our secret?
  11. 11. A winning combination of several factors: A supportive group of empathetic, professional and highly motivated volunteers. A small but highly efficient professional staff … all achieving job placements at a fraction of the costs of similar government projects. A computerized system that closely follows the job placement process. Reliance on donations only, providing the service free of charge to both the immigrants and the employers.
  12. 12. Alternativa LaOleh: some figures
  13. 13. Total Job immigrants Number placements at from Latin of % of total Appeals to Alternativa Year America families* immigration Alternativa LaOleh LaOleh 2003-4 3,786 947 8.05 2,800 690 2005 1,717 429 7.53 1,436 216 2006 1,345 336 6.42 1,480 294 2007 1,505 376 7.58 1,352 262 2008 952 238 5.60 1,314 307 2009 1,008 252 6.02 1,832 365 2010** 447 112 6.63 679 199* A typical family contains 4 people** January - JuneSource:
  14. 14. Thank you! T +972 9 9588447 F +972 9 9588434