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Open Booking Engine

  1. 1. An Affordable Full Featured Booking Engine that Does More Services and Information Guide Open Hotel Booking Engine by Alternate Image Office: 386-760-1774 Fax: 386-760-5157 132 W. Int’l Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL 32114132 W. Int’l Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL | 386-760-1774 |
  2. 2. Table of Contents Product Features ………………………………………….…….3 A booking engine that’s easy to use and does more How It Works………………………………………………………4 Transitioning from the trial period to your website About Our Company……………………………………………..5 It’s important to know and trust who you are working with WHY HOTELIERSLOVE OPEN HOTEL: Client References………………………………………………..6 See how hotels of all sizes and types use Open Hotel on their websitesNo Per Reservation Fees Testimonials……………………………………………………….7 No Contracts Read what our clients have said about Open Hotel Easy to use Additional Services………………………………………………8 Easy to Setup GDS Integration, website design & hosting, SEO & more Keep Your WebmasterGreat Customer Support Affordable Pricing Features You’ll Love Free Trial Period 132 W. Int’l Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL | 386-760-1774 |
  3. 3. Product FeaturesNo contracts. No per reservation fees. No setup fee. No need to change webmasters.Easy to use. Easy to setup and even easier to manage.Variety of Discounts – Customers want to see a great deal. Offer a discounted rate with apromotional code or general public discount. Offer a percentage off, flat rate, dollars off, or free nights,length of stay and advanced booking discounts.Reservation Notifications – Receive a fax andemail whenever a new reservation is made. You can also seenew reservations in your admin area.Customer Support – Speak to a live person for one onone training, watch a video tutorial or read the writteninstructions for using the booking engine. Send an email to thesupport desk for general support requests and our supportteam will take care of it right away.Sell Extras – Add extra items to your rooms for guests to purchase or sell additional add-ons like meals, attraction tickets and more. Revenue Reports – See your monthly revenue and online bookings for each month. Build a custom report to view how many people booked using promo codes or other discounts to monitor your promotions.Smart Phone Compatible – Open Hotel booking engine page is compatible with mostsmart phones! Guests can view your hotel rates right from their mobile phone. 132 W. Int’l Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL | 386-760-1774 |
  4. 4. How Does Open Hotel Work?Starting your free trial will not affect your current website in any way. Use the trial period to becomefamiliar with the program and add your rates and inventory. Your entire booking engine ismanaged from the admin area by a secure login. The Open Hotel reservation box, once added to your website, will allow guests to enter their dates and click off to your Open Hotel results page, which displays your availability and rates. From there, guests can book and you will be notified via email and fax of any new reservations.When you are ready to have Open Hotel on your website, have your webmaster swap out thecurrent reservation box on your website with the Open Hotel reservation box (we have instructionsfor your webmaster available). Once the switch has been made, guests will be directed to yourOpen Hotel results page when they click to view rates and reserve. Snippets of code for thereservation box are available in your admin area and your webmaster should know how to makethe change. If you need help just ask!For more information about adding a reservation box to your website or customizing your resultspage, visit .Example of how rates display for a room on the results page: 132 W. Int’l Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL | 386-760-1774 |
  5. 5. About Our CompanyOpen Hotel is an online booking engine developed by Alternate Image Web Services.Alternate Image specializes in developing websites for hotel or travel related industries andalso develops software applications for the web. Our company has been in business since1998 and has grown to host more than 1200 websites across the nation. Initially, Open Hotelbooking engine was developed for our hoteliers who had their website designed and hostedwith Alternate Image. After many requests from hoteliers who had an existing website andwebmaster but were unhappy with their booking engine, we developed a pricing system tooffer Open Hotel as an “a la carte” software application for hoteliers. Although our bookingengine software has been developed and used by hotels for many years, this is the firsttime that we have begun offering it as a stand-alone product.Hoteliers can keep their existing website and webmaster but switch out their bookingengine to use Open Hotel at our affordable rates. We’ve seen great success with the newlaunch of Open Hotel as an individual software application and have helped many hotelierscut costs on their monthly booking engine fees without needing to redevelop or redesigntheir websites. We’re seeing that many hoteliers are unhappy with the unreasonablecontract terms, high fees, and poor level of support and customer service with the othermajor booking engines.We are a different type of company and have close relationships with our clients, weencourage you to call and talk to any of our references. Our hoteliers have been with us fora long time because they know and trust us. We are completely open about all of our pricingand service terms and never make our clients feel obligated to buy upgrades for servicesthey don’t want or need. If you would like to add a custom website design, web applications,GDS integration or SEO services we will be glad to send you a quote. If you are happy withyour current webmaster then by all means stay with them and continue to use our OpenHotel booking engine. You can learn more about our company and see a portfolio of whatwe do by visiting our website at 132 W. Int’l Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL | 386-760-1774 |
  6. 6. Client ReferencesHundreds of hotels of all types and sizes across the nation choose Open Hotel for their website’sonline booking engine. Sign-up for a free 15 day trial at to see what these hotelsknow that you don’t…St. Augustine Ocean Inn 904-471-8010Small independently owned America’s Best Value Inn franchise in St. Augustine, FLGreg Trzaska, OwnerAdditional Services: Website design & hosting by Alternate ImageHotel Astor 305-531-8081Small sized trendy boutique hotel in South Beach Miami, FLJose Cruz, General ManagerAdditional Services: Website design & hosting by Alternate ImageCardinal Hotel 650-323-5101Mid-sized hotel in Palo Alto, California with a high volume of online reservationsStephanie Wasnek, General ManagerAdditional Services: Custom booking engine page upgrade to match their existing website design, GDS IntegrationGolden Bear Cottages 909-866-2010Historic cabin vacation rentals in Big Bear Lake, CADon DiCarlo, OwnerAdditional Services: Website design & hosting by Alternate Image and GDS IntegrationSan Marina Motel 386-253-7850Small sized independently owned hotel in Daytona Beach, FLSean Patel, General ManagerAdditional Services: Website design & hosting by Alternate ImagePerry’s Ocean Edge Resort 386-255-0581Large hotel in Daytona Beach, FLPeter Coleman, Revenue ManagerAdditional Services: Website design & hosting by Alternate Image and GDS IntegrationBeach Place Guesthouses 321-783-4045Mid-sized beach boutique hotel in Cocoa Beach, FLJoseph Paulus, OwnerAdditional Services: Custom booking engine page upgrade to match their existing website design, GDS IntegrationK Royale Lakefront Inn 906-643-7737Small sized independently owned hotel in St. Ignace, MIDolores Muscott, OwnerAdditional Services: Website design & hosting by Alternate Image and GDS Integration See more of our client references at 132 W. Int’l Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL | 386-760-1774 |
  7. 7. Testimonials"Open Hotel is a great product that I would recommend to any Hotel. It is very easy to use and self-explanatory. You find all the features you need for a booking engine. I have got my training on itand even if I have extra questions I get the support I need. It is important to have that personaltouch and the support team is always available and able to help. I really thank them for theiroutstanding service and wish to work with them for years to come. Keep it up!”Benjamin Regalado, Revenue ManagerClinton Hotel & Spa"I would very much like to thank the excellent staff at Open Hotel. Our website was so outdatedand the new one is fresh and exciting. They brought us into the year 2010 and with great pride wepresent it to the public.”Deborah Bailey, General ManagerBest Western Deltona“This letter is to express my satisfaction with all at Alternate Image. We have been using themyriad of services you offer for over six years. During that time we have had the need to interactwith all departments: marketing, graphics, accounting and SEO services. We have always had thebest care! The staff is so friendly that we know them by their first names and they know ours. Theyare quick to respond to problems and patient while listening to our concerns. We have succeededonline with reservations and a great web presence with their expertise. We would not know what todo without them. Thank you to all and God bless.”Don DiCarlo, PresidentGolden Bear Cottages Resort“We have been a client of Alternate Image for about 3 years. We have found their online internetbooking software to be 100% reliable, with absolutely no issues regarding room availability orrates. Open Hotel is extremely easy to learn and use with great proficiency. The staff at AlternateImage is exceptionally customer-service oriented and always responds to requests for assistancein a timely, friendly, manner ensuring that our needs are met completely.”Aileen Band, OwnerTropical Manor and Audreys Beach House 132 W. Int’l Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL | 386-760-1774 |
  8. 8. Product and Service Upgrade OptionsOpen Hotel by Alternate Image is great as a stand-alone booking engine product butsometimes you just need more. Here is a packet of information about our additionalproducts and services available through Alternate Image.GDS IntegrationOpen Hotel booking engine was developed to enter rates and availability for your website and GDS. Usingone point of management your rates and availability will automatically be sent to all channels includingSabre, Galileo, Expedia, Travelocity, etc. You no longer need to use the extranet where markups are priceyand you are forced to use more than one system to enter rates.Website HostingAlready have a website design but need to change webmasters? If you’d like to host your website withAlternate Image, we can copy and move over your existing website so that your booking engine and websiteare hosted all on the same website domain.Application Suite Add-OnsIf you are hosting your website with Alternate Image, add any of our programs, like content management, acalendar or mailer application to make your site more functional. All programs are easily managed in youradmin area and work with Open Hotel booking engine. Ideal for in-house “do-it-yourself-marketing”.Customized Booking PageMatch your website and booking engine results page with a new template that will match your existingwebsite. Once visitors click to go to your booking page they will never know they left your website.Custom Website Design & DevelopmentTime for a whole new look? Get a custom designed website complete with our full application suite thatworks seamlessly with your booking engine to capture guest emails. Our Content Management Systemallows you to update your website at any time to keep all your information up to date.Search Engine OptimizationBeing online is not enough. Can people find you? Is your website visible to search engines? All of oursoftware is search engine friendly and we can help your website climb the rankings for major searchengines by optimizing your meta-tags, creating additional pages of information for search engines, andsubmitting your website to search engine directories for additional inbound links. Ask us for moreinformation about our search engine optimization services and a free report to see where you currentwebsite ranks. Contact your sales representative for more information and pricing. We look forward to working with you. 132 W. Int’l Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL | 386-760-1774 |