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51 dumfries road


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51 dumfries road

  1. 1. #51 Dumfries Road,La Romaine.29th September, 2015The Manager,British Petroleum Gas,#49A Point-Lisas Industrial Components Couva,Trinidad and Tobago.Dear Sir/Madam,I am writing in response to your advertisement in the Express Newspapers hereby applying forthe position of a Civil Engineer at the British Petroleum Gas Company. As requested, I amenclosing a completed job application letter, my resume and two references.The opportunity presented in this listing to me is quite ubiquitously interesting, and I believe thatmy strong and well, fully trained experience and education will make me a very competitivecandidate for this position as well as your company.However, if my application is successful enough to meet your requirements, I would endeavor toput my best foot forward in allowing your company to reach its higher heights and deeperdepths.Please see my resume for further information on my experiences.I can be reached anytime via email at or my cell phone, 1868-312-8792.Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about thisemployment opportunity.Yours respectfully,Andrew Harripersad.
  2. 2. Resume-Religious Status:Catholic-Marital Status:Married-SexMale-Educational Accomplishments:Secondary schooling at St. Benedicts College for seven years, a bachelor’s degree required at theAccreditation Board for Engineering and Technology for 5years, fully completed CAD programsfor two years, completed all laboratory courses in one year, completed four years of workexperience and two exams at National Council of Examiners for Engineers and SurveyorsMathematics- Grade 1English Language- Grade 1English Literature- Grade 1Social-Studies- Grade 1Spanish- Grade 1Biology- Grade 3POA- Grade 2POB- Grade 1Continuing Education:Attending seminars, participating in workshops, completing psychology as well as law classesand online classes
  3. 3. -Skills and experiences gained during internships:Extra classes in completing all ones in two subjects, landscaping courses, started in law classesand first degree psychology-Other related accomplishments:Participated in Water Splash swimming competition placed 2nd and participated in the RBTTYoung Leaders Debate-Positive Personal Characteristics:I enjoy swimming, writing in my spear time, working with peers, and reading-Mission Statement:I enjoy doing what I do, along with studying to better myself in order to achieve my dreams andbe more successful. Such profession or career has or was instilled within me for a lengthy periodof time through adolescent years and however I’m living up to it in order to fulfill and satisfy myown personal dreams. In doing so, acquiring this job would allow me to fulfill my childhooddreams and motivate me into achieving more and more.-Work Experience:Teacher(2) at St. Benedicts College, part time accountant for Authentic Stationery Suppliers andalso a Civil Engineer at PetrotrinReferences-Mrs. Doss (Teacher)St Benedicts CollegeMr. Svengali (Principal)St. Benedicts College
  4. 4. Andrew Harripersad____________________________________