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Game of Spare Parts Management


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This game allows test and learn how the right maintenance strategy and the reliability calculus reduce the inventory cost and the risk cost.

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Game of Spare Parts Management

  2. 2. The inventory is the highest cost source in amaintenance department, an efective inventorymanagement saves costs and reduce risk for thecompany.The Game of Spare Parts Management target is thelearning of the RCS (Reliability Centered Spares) andJIT (Just In Time) principles to optimaze the inventorymanagement.
  3. 3. Directed to:Students ofTechnicalSchools
  4. 4. Use learning methods:• Problem-based learning.• Cooperative learning.• Cases Method.• Used in Technical Schools.
  5. 5. Based in the principles of:• Reliability Centered Spares (RCS).• Just in Time (JIT).
  6. 6. Requirements:• 1 official copy of the game.• 2 facilitators.• From 12 to 24 jugadores in 6 groups.• Memo pads, clip-charts, markers, post- its, papers,…
  7. 7. Game:• Game rules.• Game board. GAME BOX• Spare part cards.• HPP sheets.• Inventory event cards.
  8. 8. Facilitators:• Strong knowledge of RCS and JIT principles.• Lead the game.• Help the players to obtain the goals.
  9. 9. Game Process:• Set up groups, share out the HPP sheets and the spare parts cards.• Every group decide their own strategy and purchase the spare parts.• Run the inventory event cards and complete the 12 months cicle.• Discuss about the game.
  10. 10. Results:• The attendees learn the best maintenance strategies to reduce the spare parts inventory.• Learn the reliability calculus to estimate the risk.• Learn the methodology to reduce and control inventory cost and inventory risk.