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bacteria from the water and will be safe to drink.
Tags: Uttarakhand floods | Nature’s fury unleashed | Man v/s Nature

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Nature's fury unleashed by human greed


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<a>Nature’s fury unleashed by human greed</a>. Uttarakhand floods have witnessed a heavy destruction in terms of life. Do you think we should blame the nature only for this mass destruction? Join Alteranation and share your concerns.

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Nature's fury unleashed by human greed

  1. 1. About Us Contact Username Blog Getting Started •••••••• Login is an online platform for citizens and public sector authorities to connect and share ideas, opinions, suggestions and information. Uttarakhand floods: Man v/s Nature Alteranation | Society | August 5, 2013. Like 0 Share All Debates Educating India 0 Governance Overview: Nature’s fury has been unleashed on Uttarakhand and the state resting in the lap of mighty Himalayas and dedicated to the many shrines of God has witnessed large scale destruction, death and loss. The cloud bursts, followed by the flash floods and landslides claimed many lives. While many think it to be Nature’s doing, according to a DNA report the National Disaster Management Authority has reported much of the devastation to be of Man’s own making. The mining activity and the ill planned construction in the fragile hilly terrain without adhering to safety guidelines worsened the impact of the natural calamity. The large scale deforestation too leads to lose mountains prone to activities like landslides and not being able to retain water. Further the lack of proper disaster preparedness and warning mechanism affected the situation. NDMA was set up only after the catastrophes like the 2001 Gujrat earthquake and the 2004 tsunami. Cloud bursts aren’t new to the hilly areas. What is shocking is despite past experiences no measure were to taken to prevent such situations in the future. The DNA report further pointed to the deficiency of an accurate weather monitoring system. As the official toll rises to 5000 (and counting), questions are being raised regarding governance. And man’s greed refuses to stop there. With hotel and restraints overcharging hapless, stranded victims and people stealing from the crores of the temple’s chests, the God’s country needs to retain some its godliness. And as the army, ITBP and other organisations run against time to save the stranded, the political games have already begun. With Modi being hailed as the new Rambo for rescuing 15.000 Gujaratis (others lives weren’t precious enough), Sonia Gandhi flagging off relief fund like the next-big-scheme and Rahul Gandhi touring the flood ridden state as if campaigning for 2014, it has come down to ordinary people to do the actual helping. A Hindustan Times report tells of the village of Bhagori who are selflessly contributing to providing aid and food to the victims. The calamity and its aftermath has risen many questions regarding our disaster management, the governance, the consequences of inconsiderate human activity, the intentions of the political parties and even media (who make a ‘sansani’ out of a tragedy!) and if we will learn from our past mistakes and avoid them in the future. Or will it just be another round of empty promises till the next disaster strikes. Inside the Direct Cash Transfer Debate Judiciary Lok Sabha Bills Politics Society Tackling Corruption In India Women Empowerment Search START A PETITION START A CAMPAIGN 0 Post navigation ← Drop in the number of poor in the country creates furore Fighters not Victims: Rights of sexually abused women in India → 2 thoughts on “Uttarakhand floods: Man v/s Nature” Kamal Maitra June 26, 2013 at 9:58 am Most Popular Topics 1. Uttarakhand: Rescue Helicopter Crashes, killing 20 people. Tags: Uttarakhand floods | Nature’s fury unleashed | Man v/s Nature Mumbai Rape Case: Law and Legislation loosing battle to protect women Log in to Reply ↓ Modi vs. Rahul: The battle for PM Ajay Patel June 26, 2013 at 10:01 am Suspension of IAS Durga Nagpal: Corruption chains Bureaucracy JNU murder attempt: A reflection of the Society 2. Its going to be an uphill task now for the special forces to contain the situation in Uttarakhand now that hundreds of people have reported fever and diarrhea. The decaying of dead bodies in Yamuna and Ganga have contaminated the water and if not brought under control could pollute the water till west Bengal. One solution I would want to advice to the people of Uttarakhand would be to follow the steps of Solar water disinfection. The process involves filling up a water bottle till the top and laying it out in the sun, preferably on top of a roof, for 4 hours. If the day is a bit cloudy then leave it there for about 8 hours. This will kill all the harmful New Delhi continues its fight for Justice MOST OPINIONATED USERS converted by
  2. 2. bacteria from the water and will be safe to drink. Tags: Uttarakhand floods | Nature’s fury unleashed | Man v/s Nature Log in to Reply ↓ Leave a Reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Prerna Vivek Kamal Trehan Kushwaha Maitra (520Points) (470Points) (385Points) Neeti Amit Ashutosh Chavan Misra Rangan (375Points) (350Points) (345Points) mohit Neeraj Sharmila mehta Joshi Roa (335Points) (335Points) (320Points) See All NEW USERS Shrilata ranjeet gemmahar Allby SOS sakshich Vittaliy juanitab nickdona lbzxxh52 See All EXPERT OPINION "Having a foreign carrier such as AirAsia come in, is a good sign. They have experience, expertise, good management - all of that - if they bring it into the country, it helps lift the entire industry." Binit Somaia, South Asia director at Centre for Aviation (CAPA) "Such a scheme will not be of any help to the poor but availability of easy cash will result in the increase of anti- social activities" Nitin Gadkari, Former BJP President Opposes the Direct Cash Transfer Scheme converted by
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