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Palo Alto Networks WildFire


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Brief presentation of Palo Alto Networks WildFire malware protection solution.

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Palo Alto Networks WildFire

  1. 1. Palo Alto Networks - WildFire• Werner Schmidt, CISSP - Email: - Phone: 866-833-4070 - Web: www.altaware.com1
  2. 2. Introducing WildFire• Identifies unknown malware by direct observation in a virtual sandbox environment - Looks for more than 70 malicious behaviors• Automatically generates signatures for identified malware - Infecting files and command-and-control - Distributes signatures to all firewalls via regular threat updates• Provides forensics and insight into malware behavior - Actions on the target machine2
  3. 3. WildFire Architecture Compare to Known Files Sandbox Environment Signature Generator Admin Web Portal • New Signatures • Unknown • Firewall Delivered to ALL Files From Submits File Firewalls. Portal Untrusted to WildFire provides malware Zones Cloud forensics3
  4. 4. An Integrated Approach to Threat Prevention App-ID™ Signatures Sources Behaviors• All traffic, all ports, •Block threats on all • Malware hosting •WildFire malware all the time ports URLs analysis• Application •93.4% block rate of • Recently registered •Download patterns signatures known exploits domains •Unknown traffic• Heuristics •5M+ malware • SSL decryption of •Malware behaviors samples high-risk sites• Decryption• Reduce the attack • Prevents known • Block known surface threats sources of threats • Pinpoints live infections and• Remove the ability • 90% of threats • Be wary of unknown threats to hide through 2015 unclassified and (Gartner) new domains4