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Tfx sessions


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TangoFX Sessions is the WebRTC based communication tool built entirely on open standards making it extensively scalable. The underlying API completely masks the communication aspect and lets the user enjoy an interactive communication session. It also supports easy to build widgets framework which can be used to build applications on the TangoFX platform .

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Tfx sessions

  1. 1. TangoFX Sessions Altanai Bisht
  2. 2. What is TangoFX Sessions ? • TangoFX Sessions is a plug and play platform for VoIP ( voice over IP ) telephony. • It provides unified communication and collaboration service.
  3. 3. What is the differentiator with other internet call services? • No registration , login for account management required . • Communication is directly between peer to peer ie information privacy. • Third party apps , services can be included as widgets on TFX platform. • Can be skimmed to be embedded inside Mobile app webview , iframe , other portals etc anytime .
  4. 4. TFX session API for Developers • Highly flexible and customizable VOIP platform. • Generic , widely applicable API for developing applications for communication sessions. • Intune with latest open standards from w3C , IETF , Google. • Applications can go as wide as your imagination.
  5. 5. How does TFX Sessions work ? • Signalling channel establishes the session using Offer- Answer Model • Browser’s media API’s , like getUserMedia and Peerconnection are used for media flow • Media only flows peer to peer
  6. 6. Technical Insights
  7. 7. Components of TangoFX WebRTC1 Chrome APIs2 Socketio3 AngularJS , RequireJS4 Jquery5 Widgets6 Media APIs7 Amazon Ec2 , HTTPs certificate8 TURN server9
  8. 8. Components
  9. 9. Salient features ❏ The underlying technology of TangoFX is webrtc with socket based signalling . Also it adheres to the latest standards of W3C , IETF and ITU on internet telephony . ❏ TangoFX sessions is extremely scalable and flexible due to the abstraction between communication and service development. This make it a piece of cake for any web developer using TangoFX interface to add his/ her own service easily and quickly without diving into the nitty gritties . ❏ TangoFX is currently packaged in a chrome extension supported on chrome browser on desktop operating system like window , mac , linux etc . ❏ The call is private to both the parties as it is peer-to-peer meaning that the media / information exchanged by the parties over TangoFX does not pass through an intervening server as in other existing internet calling solutions. ❏ TangoFX is very adaptive to slow internet and can be used across all kinds of networks such as corporate to public without being affected by firewall or restricting policies .
  10. 10. References and Links • Web Store TangoFX link sessions/aochimdcllmgleokpnlabijehdlmkdga • Manuals and documents for Users and Developers
  11. 11. Closing Note ❖ WebRTC based communication and collaboration solution . ❖ Open standards from w3c , IETF , Google etc. ❖ Scalable and customizable. ❖ Immersive and interactive experience . ❖ Easy to build widgets framework using TangoFX APIs.
  12. 12. Thank you !