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Al Perez Samples02

  1. 1. Al Perez 131 Concord Street, San Francisco, CA 94112 // 415. 987. 9170 Mobile // LOGOS Oracle Blue Shield of California Business Objects Incentive Travel Logo Incentive Travel Logo Incentive Travel Logo C D E Honda Charles Schwab Autodesk Incentive Travel Logo National Sales & Service Meeting Incentive Travel Logo FILIPINA 2-color version Bank of America Travatar Filipina Women’s Network Charity Cup Logo Online Travel Web Portal Dine-Around Logo
  2. 2. Al Perez 131 Concord Street, San Francisco, CA 94112 // 415. 987. 9170 Mobile // BRAND IDENTITY 1 2 1 // Small Business Banking Direct Mail Collateral 2 // Sports and Events Marketing Poster 3 // Sports and Events Marketing Signage, Invitations 4 // Debit Cards Store Fixture Signage 5 // Winter Olympic Adventure Environmental Graphics 6 // Auto Loans Web site Design 3 2 5 6 4
  3. 3. Al Perez 131 Concord Street, San Francisco, CA 94112 // 415. 987. 9170 Mobile // EVENT MARKETING 1 3 1 // Autodesk Incentive Travel, Venice, Italy 2 // Novartis Incentive Travel, St. Martin 3 // Web site design 3
  4. 4. Al Perez 131 Concord Street, San Francisco, CA 94112 // 415. 987. 9170 Mobile // ASIANWEEK LAYOUTS V October 24 – 30, 2008 • Volume 29 No. 10 • For home delivery, call (415) 397-0220 ASIAN AMERICAN SUPRISING SURVEY First nationwide poll of Asian American political October 3 – 9, 2008 • Volume 29 No. 7 • For home delivery, call (415) 397-0220 ON TOUR views STUDENTS ECONOMY’S WITHOUT TOUGH TIMES TE PAPERS How will small TAKE A WALK THROUGH FILIPINO HISTORY VIA SAN FRANCISCO’S MONUMENTS Undocumented Asian Asian American students seek aid, businesses support under the radar survive? ‘GRAN FILIPINO TORINO’ VEGAN FOOD Clint Eastwood’s Chef brings new film to feature meatless lumpia to all-Hmong leads disbelievers UNHAPPY AT WORK? Celebrating FILIPINO AMERICAN Discover your potential ����������� HERITAGE MONTH and follow your passion DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL 2008 Celebrating SUPPLEMENT INSIDE FILIPINO AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH Covers feature article feature article swimming ����������� synchronized judo Badminton going for LOVIEANNE JUNG GAO JUN asian americans Badminton SOFTBALL TABLE TENNIS the gold in… synchronized Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawai‘i Birthplace: Hebei, China Age: 28 Age: 39 Ethnicity: Chinese, Lithuanian, Ethnicity: Chinese wrestling Filipino, Spanish, Hawaiian Event: Women’s singles, team Position: Second base NATALIE COUGHLIN shooting SWIMMING MESINEE “MAY” MANGKALAKIRI swimming BADMINTON Birthplace: Emeryville, Calif. Birthplace: Los Alamitos, Calif. Age: 25 Age: 25 Ethnicity: Hapa Filipino Ethnicity: Thai Event: 100m backstroke, Event: Women’s doubles 100m freestyle, 200m individual medley, 4x100m freestyle relay, 4x200m freestyle relay, 4x100m EVA LEE BADMINTON medley relay Birthplace: Hong Kong Age: 22 NATHAN ADRIAN Ethnicity: Chinese SWIMMING Event: Women’s singles, doubles Birthplace: Bremerton, Wash. Age: 19 Ethnicity: Hapa Chinese HOWARD BACH BADMINTON Event: 4x100m free relay Birthplace: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam NATASHA KAI Age: 29 SOCCER Ethnicity: Vietnamese-Birthplace Birthplace: Kahuku, Hawai‘i Chinese Age: 25 Event: Men’s Doubles Ethnicity: Hawaiian, Chinese, Filipino, Caucasian Position: Forward Logan Tom WOMEN’S INDOOR VOLLEYBALL Birthplace: Napa, Calif. TAYLOR TAKATA Age: 27 JUDO Ethnicity: Hapa Chinese Hawaiian Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawai‘i Position: Outside hitter Age: 26 Ethnicity: Japanese Event: 66 kg Judo ROBYN AH MOW-SANTOS WOMEN’S INDOOR VOLLEYBALL Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawai‘i KAYLA BASHORE Age: 32 FIELD HOCKEY Ethnicity: Chinese Hawaiian Birthplace: Daegu, South Korea Position: Setter Age: 25 Ethnicity: Korean Position: Midfield/back LINDSEY BERG WOMEN’S INDOOR VOLLEYBALL BY BELEZA CHAN, Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawai‘i RAJU RAI ANNABELLE ORME SANDRA FONG CLARISSA CHUN BECKY KIM KHAN “BOB” MALAYTHONG SAYAKA MATSUMOTO AMY TRAN BADMINTON SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING SHOOTING WRESTLING SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING BADMINTON JUDO Age: 28 FIELD HOCKEY LEILA KANG, STEFFI LAU, BIRTHPLACE: ATLANTA, GA. BIRTHPLACE: NEW YORK, N.Y. BIRTHPLACE: NEW YORK, N.Y. BIRTHPLACE: HONOLULU, HAWAI‘I BIRTHPLACE: REDWOOD CITY, CALIF. BIRTHPLACE: VIENTIANE, LAOS BIRTHPLACE: OMIYA, JAPAN Ethnicity: Hapa Birthplace: Harrisburg, Pa. MIRIAM LING, VICKI MAC, AGE: 25 AGE: 21 AGE: 18 AGE: 26 AGE: 23 AGE: 27 AGE: 25 Position: Setter Age: 27 IVAN NATIVIDAD, ETHNICITY: INDIAN ETHNICITY: HAPA CHINESE ETHNICITY: HAPA CHINESE ETHNICITY: JAPANESE AND CHINESE ETHNICITY: KOREAN ETHNICITY: LAOTIAN ETHNICITY: JAPANESE Ethnicity: Hapa Vietnamese MICHELLE-LINH THUY EVENT: MEN’S SINGLES EVENT: TEAM EVENT: 50M RIFLE THREE POSITION EVENT: WOMEN’S FREESTYLE EVENT: TEAM EVENT: MEN’S DOUBLES EVENT: 48 KG JUDO Position: Goalkeeper WANG CHEN NGUYEN AND WRESTLING — 48KG / 105 LBS TABLE TENNIS NANCY WENG How did you get started in badminton? What is your favorite thing about Your sister Abigail competed in the tri- What do the Olympics mean to you? What was it like growing up in Laos? You teach at the East Bay Judo Insti- Birthplace: Beijing, China EMILY CROSS synchronized swimming? als but didn’t qualify. What was it like com- Did you wrestle with boys in high tute. Are there any rules you make sure Age: 34 FENCING My father is from India, where It’s a dream. I’ve learned so It was rough. We didn’t have T peting with her to make it to the Olympics? school? to teach your students? Ethnicity: Chinese Birthplace: Seattle, Wash. badminton originated. It was a pas- It mixes a lot of different sports much and grown so much as a per- much; I didn’t even have shoes. I Event: Women’s singles, team Age: 21 he 28 Asian American sion of his, and I used to tag along. I into one, like dance, gymnastics We really can’t think of each oth- Yes — I was one of two girls on son being in the sport. Being raised only had one piece of underwear. I Ethnicity: Hapa Korean Olympians featured fell in love with it. and swimming. I did ballet, tap er as family on the range. As much the team. I like wrestling with guys in a Korean family and having used to eat sticky rice and salt for a We try to teach the philosophy of Has being an Indian American played Event: Individual, team foil here will walk with the and gymnastics as a child, so it’s the as I love Abby, on the range, we’re and am still wrestling with them to teammates in the American cul- meal. We had one piece of meat and judo. It’s not just a sport where you DAVID ZHUANG a role in your success? TABLE TENNIS hundreds of Americans perfect sport for me. just competitors. She was happy for train for Olympics. It’s a different ture, I experienced two families. It that was it. I was malnourished, re- try to beat people up and win. It in- You were injured with back problems Birthplace: Guangdong, China representing the United In the Indian heritage, people me, but was obviously very disap- feeling than wrestling girls; boys taught me to be very open and ac- ally skinny but had a big belly. But stills self-confidence and teaches HALEY ISHIMATSU for a couple of months last year. What Age: 44 DIVING States at the Opening Ceremonies are very loyal and respectful. Many pointed she didn’t make the team. seem to work and fight harder. If cept everyone for who they are — I was happy. As a little kid you don’t you to be humble and have man- was the hardest part of that? Your sister Danielle is going to Bei- Ethnicity: Chinese Birthplace: Bellflower, Calif. of the 2008 Beijing Olympics on Indians had to work extremely anything, it might make boys more every shape, size, culture, back- think that there is a better place. ners, integrity and respect for oth- jing for the Paralympics in September. Event: Men’s singles Age: 15 August 8. From the all-Asian hard to be where they are today. The worst thing was not feeling uncomfortable wrestling with girls ground. ers. What’s it like to both be going? What’s next for you after the Games? What was the biggest culture shock Ethnicity: Japanese American badminton and table That shows in my matches, like part of the team — sitting on the because the boys are like, ‘I don’t when you moved to the United States? Have you faced any stigma being a fe- Events: 10m platform, tennis teams to the 105-pound fe- the sportsmanship, pride and re- sidelines, watching the team and I’m so proud of her because she’s want to touch her boob!’ I’m planning to enroll again in CRYSTAL HUANG You trained at the U.S. Olympic male in this sport? TABLE TENNIS 10m synchronized male wrestler Clarissa Chun, these spect I have for my opponents. knowing that I could not practice. worked so hard to get where she is. Ohio State University and finish I threw up when I had pizza for Why do you think Badminton is not so Training Center in Colorado Springs Birthplace: Changsha, Hunan, China athletes have risen to the occasion, But my teammates were very sup- When she was born, they told her one more year of school. I want to the first time because it had cheese Some people crack jokes like, popular in America? from 2002 until last year. How was that? Age: 29 defeating stereotypes and hard- portive. I am still performing with a she wouldn’t be able to walk, and get into nutrition and health to in it. But now I love cheese! “Oh, it’s just women’s judo …” But I BRYAN CLAY TRACK AND FIELD What is it like to play for America and Ethnicity: Chinese ships, and now represent our na- We don’t have enough sponsors, cracked rib. she does; that she wouldn’t be able At first, it was new and exciting, help people be healthy and happy in don’t take it personally. tion. AsianWeek congratulates Birthplace: Austin, Texas for Laos at the same time? Event: Women’s singles, coaches or facilities where we can to talk, and she does; that she but then I got stagnant there. It was a natural way. women’s team Age: 28 What is the weirdest thing that has Do you hear a lot of “Asian Martial Have you had the opportunity to touch these Olympians as they go for the teach the sport. If we could get wouldn’t be able to go to a normal hard to be training in the same I have pride in both countries, happened to you in competition? Arts” cracks? Ethnicity: Japanese and African someone’s life as a role model? gold. more money, we could expand its school, and she does. room with the same people I would and I will represent both, but most American Can you speak Chinese? popularity to states other than Cal- In an exhibition in San Diego, be competing against. I find that a lot of Asian Ameri- of all America for giving me the op- I do get a lot of misconceptions of KEVIN TAN GYMNASTICS Event: Decathlon What do you plan to do after the ifornia. Calif., my suit, which has a strap on Only a little bit of Cantonese. It’s can girls come up to me and tell me portunity to be in the Olympics. At what judo is, like the “judo chop.” Birthplace: Fremont, Calif. Olympics? the side, fell, so I had to do the entire enough to talk a little bit with my “I love you, you’re my hero.” Laos, I would never be playing bad- There’s no chopping in judo; it’s Age: 27 routine with my hand over my grandparents and order lots of dim I haven’t decided wrestling-wise, minton at the professional level be- throwing and chokeholds. Ethnicity: Chinese chest holding the suit up. sum. but I’ve made plans to teach Eng- cause kids in Laos don’t have this Event: Men’s gymnastics lish in Japan in September for a kind of opportunity. couple of years. 12 August 8, 2008 ASIANWEEK | Main Feature Main Feature | ASIANWEEK August 8, 2008 13 Interior Spread
  5. 5. Al Perez 131 Concord Street, San Francisco, CA 94112 // 415. 987. 9170 Mobile // MARKETING COLLATERAL 2nd annual heritage street celebration Tshirt T H E A S I A N W E E K F O U N D AT I O N P R O U D L Y P R E S E N T S T H I S PRESENTED BY TO John Q. Sa mple SCHOOL NA ME TAKE BART AND MUNI TO THE FAIR! S P ORT COA C H E D F O R I N VA L U A B L E C O N T R I B U T I O N S T O T H E DE V E LOP M E N T OF S P ORTSM A N S H I P A N D T E A MW OR K IN THE YOUTH OF SAN FRANCISCO ON THE OCCASION OF THE 2 N D A N N U A L A S I A N H E R I TA G E S T R E E T C E L E B R AT I O N M AY 2 0 , 2 0 0 6 Poster Trophy Outdoor Advertising Postcard front, back