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Poems created by me

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  1. 1. Poetry AnthologyBy Alex Kullman
  2. 2. Best Buddies A young boy a littlebit nuttyAccepted a bear as a buddyPlaying every long day In the garden they lay
  3. 3. The PictureOn the wall in the hall is aframe.In the frame is a photo.Of four friends standing endto end.That’s where the tale begins.The summer before school was a blast.Little did they know it would be their last.For the day of the car crash was the worst.They were returning from the beach.While eating the peach from the store.Returning home for their chores.The oncoming car came barreling down.No one saw but a clown.He tried to yell stop but pop, pop, pop.His balloons got shot.So he turned the focus to his things.The car zoomed.The other too.Then BOOM!!!The cars collide.The people inside never came out.Thus is the story of the friends in the hall.On the wall.Surrounded by a frame seen again and again.
  4. 4. Summer BummerThe bees werebuzzing.It was summer.When people getdummer.
  5. 5. ChangingWhen the leaves start to change. The colors create a rainbow. But with a price. The colors only meansoon winter will come. It’s Autumn now.
  6. 6. Panda and the Polar Bear On a sunny day at the zoo. The animals were just given their stew. But is stank p-u. The panda and polar bear threw the food. Hitting the kid with the blue kazoo. Who started to cry. Dropping his blueberry pie. The animals watched the mom slip. Who landed crushing her hip. The owner ran to the scene. And told the animals they were mean. With such a commotion the zoo shut down.And with big frowns the panda and polar bear were shipped away. To the San Francisco bay. Where they were moved to the dessert. Where they began to die. For the dessert made them fry.