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Speech outline


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Speech outline

  1. 1. NAME : ALSEP PRIANI CLASS : IV D NPM : SUBJECT : PUBLIC SPEAKING PURPOSE : TO PERSUADE 1. Introduction I. Establish Credibility - I Vote II. Explain What Is Voting ? III. Preview The Body : a. Why We Vote? b. Why We Don't Vote? c. Why We Should Vote? 2. Body I. Why We Vote? a. To Elect Representatives Of The People b. To Carry Out Duties As A Citizen SPEECH OUTLINE ELECTION
  2. 2. II. Why We Don't Vote? a. Figures On Low Voter Turnout b. Some Don't Care c. Some Are Not Educated About Candidates III. Why We Should Vote? a. To Voice Our Opinions b. To Guarantee Our Freedom 3.Conclusion I. Summarize Main Points II. The Importance Of The Elections.
  3. 3. NAME : ALSEP PRIANI CLASS : IV D NPM : SUBJECT : PUBLIC SPEAKING PURPOSE : TO PERSUADE Assalamualaikum Wr Wb. Ladies and gentlemen, good morning everyone! First of all, let us thank ALLAH SWT which because of his blessings, we all can gather here on this event. Shalawat and prayer we will say to our greatest prophet, muhammad SAW, his family, his friends, and all of his followers. Amien! In this chance i would like to tell you my speech about election We as citizens of indonesia must fulfill our obligations as an active voter in any conduct elections. Where if we can not meet our obligations mean we have to ignore our rights that should be fulfilled. And what is the election? Election is a process of selecting peoples to fill certain political positions. These positions are diverse, ranging from the president, elected representatives at various levels of government, the village head. Why we vote? Actually the answer is very simple. Because the fate of indonesia next 5 years is upon us. Our task now is to find the best, so that the mistakes that we do not want do not happen SPEECH ELECTION
  4. 4. again. Voting representatives is as the voice of the peoples. And that it is our obligation as citizens. Why we did not vote ? And why do some people not want to vote? Perhaps he was just a boon for selecting representatives who have been, and he did not want to pay attention to the fate of his people after being elected later. And that's what led to the total number of voters in indonesia is low. There are even some people who claim to not care about their rights and responsibilities as citizens. They did not want to come to the polls as a waste of energy. Furthermore, the total number of voters led to low levels of education is still low and did not know about the meaning vote. Why do we have to vote ? We have to vote because it is our right and duty as a citizen of indonesia, and we are will determine the fate of indonesia in the future. Hopefully we select the candidate who can voice our opinions and to guarantee our freedom in the having state. Indonesia is a nation of transition where a new nation began the transition to change the future of the country and its people through elections, has repeatedly voting the leader in order to change his fate. So we as the people should know and be selective in voting candidates to avoid the wrong choice, the wrong choice once ultimately futile. Similarly, an elected leader and he had realized that he could be like it was not because of a nobody but the will of allah and the people who support it. So between the leaders and the people must remain inline not in the opposite direction, a leader must have the courage to run the trust and promise because it is a responsibility and obligations, as well as the people who have to support and monitor the government. Thank you for your attention, I hope what I have to benefit us all.