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Website Traffic Attraction


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These are the how to of gaining website traffic. And it also contain the elements that you need to consider in order to gain traffic for your website. There are several techniques you need to do in order to compete actively.

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Website Traffic Attraction

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  2. 2. Every time one visitor clicks through a site, his presence isbeing MONIORED whether HOW LONG did he stay on that page or HOW MANY pages and subpages he browsed.
  3. 3. More visitors accessing theinformation your site contains; who arepotential customers.More traffic makes your site morepopular in search engines like Google;which means your web presence isboosts.More traffic means more potentialcustomer which leads to more salesand profit.
  4. 4. 1 • On Page SEO2 • Off Page SEO3 • Blog4 • Social Media5 • Multimedia6 • Traditional Tactics7 • Paid Tactics8 • Go beyond the Web
  5. 5. Start with a GOOD domain nameIt represents whatyour business is allabout.Builds trust signal forfirst time visitor thatcould lead to fasterconversion rate.
  6. 6. OPTIMIZE websites SPEED Users experience is the first thing affected if your website loads so slow.
  7. 7. CUSTOMIZE 404 and maintenance pagesWhen a pagedoesnt exists orunder maintenance,how these pagesappears in the eyesof the user is alsoimportant.
  8. 8. Cross-Browser Compatibility Test your website in various browser to assure that it looks the way it should.
  9. 9. CRAFTING Meta Description Well crafted one will help you rank better than your competitors in search engines page results.
  10. 10. One way of rankingorganically in searchengine is throughbuilding backlinks.Filter the relevance,quality and domainextensions of websitesyou are back linkingwith.
  11. 11. Dont forget toinclude socialbookmarking sitein you socialsharing buttons.Social signalcounts.
  12. 12. As you participate inonline forums, you canleave your websiteslink so otherparticipants will havethe chance to click it.You can also suggestyour articles if youthink it has theanswer.
  13. 13. Participate in Yahooanswers, LinkedInAnswer or Quora,many people areseeking for answerhere. This can also beyour way to establishauthority and buildnew connections
  14. 14. Adding a blog to yourwebsite is exemplary.You can write aboutbreaking news story, arebuttal, top 10 list orout of trending topiccreate a uniquecontent.
  15. 15. Including a link back toyour website everytimeyou comment on otherblogs help you gainmore traffic. Make surethat you comment onrelated blogs or just inyour niche.
  16. 16. Throughguest postingyou will gainmore readersaround theweb.
  17. 17. CREATE profile in Social media sites and USE it This way, you can include your URL in your profile. Every content you post or product youll release, you can shout it out in all your social media accounts.
  18. 18. Like button,tweetmeme or pin itbutton is essentialfor every visitor thatmay like it canshare it on their ownsocial media site.
  19. 19. Tracking what yourcompetitor aredoing online canhelp you give moreinsight and ideas onhow are you goingto improve yourbrand more.
  20. 20. Not everybodyrealizes the value ofvideo in the webright now. Its marketis getting bigger soyou should bestarting today.
  21. 21. Besides writing a contentin a paragraph form, youcan do it on a graphicform too. With the help ofinfographics tool and alittle of imagemanipulation knowledge,you can come up abetter output.
  22. 22. It is not easy to do aPodcast but it is oneadvantage you shouldsee with it. As long asyoull take an effort todo one more trafficwill be gained sinceonly few are doing itright now.
  23. 23. Several directory siteshave been penalizedlately, to make sure youare submitting toQUALITY site, you cansearch for it in Googleand if it appears in thefirst page result, then it isok to submit to it.
  24. 24. Submit your blog in allQUALITY blog directories.
  25. 25. Market your articlesto gain more traffic.Article sites allowyou leave a linkback to your site butalways consider thequality of the site.
  26. 26. Pay per clickadvertising is oneeffective way toboost your sitestraffic and the onefamous example isthrough GoogleAdwords.
  27. 27. A space fromFacebook Ads orStumble Ads can bringbig change in youwebsites traffic.Imagine how manyactive members arethere in that particularsite.
  28. 28. By doing this, youare given aspecial space inthat websitewhere youvisibility is highlydominant.
  29. 29. Tell all your friends,your co workersand all themembers of yourfamily about yourwebsite. They arepotential visitors.
  30. 30. You can do this byincluding your websiteURL in your businesscard, printing it onstickers and posting iton cars, windows orcomputers. Or can placeit on local newspapersad.
  31. 31. ALSEOBLOG.COM @alseoblogalgomezseoblog