Alsayegh Media Corporate Presentation Updated


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Corporate Presentation of Alsayegh Media.

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Alsayegh Media Corporate Presentation Updated

  1. 1. Corporate Presentation
  2. 2. We are the very first fully-fledged mediaWhy agency in the Gulf Region which is owned and operated by an expert from the region.Alsayegh We speak the language and have our finger on the pulse. This uniquenessMedia? combined with our world class experts offers a solution that is the first of its kind in the market. Moreover, we compliment our strengths with 20 years of local and international experience.
  3. 3. WhoWe Are?We are a full service Digital andTraditional media agency with acollective mix of expertise. We thinkholistically about the latest and mostinnovative solutions.
  4. 4. Our Staff Abdullatif CEO DIGITAL CREATIVE AUDIO & VIDEO SOCIAL MEDIA COMMERCIAL EVENTS HR & FINANCE DEVELOPMENT TEAM DIVISION TEAM TEAM DEPARTMENT DEPT. DIVISION Ibrahim Fabio Rudy Dalia Ashwariya Noora Ammar Digital Developer Design Director Audio Producer Accounts Co-ordinator Business Development Events Co-ordinator HR Manager Executive Kashif Hana Kaiser Rosie Asmaa Ahmed Fatima SEO Specialist Graphic Designer Senior Video Producer Accounts Co-ordinator Events Co-ordinator PRO Assistant to CEO Dr. Hassan Rajesh Amir Tanvir Applications Director Senior Web Designer Assistant Video Producer Office Assistant Robert Senior Creative Designer Philip Graphic Designer
  5. 5. Why use anintegration oftraditional anddigital media?To enjoy the best of both worlds,combining the two sides of the coinand thus gaining flexibility.Keep you brand up to date with anever changing and sophisticated mediaenvironment and industry.To gain the services of not only adedicated Account Manager but aRelationship Manager who will loveyour brand as much as you do, if notmore.To access all your media needs fromone buying point, which is more cost-effective and efficient.
  6. 6. • Media strategy • Web development • Creative strategy & design • Social mediaWhat • Mobile applicationsWe Do • Digital content • Videography, Photography & Audio design • Events • Media consultation
  7. 7. MediaDevelopmentIn terms of design, technology andlevels of interactivity, the Middle East isa few years behind the USA and theleading countries in Europe and Asia.Alsayegh Media is tirelessly changingthis.
  8. 8. WebsiteDevelopmentMost websites in the region end up asmere statistics, ignored and forgotten.We ensure that your site doesn’t fallinto the same trap by covering thethree main components of webdevelopment: the very latest cutting-edge technology, world class visually-stimulating design and a watertightcontent strategy and components thatnot only attract your desired visitors,but also keep them captivated.Our SEO and SEF services areincluded in the package when the siteis built.
  9. 9. AdditionalServices• Microsites• Rich media ad units• Interactive videos• Newsletter templates• Mobile internet and WAP sites• Cross-platform• Mobile applications
  10. 10. DigitalStrategyWhether you are new to the digitalrealm or well established, AlsayeghMedia will create a digital strategy toperfectly fit your requirements.Our strategy team is specialized in• Media planning• Media buying• SEO• SEM• Lead generation• Content integration• Audience acquisition.
  11. 11. SocialMediaSocial media changes and evolvesrapidly, and it is a somewhatoverwhelming yet crucial platform tocommit to.Alsayegh Media has a team dedicatedto help you make an impact with yoursocial media efforts.Services:• Social media training• Social media planning• Social media management• Social media integration• Social media optimization
  12. 12. MobileApplications30% of UAE residents own smartphones, and this number is rapidlygrowing each day.Alsayegh Media specializes in creatingunique and custom mobileapplications.Our expertise lies in creating the userinterface, conducting usability studies,and then determining the bestfunctionality for smart phone users.We oversee each project fromconception right through to the productdevelopment stages.
  13. 13. ContentContent is the key to true engagementin the digital space.Brands can no longer rely on specialoffers and discounts to engage withtheir customer base or to attract newcustomers.Brands must not only start thinkingoutside the box,
  14. 14. DigitalContentBut redefine and reinvent the box tobuild loyalty in this competitive market.We understand the importance ofinteractive content, and we areequipped to manage our clients’content.We have in-house audio and videoediting suites to reformat your contentfor distribution on any platform.We also have an in-house studio withstate of the art chroma screens tocreate content on your behalf.Once your content is ready, we candistribute it to the world with ourDigital/Social media expertise.
  15. 15. EventsNo matter what your event is or whatyour requirements are, we can help youbring that event to life. • End-to-end event solutions • Creative concepts • Audio visual equipment in- house • Logistics • Event management
  16. 16. MediaConsultationWe have an impeccable track record inconceptualizing, designing, buildingand operating the following:• TV stations (all formats)• Radio stations• Newspapers• Magazines• Outdoor media• Printing press
  17. 17. Our We are experts in all areas of Digital/Unique Traditional marketing. We are unique and innovative, because we utilize both, local and international expertise.Selling We are one of the very few agencies in the region to offer end-to-end media solutions under one roof.Points
  18. 18. SimplyDifferentWe will help you create your digitalpresence and deliver impressiveresults.We have a reputation for being thespecialists at customization, becauseno two brands or jobs are quite thesame.The media environment is constantlyevolving, so choose a partner who willevolve your brand.
  19. 19. Portfolio
  20. 20. KullunnaKhalifaThis is a terrific example of how we took abrilliant concept and brought it to life as anationwide movement climaxing in ablockbuster event.For our National Day on December 1st, weconceptualized the theme ‘Kullunna Khalifa’(“we are all Khalifa”) in tribute to ourcountry’s ruler. We then packaged it into thecountry’s most unforgettable event through:Identity creation, concept development,media buying, social media strategy &execution, event management (fromlocation sourcing to content creation toexecution). Let us orchestrate your eventand you too will feel like the ruler of yourkingdom!
  21. 21. Kullunna khalifa - EventKullunna Khalifa
  22. 22. Kullunna khalifa - Social MediaKullunna Khalifa
  23. 23. Kullunna khalifa - Mobile ApplicationKullunna Khalifa
  24. 24. Kullunna khalifa - Print CampaignKullunna Khalifa
  25. 25. Kullunna khalifa - OutdoorKullunna Khalifa
  26. 26. GlobalVillageThe Global Village is one of the UAE’s mostsuperhuman attractions, luring millions ofadoring visitors worldwide. One of the manyaccounts they have entrusted us with issocial media, which attracted over 4000fans in less than 2 months using onlyFacebook, Twitter and YouTube.The secret recipe for our earth-shatteringsuccess is our content creation throughworld class videography, photography andaudio design linked to original concepts andnot just text. Join our village today!
  27. 27. Global Village - Social MediaGlobal Village
  28. 28. Global Village - Social Media EventsGlobal Village
  29. 29. Event Management and Media CoverageGlobal Village
  30. 30. Event Management - Closing Ceremony 2011Global Village
  31. 31. Event Management - Closing Ceremony 2011Global Village
  32. 32. Event Management - Closing Ceremony 2011Global Village
  33. 33. T-shirtsGlobal Village
  34. 34. BrandsWe never thought we would take socialmedia to retail stores and convertcustomers to fans over the counter.Furthermore we collected their data throughour in-house application. Their onlyincentive was a 250 Dhs voucher per 100fans. For credibility, we filmed the draw andposted it on diverse social media likeFacebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  35. 35. Brands - Social MediaBrands
  36. 36. Brands - Social Media EventBrands
  37. 37. Shop EventBrands
  38. 38. Store Opening and Media CoverageBrands
  39. 39. GlobalAdvocates
  40. 40. New IdentityGlobal
  41. 41. Al GarhoudHospital
  42. 42. Website design and DevelopmentAl Garhoud
  43. 43. Website design and DevelopmentAl Garhoud
  44. 44. DMCC
  45. 45. Launch for DMCC JLT - 2011DMCC
  46. 46. Launch for DMCC JLT - 2011DMCC
  47. 47. Launch for DMCC JLT - Social MediaDMCC
  48. 48. DED
  49. 49. DED - Mobile ApplicationDED
  50. 50. PetsPlusBranding
  51. 51. CollateralsPetsPlus
  52. 52. Print CampaignPetsPlus
  53. 53. Print CampaignPetsPlus
  54. 54. PetsPlus - Social MediaPetsPlus
  55. 55. YEC
  56. 56. YEC - Social MediaYEC
  57. 57. YEC - Iphone ApplicationYEC
  58. 58. BogdanLascar
  59. 59. Launch Bogdan - Print CampaignBogdan Lascar
  60. 60. Bogdan - Socail MediaBogdan Lascar
  61. 61. Event Launch - 2011Bogdan Lascar
  62. 62. TaraEngagementParty
  63. 63. Event Launch - 2011Engagement Party
  64. 64. Salaam LaunchEngagement Party
  65. 65. Event Launch - 2011Salaam Launch
  66. 66. IWAS Opening EventEngagement Party
  67. 67. Event Launch - 2011IWAS Event
  68. 68. IdentitiesEngagement Party
  69. 69. IdentitiesIdentities
  70. 70. Our ClientsEngagement Party
  71. 71. Our ClientsOur Clients
  72. 72. Thank You