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  1. 1. Alsamawal Mokashfi Bashier Abdelmutalab-CHRM Khartoum-Sudan- 00249-912502865 Skills Soft skills & personal traits: *Literally committed to personal development (to learn every day through out of my life), motivated and hungry to achieve. Personal drive, high emotional intelligence and culturally aware. *Ability to take initiative, look beyond current role and to show strong industry talent. * Excellent communication along with strong negotiation skills, engage quickly with any new environment. * Persistent with high resilience and decisive. *Good interpersonal, social and organizational skills. *Team player and open minded attitude towards different cultures. *Proactive, dynamic and punctual personality. * Willingness to work additional hours as necessary. * Strong administration and time management skills, * Conflict management skills Knowledge * Extensive knowledge in HRM , General Management ,Self Awareness ,NLP and quite interested in psychology. Languages Arabic and English, orally, writing* istoryHEmployment HR welfare Administrator, Sudan Airways, Sudan(2006-2015) (Responsible of healthcare & social services) Administrator, Sahla aviation services CO, Sudan(2009-2010)
  2. 2. page twoAlsamawal Mokashfi Education - Open University of Sudan Bachelor of Business administration (an open educational system study, ongoing-2016 expected) -Upper Nile University, Diploma of computer sciences (2006) RELATED COURSEWORK: -Certified Human Resource Manager_CHRM-AMII.USA -Diploma in Human Resources Management, Alison -Mini MBA, University of Khartoum. -Project Management Professional, Brilliant professional TC -The Strategic planning, the Sudanese Federation Youth -Management and decision making skills, Alsalam center for H.R development -Decision-making, Alqars Eltayeb and capacity development CEN OTHER COURSEWORK: -NLP, A’zahir administrative & HR development CEN -Self management, the royal institution of training & human development. - Advanced, British educational institute -English upper intermediate 1&2 (ongoing), British Council. -Falsified DOC and ID, French Embassy. -TOT, Sudanese youth association for trainers-ministry of youth and sport