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  2. 2. CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION "An excellent student affairs staffing program begins with hiring the right people andplacing them in positions with responsibilities that allow them to maximize their skills,knowledge, and talents in the pursuit of student affairs purposes . . . The first commandment forstudent affairs administrators, therefore, is to hire the right people. The second commandment isto do it the right way." (Winston & Creamer, 1997, p. 123) The qualified human resources and have big contributions to the company are the mainasset for the company. In order to get the qualified individu who can give the best cotribution forthe company, it has to be trained well through several training processes. But before all, anotherimportant thing to do is get the right people who has qualifications match with company needs.Hiring the right people for the right position is not easy. It is because hiring the people needs theright way too. To ensure that the company can gets the right people for the right position, thecompany should use the right way of recruitment process. The right way will get the right peoplewho have the capability and suitable with the company’s needs. I choose recruitment as my topic in this paper because I often heard that the company hassome difficulties in get the right people. It has to be remembered that good selection reducesturnover, more training and recruitment costs, and thereby produces stability, consistency, lowoperating costs and an ability to increase reward desired behavior. For the company, recruitmentprocess is a complex process and needs a mature plan. In this paper I would like to describe whatsteps that should be fulfilled in order to get the new qualified new employee. I also try to explainabout the case that relates to the topic.
  3. 3. CHAPTER II CONCEPTUAL Recruitment refers to the process of sourcing, screening, and selecting people for a job orvacancy within an organization. Whatever the reason of recruitment, the vacancy has to be filledas soon as possible in order to not become late in doing the operational. To filled the job vancacy,there are some steps :2.1 Planning Personnel planning is process of deciding what positions the firm will have to be filled,and how to fill them. The institutions goals and mission statement should be clearly defined andunderstood prior to conducting a search for qualified individuals. Whether the position is new orrecently vacated, there must be a careful determination of why the position is needed, preciselyhow it will assist the division and the institution in achieving its goals and mission, how it relatesto other positions in the division, and what skills and other abilities are necessary to carry out itsresponsibilities. Finally, the position analysis should include a judgment as to whether otherpositions in the division should be reconfigured in light of the vacancy. Besides of that, it alsoimportant to deciding how to fill the job vancancy either from within or outside the company. The succession planning is the ongoing process of sistematically identifying, assessing,and developing the organizational leadership to enhace the performances. The division shouldfirst establish a hiring profile, consistent with the idea of choosing the person who would best fitthe position. It is imperative that a position description clearly defines the institutions goals, andthat employees are selected based on personality and chemistry that fit the defined services andgoals. The job description should indicate the need for the position in light of the company’sgoals. It also should make clear to other members of the unit in which the work is to beperformed, what is expected of the new member.2.2 Sourcing The candidates who will be recruited, can be taken neither from internal nor external oforganization. Internal recruitment usually doing by the company that had been existed and had agood career system. Internal recruitment has advantages such as unexpensive, doesn’t need a
  4. 4. longer adaptation because the employees have already know the company’s culture. But internalrecruitment will eliminate the opportunity to get a new qualified candidates. Occasionally the company doesn’t has the employees who have certain qualifications. For thatreason, a company needs the recruitment system from external company. There are some resourcesthat can be used for external recriutment. For example college recruitment, using the applicationsfrom the previous time, employment agencies, employees from another company, outsourcing,and so on.2.3 Attracting To get the candidates, a company should create an attractive job advertising. Jobadvertising is usefull for a company that wants to hiring a new employees from the externalcompany. This crucial step informs all who are interested in the position precisely what the searchcompany is looking for in clear and unambiguous language. If stated clearly, the positionannouncement can unencumbered the overall search process by encouraging self-elimination ofcandidates who clearly do not fit the announced requirements. The company should evaluate all possible avenues for advertising a position vacancy.Limited budgets may determine the means by which a position vacancy is advertised. Therefore,it is important to consider carefully which advertising media is most likely to target the audiencemost important to reach.2.4 Selecting Screening of applications should be conducted from the beginning of the search process,and reviews should begin immediately following the announcement. The division should test toensure that each applicant fits the profile and hire a person who fits the profile.2.5 Hiring/Offering After the company has completed all of the selection process, the supervisor shouldcontact the preferred candidate and make the job offer. The candidate should be given sufficienttime to either accept or reject the offer. If the candidate accepts the position, the offer andconditions of hiring should be sent to the candidate in writing as soon as possible. If the candidatedeclines the position, the hiring supervisor should make the offer to the next candidate.
  5. 5. If it is impossible to make a selection at this point, the company may wants to considerscheduling an additional interview or conducting additional reference checks. If the companyfeels none of the applicants are qualified, the company may choose to re-recruit.2.6 Orientation Employee orientation provides new employees with the basic background informationrequired to perform their jobs. The orientation will make the employee understand what thecompany’s rules and cultures in order to they can perform as well as the company be expected.
  6. 6. CHAPTER III CASE STUDY ANALYSIS RECRUTING THE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE NEEDS OUTSOURCING Recruiting the government employee for year 2007 is not being handled by the centralgovernment again, but will be handled by the employment agencies. For doing the recruitmentprocess the governemnt will use about IDR 6.32 billion. But nowadays the government still hasthe priority to recruit from the internal with the promoting the current employee to the higherposition. The government exepects that the applicants will attain 300.000 applicants.3.1 Discussion To get the new qualified employee, the company has to use the procedures of recruitingprocess. The procedures will be described in the pictures below : TARGET SETTING SOURCING ATTRACTING determine # of new determine where to look develop & execute hires needed by function for potential candidates programs to attract target by level candidates by timing 1 2 3 ON-BOARDING/ HIRING/ SELECTING ORIENTATION OFFERING develop & execute ensure offer is appealing develop appropriate orientation programs for (career, salary, benefit, selection test tools and new hires at all levels etc) determine the selection stages 6 5 4 (Sources : People Management Course Slide. SBM-ITB. 2008) To hire employees, company can use either internal or external sourcing. With the internalsourcing, the company will know the current employee who qualified to fulfill the new position.If the current employee has the qualifications, the company can promote the current employee tofulfill the new position. The company can also uses rehiring the ex-employees system and creditthem with the years of services they had accumulated before they left. But when the current
  7. 7. employee doesn’t has the qualifications to fulfill the new position, the company can use theexternal sourcing to help it finds the appropriate new employee. The external sourcing has severalmethods such as job advertising, employment agencies, college recruitment, etc. With using theemployment agencies, the company doesn’t need many time to process the recruitment system. Inother word it will more simple when the company can use the employment agencies. But, thecompany should provides more money to pay the employment agencies. Because of that, thecompany still use the internal system to hiring the new employee. In addition, there are some advatages for internal recruitment, which are :• Unexpensive, because it will not need the long process recruitment like the external recruitment do, so that it doesn’t need an expensive budget.• The company is already know the qualified employee to fullfill an empty position• To get the higher position, the employees will increase their motivation in order to they can be promoted by their company.• Because the company has a clear development of career path, it will prevent the qualified employees to resign from the company.• The employees have already know the company’s culture. But there are some disadvantages, which are :• The qualified employess who being promoted to fulfill the higher position are disposed to not doing their responsibilities an authorities because they have already close with their current subordinates.• The company doesn’t gives the new prospective for the current employees who not qualified. If the company has to use external resource regarding to lack of qualifications fromcurrent employees to fulfill the new position, it is imperative that external resource is fullyunderstand the position description. The position description should clearly defines theinstitutions goals, and that employees are selected based on personality and chemistry that fit thedefined services and goals.
  8. 8. CHAPTER V REFERENCES•• People Management Course Slide. SBM-ITB. 2008• Dessler, Gary. Human Resources Management. 2005. Pearson Prentice Hall:New Jersey•