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Alchemus - HR Software


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Alchemus has been ranked among the leading cloud based Talent Management Software Solution Companies across the globe. Established in 2000, the organization has strived to success with multifold industry experience and domain knowledge. With headquarters in the United States of America, we have successfully spread our roots to the most competitive environments and countries like USA, UK, Asia and Middle East.

Alchemus Talent Management plug and play solution allows you to automate all or any of these components based on your needs, our suite includes -
• Recruitment and On Boarding solutions
• Performance Management solution
• Learning Management Solution
• Employee Self Service

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Alchemus - HR Software

  2. 2. About Alchemus Providers of Integrated Talent Acquisition (Alchemus RS) and Performance Management Solutions (Alchemus PM).  Alchemus unites all aspects of HR, from recruiting to talent management in one all- inclusive Software-as-a-Service solution that delivers serious business benefits for your organization and the most human capital management (HCM) functionality available for the greatest value today.  The Alchemus platform includes Recruitment, Assessment, Compensation, On boarding, Performance Management, Employee Self Service, Skill/Competency Management, Succession Management, Compensation Management, and Learning Management.  Due to its scalability and plug and play architecture, Alchemus can be deployed on most of all major industries for all sizes of companies globally. Depending on each organization’s requirements, various versions of Alchemus can cater to Corporate and Staffing companies across the globe.  Lite Edition  Business Edition  Enterprise Edition Locations Headquartered in US with offices in India, Dubai, Hong Kong Target Market Business Size: Small and Medium Business, Large Enterprise
  3. 3. Key Features Recruitment functionality: posting to job boards, a branded career website, employee referrals and social sourcing, prospective employee screening and assessment, comprehensive search functionality On boarding Performance and goal management: performance appraisals, 360 degree feedback, recording of performance, and alignment with organizational goals Career and development planning: competency management and job description management Compensation or Pay for performance Succession planning: identifying and managing internal talent pools Learning management Employee Self Service (ESS) Leave Management Workforce planning and analytics Mobile support Reporting and Analytics Our Strengths Over 15 years of experience in HR automation Focused only on HR Scalable Implementation Rapid Implementation Processes Organizational ROI exceed minimum 300% Product line to handle workflows without customization SAAS Model since inception Help companies keep IT requirements down to a minimum in order to contain costs and focus on core business Enable clients to have an in-depth view into the productivity of individual users, to ensure targets are met Ability to effectively enforce standardization of processes, KPIs and service benchmarks Best fit based on business requirements, price, stability and flexibility
  4. 4. Our Weakness While we don’t have ISO 27001 certification, we do comply with a number of other related standards which are roughly equivalent. Compared to other cloud providers we have particularly strong security separating data between customers. Other Factors why companies choose Alchemus User Adoption Our standard GUI and process driven configuration makes a convincing case for ease of use, simple navigation and user adoption. Alchemus’s intuitive solutions call for minimal formal training for users; employees can complete basic training within 5 days of workshop. User Productivity We continue aggression by focusing on stream lining processes that impact HR driven activity. Concentration to improve collaboration of various roles makes its choice for being one of the best tools in terms of user productivity Integration Our Open Platform allows integration with other HR Software vendors using HRXML standards. Companies have deployed Alchemus, integrated with other leading software to provide their unique data management system. Our use of cloud computing enables easy, accurate input and access of information. Service Levels Our target of 99.9% uptime has been met consistently for the last7 years. Our support structure model allows us to handle customers globally. Our escalation rules ensure that our clients are able to communicate customer complaints effectively, so they can be addressed and successfully handled in a timely fashion. Our Deployment Models o On Cloud o On Premise (Licensee Hosted) o Hybrid (Cloud and Premise) Purchase Model o Subscription Service o Licensee Purchased
  5. 5. Functional Capabilities Integrated Talent Management Talent Acquisition Sourcing Career Portal Social Networking Vendor Management Job Board Integration Employee Referral Applicant Tracking Requisition Management Pipelining Screening & Assessment Candidate Management Resume Management Intercompany Transfers Employment Offer Handle New, Transfers and Rehires Integration to On Boarding Integration to Career Portal Integration to Payroll Integration to HRMS On Boarding Stream Line Internal Employee On boarding (Internal Departments) Employee On boarding Vendor Management Managing Vendors Contract and Work Order Management Time and Expense Management Invoicing Contract Management Managing contracts for vendors Timesheet and Expense for Vendor employees Managing Vendor Invoices Leave Management Request Leaves Approve Leaves Leave Balance Track
  6. 6. Leave History and Leave Records Incorporate Leave Policies Talent Management Performance Management Goal Management Review Process Promotions Probations Variable compensations Normalization Competency Gap Analysis Compensation Analysis Succession Planning Fitments Mid Term Reviews Integration to learning Management Integration to Talent Acquisition Integration to Payroll Integration to Third Party HRMS Other Portals Hiring / Line Manager Applicant Portal Employee Portal (ESS) Vendor Portal Single Platform Email Management Task and Event Management API Access to Partner Sites Multi Currency