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Ulead video studio 11 new


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Ulead video studio 11 new

  1. 1.  It is multimedia, powerful video editing and disc authoring software from Microsoft Windows. It is a simple way to get videos and pictures off a camera, do some editing to polish it and look good.
  2. 2.  Objectives:at the end of this program student will be able to: edit an already made videos. integrate images, audio and text into their video clip. produce instructional video for students in different level. convert video to sound file. Enhance creativity
  3. 3. many people can use this program.For instructional use it is suitable for high school students.The target learner must have some basic skills about editing video such as using movie maker.
  4. 4. Educational Feature: It allows students to import images from computer to present their ideas, concepts , etc.It Provides effects , transition , overlay to enhance students’ attention.It is Controllable pace because it includes options for stop/pause and exit the video.
  5. 5. Technical Feature:It Provides exit button and safety nets to end the program.It supports multi -languages .It Provides save option. It is Free download.
  6. 6. Teacher’s role: Define the objective . teacher should present the interface ofprogram to the students. Gide students to know how can they use theprograms teacher should teach students how to usefilters and effects. Teacher should teach the student how tosave hisher work.
  7. 7.  Student roles: Students should use the program to develop their own movies. Students have to use their prior knowledge to create or edit videos. students have to present a video which is related to instructional subjects
  8. 8. Audio files Image files Video files AU BMP Quick. AVI DCS Time MOV GIF AVI MP3 IMG WMV WAV PCD UIS QT JPG FLI