Classroom rules and procedures


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Classroom rules and procedures

  1. 1. AcademicsCitizenshipReal Life Skills
  2. 2.  Warning Seating Change Private Conference Parent Contacted Phone call Email sent through Teacher Ease In person conference If I have to contact your parent more than twiceduring the progress period you will receive anN on your progress report or Report Card.
  3. 3. QUIZ I will count down from three to get the classquite. If you are not quite by 3 then I will startwriting the word QUIZ. One letter will bewritten for every 30 seconds that I have to wait. If I end up spelling out the whole word,during the last 10 minutes of class a quiz willbe given out on material currently orpreviously covered for a grade.
  4. 4.  The QUIZ rule will apply when students talkout of turn If you say something during class withoutraising your hand I will begin writing letters onthe board
  5. 5.  If you are disrupting the class by Tapping your pencil on the desk loudly Playing with devices at your seat Getting up from your seat with out permission Consequences These actions also will earn the class letters to theword QUIZ
  6. 6.  Homework Passes Raise a Grade for Test Coupons Bring Homework in late without penaltyCoupon Extra Bathroom Passes
  7. 7.  At the end of the week 3 students per class willreceive 1 coupon each of their choice who havedisplayed correct behaviors and meet orexceeded classroom expectations.
  8. 8.  The class that has the most E’s and S’s ontheir report card will have 1 free periodduring the week April 29th – May 3rd The class most improved with the numberof E’s and S’s on their report card will have1 free period during the week April 29th-May 3rd
  9. 9.  The class with highest class average (gradewise) will receive 1 free period during theweek April 29th – May 3rd The class showing most improvement of classgrade average will 1 free period during theweek April 29th – May 3rd
  10. 10.  No classwork assigned No assigned seats (everyone must be seatedduring the hour) Cell phones will be allowed, but no phone callsallowed No homework You cannot leave the room once class begins If anyone breaks the free period rules or regularclassroom rules during free period, the period isOVER and regular class will resume withbookwork
  11. 11.  Each class is only allowed to have 2 people gowithin a class period If you consistently ask to use the restroom duringthe period, this means that you are not taking careof your personal needs on your own personal timeso you will lose this privilege of using the greenticket If you do not return from the bathroom within areasonable about of time I will consider you asskipping and write a referral to be sent to the office
  12. 12.  If you need to call home you can do this during3times only: Before the bell rings During the beginning of class (after youhave completed your bell work After the bell rings
  13. 13.  You are required to bring everyday to class Pencil or pen Paper to write on Power Point Notes for Unit we arecurrently discussing (if you are absent from the day we have went overthe power point its your responsibility to get them fromme ASAP)
  14. 14.  If you don’t have a Paper Pencil Pen Then you must give me either a Jacket Backpack Agenda Key ID Badge You will get your item back at the end of the hour This should be a silent process!!! If you come to class not prepared 2 days in a rowyour parent or guardian will be contacted
  15. 15.  You must sharpen your pencil beforethe bell rings If you do not sharpen your pencil before the bellrings or if you are late you will not be given anopportunity to do this during class You can borrow a pencil or pen from mefollowing the ‘ I need collateral’ procedure