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Citizen Science 2015 presentation to LAS by Martin Brocklehurst


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Martin Brocklehurst's presentation on European citizen science to the Alpine Institute in an LAS Library Lecture on 23 November 2015.

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Citizen Science 2015 presentation to LAS by Martin Brocklehurst

  2. 2. Our Vision: In 2020, citizens in Europe are valued and empowered as key actors in advancing knowledge and innovation and thus supporting a sustainable development of our world. Our Mission: Connecting citizens and science through fostering active participation
  3. 3. July 2012 November 2012 June 2013 October 2013 January 2014 April 2014 November 2014 First Meeting in London ECSA Launch in Brussels ECSA Meeting in Brussels ECSA Registration in Berlin ECSA 1st General Assembly (Copenhagen) ECSA 2nd General Assembly (Berlin) EEA Copenhagen Meeting on the Development of European Citizen Science Network Brief history
  4. 4. EU Citizen Science Observatories - Video
  5. 5. UNEP Live's Citizen Science portal “Our environment is continuously changing and we often notice small difference where we live or visit. This page gives us all the opportunity to inform and be informed of such changes thus making environmental information more accessible. Share in the excitement of discovery!
  6. 6. Citizen Science Portal scistarter Science we can do together Citizen Science Reporter Extreme Citizen Science: ExCiteS
  7. 7. USA - Policy Leadership EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT OFFICE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY WASHINGTON, D.C. 20502 September 30, 2015 MEMORANDUM TO THE HEADS OF EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENTS AND AGENCIES FROM: John P. Holdren Assistant to the President for Science and Technology and Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy SUBJECT: Addressing Societal and Scientific Challenges through Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing ence_memo_092915_0.pdf
  8. 8. crowdsourcing-and-citizen-science Federal Community of Practice for Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science The Federal Community of Practice on Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science meets monthly to share lessons learned and develop best practices for designing, implementing, and evaluating crowdsourcing and citizen science initiatives. • 330 citizen science biodiversity projects contribute economic value of €2.5 billion per year • Provide hands-on-learing in sciencde technology engineering and mathematics (STEM) • Connect members of the public directly to Federal Agencies • Each agency will provide a co-ordiantor for Citizen Science • Each Agency will catalogue specific ciitizen science and crowdsourcing projects • Project • Sudden Oak Death San Francisco • Phenological research mapping the economic impact of climate change • Identifying new astronomical objects working with NASA • Verifying weather models • Real time natural hazard data – eg earthquakes • Mapping the human brain • Measuring broadband performance across the USA
  9. 9. Leading National States UK – Scotland National Strategy led by SEP/OPAL/Tree Health Finland – Established programmes – target of 20% by 2025 Austria – National Citizen Science Platform & Strategy Germany – Developing Natoional Strategy Netherlands – Developing programmes and technology Spain – Developing technology & programme European Commission EU – Five Citizen Observatories
  10. 10. Citizen Science Association- US Policy Agenda is changing
  11. 11. Open Air Laboratories (OPAL) “Citizen science for everyone”
  12. 12. OPAL Impact • More than 850,000 people have actively participated in surveys • More than 2,000 schools have taken part, many from areas of high deprivation • Over 1,000 organisations are involved • Approximately 270,000 packs have been distributed to the public • Over 50,000 surveys submitted • Nearly 23,000 sites surveyed • 21 scientific papers published • Won a UK Government Civil Service Reform award in 2013
  13. 13. Trees across Europe are under threat
  14. 14. The UK Government has sought help • Tree Health & Plant Biosecurity Action Plan: “People more aware and more informed on how they can help” and “develop a cadre of professionals and volunteers to act as ‘eyes and ears’ to support official surveillance” • Chalara Management Plan: “encourage citizen, landowner and industry engagement in surveillance” • Tree Health & Plant Biosecurity Expert Taskforce: “help members of the public to contribute to surveillance efforts” and “create a wide network of individuals able to identify plant pests and pathogens” • Protecting Plant Health - A Plant Biosecurity Strategy for Great Britain: “support public participation in citizen science through initiatives such as OPAL”, “seek the public’s help in identifying tree pests”, “provide a cadre of trained members of the public able to spot outbreaks of plant pests thereby increasing capability and capacity”.
  15. 15. Outcomes – great engagement • 50,000 survey packs produced plus 2,000 in Welsh • At least 750 ‘trainers’ trained • 55 sign-ups to be a Tree Buddy • >1,194 surveys submitted (2,300 trees) • 38% surveys carried out by school children (12% primary, 26% secondary) • 25% surveys carried out as part of an adult volunteer group • 29% surveys carried out with family or friends
  16. 16. Bleeding Canker 28% trees affected Leaf mining moth 54% trees affected Outcomes – data on latest distribution
  17. 17. The Austrian Platform for Citizen Science Currently hosts 20 projects with thousands of participants - started 3 months ago Benefit for citizens One single platform for citizen science in Austria Benefits for project leaders •Efficient networking among peers •Organisation of conferences & workshops •Joint public relations & media activities Benefits for all members Very efficient interaction through multiple communication channels
  18. 18. Project Roadkill Policy implications & benefits for biodiversity •Provides evidence for policymakers •Deals with environmental issues that directly affect citizens •Helps to halt the loss of biodiversity
  19. 19. Results
  20. 20. • combines smartphone camera, GPS, accelerometer, data processing, data connection with plastic optics (iSPEX add-on) • measures polarization of blue sky to deduce aerosol properties amount compositionsize
  21. 21. health NL: -1 year
  22. 22. economy Flight cancellations due to volcanic ash in 2010: - 1G€
  23. 23. Aerosols constitute largest unknown factor in climate change
  24. 24. H2020 LIGHT2015 9000 Units • Athens • Bari • Barcelona • Belgrade • Berlin • Copenhagen • London • Manchester • Milan • Rome • Toulouse
  25. 25. iSPEX • One of the largest Citizen Science experiments • Idea, technology from astronomy • Produces high-impact scientific papers • Citizens motived by science, health, climate • Device is cheap, but need large numbers • CSlab@Leiden: societally relevant problems that can only be addressed by actively involving a substantial fraction of society
  26. 26. Photo:ANP @ispex_eu
  27. 27. Water Quality Monitor - Finland
  28. 28. Estimate the spatial distribution of particularly traffic-related air pollution in the city of Antwerp (Belgium). Strawberry plants are used to bio-accumulate pollutants breathed by the citizens of Antwerp
  29. 29. AIRbezen-facts • In March ‘14 1063 strawberry plants were distributed in Antwerp • The number of candidates was, however, much larger, and requests for participation were continuously received, eventually from all over Flanders (and the Netherlands) • Win-win 72
  30. 30. AIRbezen -impressies 76
  31. 31. AIRbezen-statistics • 1063 plants distributed • > 790 plants received back (75%) • Plants stolen, death • Correspondence inquiry and plants: 697 (65%) 77
  32. 32. AIRbezen-results 79
  33. 33. AIRbezen-results: height-effect • Decrease traffic-related air pollution with height 81 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 4 7.6 11 SIRM(x10-6A) 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2.3 5 6 SIRM(x10-6A)
  34. 34. • Citizens are really concerned • Traffic pollution is everywhere • Clear decrease traffic-related air pollution further from intense traffic axes • No clear differences in urban areas/neighbourhoods, but depends on local situation • Airbezen shows a much larger variation than observed by the classsic air measuring stations → need for measuring specific components and toxicity • Easy • Win-win + emotion • Citizens realised unique sampling campaign • Enormous awareness rising 84 AIRbezen-results: Conclusions
  35. 35. • Thank you for your attention! 85
  36. 36. Survey of 50 Citizen science progrmmes
  37. 37. EU GREEN WEEK 2015 12 5 3 2 1 1 96 4 3 3 2 2 1 4 3 3 1 Total pollinators (bees, bumblebees, butterflies) birds (monitoring of migration, impacts on glass) marine species observing animals roadkill in europe mosquito atlas over europe invasive alien species wilderness monitoring compliance of environmental laws (eg water quality) trees observing gardens
  38. 38. EU Green Week 2015 9 6 4 3 3 2 2 1 Environment invasive alien species wilderness monitoring compliance of environmental laws (eg water quality) trees observing gardens urban biodiversity litter and/or marine litter phenology
  39. 39. Policy Agenda & Funding Current Environment Policy Initiatives Habitats and Birds Directives Fitness Review Circular economy Climate change & Invasive Species Time for a major review of Citizen Science Role in The delivery of the EU Policy Agenda
  40. 40. How do we scale up in Europe Heads of Environmental Agency Suggest Quick Win - Marine Litter - Netherlands Dust Monitoring ECSA – Submitted Bid Proposal for - Tree Health, Invasive Species - Climate Change Indicator – Lichens Green Week - Invasive Species - Pollinators - Climate change and health, mosquitioes
  41. 41. Marine Litter App – Available free of charge - European Environment Agency
  42. 42. Pacific Gyre six times more plastic than plankton
  43. 43. Worcestershire Wildlife Trust Land- based litter Source : Keep Britain Tidy Estimated cost of dealing with litter in the EU €10-13 billion No EU wide agreed measurement method No EU wide agreed tonnage data on litter
  44. 44. Land-based litter in the freshwater environment Sava River – Tributary of the Danube River Arre France River Stour Tributary of River Severn UK Worcestershire Wildlife Trust PhotoSource Limbic Source Surf rider Danube River 4.2 tonnes plastic per day into the Black Sea Virtually no data on tonnage of litter from EU rivers to our seas
  45. 45. Land-based litter is responsible for 80% of marine litter To tackle marine litter we need to target land litter River – Worcestershire Wildlife Trust Source Surf rider We need to know where The worst problems are We need to focus EU resources
  46. 46. IGSU (Switzerland) • Formed in May 2007 • Interest Group for a Clean Environment in Switzerland • Founders – The IGORA Cooperative for Aluminium Recycling and – PRS PET-RECYCLING Switzerland The two organisations have been working together against littering since 2004 . •