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Alphaworks deck v2


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Alphaworks deck v2

  1. 1. Thursday, April 3, 14
  2. 2. Quibb lets you share what you're reading for work. Use Quibb to share news about your industry, discuss what matters, and see what colleagues are reading. Our mission is to connect professionals over business news and informed commentary - targeting every industry, profession, and geography. Thursday, April 3, 14
  3. 3. Rebecca Searles Community Editor at The Huffington Post reads: Kate Myers Product Manager at NPR reads: Adam Feldstein Chief Product Officer at Moz reads: Personalized email of content, based on who you follow and sorted with a ranking algorithm Jonathan Colman (Content Strategist at Facebook) uses Quibb to stay on top of industry news and important professional trends Jonathan follows his colleagues Rebecca, Kate, and Adam on Quibb to see what they’re reading Quibb generates Jonathan’s unique newsletter everyday, highlighting the most important news according to his colleagues Thursday, April 3, 14
  4. 4. Amazing ~40% unique open rate and ~50% unique click-through rate for the Quibb daily newsletter over the past year ... 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% Feb9-15 Feb16-22 Feb23-1 Mar2-8 Mar9-15 Mar16-22 Mar23-29 Mar30-5 Apr6-12 Apr13-19 Apr20-26 Apr27-3 May4-10 May11-17 May18-24 May25-31 Jun1-7 Jun8-14 Jun15-21 Jun22-28 Jun29-5 Jul6-12 Jul13-19 Jul20-26 Jul27-2 Aug3-9 Aug10-16 Aug17-23 Aug24-30 Aug31-6 Sep7-13 Sep14-20 Sep21-27 Sep28-4 Oct5-11 Oct12-18 Oct19-25 Oct26-1 Nov2-8 Nov9-15 Nov16-22 Nov23-29 Nov30-6 Dec7-13 Dec14-20 Dec21-27 Dec28-3 Jan4-10 Jan11-17 Jan18-24 Jan25-31 Feb1-7 03/13 06/13 09/13 12/13 Thursday, April 3, 14
  5. 5. ...even as the membership has grown 15% monthly Total number of digests sent per week over the past year 0! 2000! 4000! 6000! 8000! 10000! 12000! 14000! Feb$9&15$ Feb$16&22$ Feb$23&1$ Mar$2&8$ Mar$9&15$ Mar$16&22$ Mar$23&29$ Mar$30&5$ Apr$6&12$ Apr$13&19$ Apr$20&26$ Apr$27&3$ May$4&10$ May$11&17$ May$18&24$ May$25&31$ Jun$1&7$ Jun$8&14$ Jun$15&21$ Jun$22&28$ Jun$29&5$ Jul$6&12$ Jul$13&19$ Jul$20&26$ Jul$27&2$ Aug$3&9$ Aug$10&16$ Aug$17&23$ Aug$24&30$ Aug$31&6$ Sep$7&13$ Sep$14&20$ Sep$21&27$ Sep$28&4$ Oct$5&11$ Oct$12&18$ Oct$19&25$ Oct$26&1$ Nov$2&8$ Nov$9&15$ Nov$16&22$ Nov$23&29$ Nov$30&6$ Dec$7&13$ Dec$14&20$ Dec$21&27$ Dec$28&3$ Jan$4&10$ Jan$11&17$ Jan$18&24$ 03/13 06/13 09/13 12/13 Thursday, April 3, 14
  6. 6. Over 10,000 members - all vetted technology, media, and agency professionals from companies like: Apple Skype Microsoft Facebook Google Flipboard Intuit R/GA tumblr Akamai Hootsuite Twitter eBay EA Hulu bitly Apperian ZocDoc Pinterest Amazon Digg Spotify IDEO Hubspot Voxer LinkedIn Vodafone Zappos Kakao Dropbox Thursday, April 3, 14
  7. 7. Quibb has become my favorite source for tech strategy and product design discussions. Great daily email. -Susan Wu, Stripe & Founding Partner at Obvious Corp Highly recommend everyone check out and join Quibb. Stellar quality of people, articles, and curation. -Melissa Tsang, Evernote Increasingly appreciating Quibb’s daily email. One of my best/ cleanest sources of industry intel these days. -Mia Mabanta, Quartz Quibb is delivering more professional value to me than Twitter, Quora or LinkedIn. -Brian Balfour, Former EIR at Trinity Ventures Thursday, April 3, 14
  8. 8. “After bootstrapping and running Quibb by myself for the past 18mo, I’m really excited to work with members to grow the company and expand the membership to more tech-focused professionals” Sandi MacPherson Editor-in-Chief at Quibb Sandi graduated from the Schulich School of Business in Toronto, after roles at Environment Canada and Toronto Social Venture Partners. She then worked in cleantech, and wasn’t satisfied with the existing ways to stay up-to-date on news related to her job. She's working to make industry news social without being overwhelming. Thursday, April 3, 14
  9. 9. Quibb aims to be the modern day industry journal for knowledge-based professionals - empowering everyone from architects, to medical device engineers, to SaaS marketers - with information that matters in their workday Thursday, April 3, 14