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Which is best configuration of linux virtual private server?

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  1. 1. Best Configuration of VPS server
  2. 2. VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER VPS VPS stands for virtual private server. This servers created by server software, which divides the servers hard drive into different partitions and installing a separate operating system on each of them. Each partition works individually and result is multiple virtual machines. Each VPS have their own, completely independent hosting parameters and individual operating systems.
  3. 3. CHOICES FOR SERVER Which is Best?Managed and Unmanaged :Unmanaged VPS:This is the low-cost option you dont really want to entertain unlessyou have the technical know-how, experience, and time to fuss withyour own server.Managed VPS:Managed VPS that includes everything. Management, monitoring,repairs, expert service and infrastructure are all covered. This makesit an especially appealing option for those out there that maybe donot know much about servers, those who would rather not bebothered with it all.
  4. 4. CHOICE OF OPERATING SYSTEM Which is best? Its Big debate about Linux VS Window O/S, Who is best But In case of virtual private server at according to Exerts Linux is Best operating system, due to free of cost,easy availability, best security and functions. So Most of the vendors suggest CentOS, debian and Ubantu as operating system for vps server. But as configuration point of view CentOS 5.x 32-bit is best for user.Windows is also provided by vendors but due to payablesoftware function it increase more cost of server
  5. 5. CHOICE OF VIRTUALIZATION Which is best?Virtualization is the creation of a virtual (rather than actual) versionof something, such as an operating system, a server, a storagedevice or network resources.There are two most popular virtualization technologies - Xen andOpenVZ. Both provides Root access, Easy setup of network etc.Mostly VPS vendors recommend OpenVZ due to easy platform.
  6. 6. CHOICES OF CONTROL PANEL Which is best? A control panel is very important for Server management so it is very important for users to choose control panel carefully. Leading VPS control panels are DirectAdmin and cPanel. cPanel is VPS friendly due to its site and data backup, email, spam and virus filtering and more of features so mostly vps service provider offers cPanel. Another frequently offered control panel by VPS vendors is Webmin, free open source server/account management software.
  7. 7. CHOICE OF RAM AND HARD DISK Which is best?RAM and Disk space is basic part of any system so those parameters areusually depends according to the server specifications. A Linux vps accountwith 512 MB memory and 20 GB of drive space will do nicely and Itspossible to run with less than that, even as low as 256 MB memory, butyoull have to give up email virus scanning and including control panel, sothats why 512 MB account recommended.
  8. 8. ThanksTo Know more information of best VPS offers visit at