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Looking for a way to provide engaging, valuable content to your target audience in a dynamic way? Through ePublications, you can combine text, pictures, video and more to create an interactive experience that provides your customers with the tools and resources they need.

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  1. 1. In today’s multimedia world, you need a multi-channel approach to reach your target audience. Whether customers are using online platforms, mobile devices or traditional print media to find the products and services they need, you should be there, providing them options as you increase your company’s exposure.Scan this QR code with AlphaGraphics’ multi-channel and cross-media marketing services enable you to interact with potentialyour smartphone to see an clients in ways never before possible. Whether you need to improve brand awareness, boost marketinginformative video aboutePublishing Marketing. efforts or explore the world of ePublishing, you’ll get expert assistance backed by over four decades in the communications industry.For a free reader, visitalphagraphicsmobile.comfrom your phone’s browser. Increase your reach today by working with the marketing communications team at AlphaGraphics.
  2. 2. Looking for a way to provide engaging, valuable content to your target audience in a dynamic way?Through ePublications, you can combine text, pictures, video and more to create an interactive experience that provides your customers with the tools and resources they need. Whether you want to digitize case studies, brochures, newsletters or books, AlphaGraphics can manage the process from start to finish, with:
  3. 3. People absorb information in different ways, which is why it’s crucial for your company to use a wide range of mediato communicate your key messages. By incorporating multimedia into your ePublications, AlphaGraphics can help youenhance your audience’s experience and improve your interactions with your customers and stakeholders.Increase your reach by:• Being interactive – Stimulate all of your viewer’s senses by incorporating more than just static text—integrate video, sound bites and images right into your document for a multi-dimensional experience.• Keeping their attention – You want readers to keep turning the pages of your ePubs, right? Break up the monotony of plain copy to keep users’ eyes moving, so they read on, keep clicking, and stay engaged.
  4. 4. In many ways, the layout of your ePublication defines its success. An attractive design, pairedwith an easy-to-navigate format, will make it simple for your readers to find the information they need. We’ll help you incorporate the proven, user-friendly elements that will keep your customers coming back for more. Increase your reach by: • Making it easy – Using an ePublication can be as simple as turning a page, in fact, even easier! Our team will help you create intuitive digital documents that make your customers’ lives easier. • Embracing “on-the-go” – ePublications allow you to tell an engaging story wherever your customers are— so you can entertain, inform AND compliment your printed collateral.
  5. 5. Links are a staple of most ePublications, pointing users to relevant supporting information. They allow readers easy,one-click access to internal or external sources, positioning you as a hub for valuable and interesting content in theeyes of your audience. We’ll assist you with selecting and inserting links that enhance your ePubs.Increase your reach by:• Enriching your message – Improve the user experience by illustrating your points with interactive elements, communicating on a deeper (and more memorable) level.• Satisfying their needs – Internet users thrive on immediate gratification, so conveniently clickable links will increase reader involvement and leave them satisfied with your content.• Improving your SEO – Including links in your web-hosted ePubs builds internet rankings and visibility, boosting your business’s search engine optimization efforts.
  6. 6. Providing your marketing materials in digital format introduces a whole new level of data miningopportunities. Through focused reporting and tracking, you’ll learn exactly how effective your ePublications are, so you can fine-tune future content and layouts for even better results. When you work with AlphaGraphics, we’ll help you collect and analyze the metrics that matter most, so you can improve your ROI. Increase your reach by: • Cutting the fat – Campaign analytics allow you to track where your money is spent and what the return is, so you can make the most of every penny. • Creating more impact – Successful marketing is more than just throwing mud at the wall and hoping something sticks. Tracking allows you to identify what works, fine tune, and boost future results.
  7. 7. AlphaGraphics is proudto be the first-ever title sponsor in the history of US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics.
  8. 8. Creative, eye-catching design can help your company’s messages pop. To ensure your communications aremaking the right impression, you need outstanding graphic designs that make your logo and marketing materialsvisually stimulating AND professional. Our graphic design pros can help you create sizzling collateral, branding,and online platforms, so prospects and customers take note—and remember you.Clear, consistent content delivered in your brand’s voice is essential to effective marketing. Your written materialsshould be professional, engaging and action-oriented, inciting the recipient to purchase. AlphaGraphics can helpyou communicate your most important messages in concise, easy-to-digest copy, whether you are developingblog articles, a website, or a full-scale multi-channel marketing campaign.You want your website visitors to have instant access to the products and information they are looking for, right?While they won’t ever see behind the curtain, making sure that your web content is properly hosted on the backend is key to a positive user experience. Selecting a web hosting solution that supports the specific needs of youronline content will ensure that visitors are satisfied, so they spend more time engaging with your site, and feelconfident purchasing from you.
  9. 9. Your local AlphaGraphics is supported by and connected to a global network of providers who ensure consistent, qualityservice for businesses like yours all around the world. We can help you navigate the planning and printing of almost anycommunications campaign—and make your life simpler in the process. Our Quality Management Program, based on ISO 9001:2008 guidelines and incorporating Lean Manufacturing philosophies, is your guarantee that AlphaGraphics’ quality print and production management meets precise quality assurance standards. We engage in the best business practices in our industry to help ensure our deliv- erables will consistently meet your exact business requirements. AlphaGraphics takes environmentally responsible business practices seriously. Every AlphaGraphics business center holds or is working toward earning certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This means that many of our papers are rigorously reviewed and controlled to ensure they come from eco-responsible sources, which helps limit the impact your projects will have on the environment. Contact your local AlphaGraphics center today to see if they hold FSC Certification.Fact sources: http://sources.alphagraphics.com/
  10. 10. Alphagraphics Lisle/Naperville1997 Ohio St., Unit BLisle, IL 60532630.964.9600