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Examples of successful social media campaigns from companies that have little to no brand presence or brand equity.

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  • Dr. Oz – directed to social media – 800 responses in 90 seconds
    Mazda Design Challenge – 2 million in free media coverage – including the KTLA Morning News
  • Not household names
  • Launched 10/14/10 – the day of the premiere of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Bravo
    New brand within an existing brand
    Structured well – so is launching fast – bringing value to her community thru her strong concepts that resonate with her audience – beauty, health, entrepreneurship
  • 2009 -
    What resonates like a million dollars with your audience?
    For Bi411 it is money toward the breast implant procedure itself
  • Food from street carts have become a foodie favorite for San Franciscans. Food carts travel from neighborhood to neighborhood, offering their delicacies to a range of local foodies. But without a set location, how do these carts let consumers know where they will be? Well, through Twitter of course. Curtis Kimball, the man behind the enormously popular Creme Brulee Cart in San Francisco, has quickly amassed over 12,000 followers in a little over a year. He knows that most of his business comes from people who follow him on Twitter because Twitter is the only way you can find the cart’s location for the day, says Kimball, a former construction worker turned creme brulee expert. “It gives people a valid reason to follow me,” he says.
    The other use of Twitter for Kimball is to tell people what flavor of creme brulee he is serving in a given day. And Kimball says that Twitter gives him the ability to develop a personal relationship with his followers and others. He says he tries to engage his followers by asking for suggestions of what type of custard to serve or where he should park his cart, and he always tries to keep things humorous.
    Kimball says he has no marketing budget and Twitter has been a great way to amass fans. He doesn’t have as much of a presence on Facebook, and he’s not sure the model is as efficient as Twitter. “Twitter can absorb more than Facebook with very little effort,” Kimball adds. Yelp has also been a valuable source of referrals for the entrepreneur. The cart has 224 reviews and is rated with 4 and a half stars.
  • Social media and dentistry don’t necessarily go hand in hand, but one San Francisco dentist has forged an impressive social media campaign to raise awareness of her recently launched practice. She has a Twitter profile, a Facebook page, a YouTube channel and a website. Dr. Vaksman’s husband, lawyer Robert Vaksman, has been the strategist behind her social media efforts. Robert says that his wife is confronted with the challenge of practicing in a building that houses hundreds of other dentists that have more established practices. He says that it’s a no brainer to be looking at as many social channels as possible for marketing efforts.
    While the practice is still young, the Vaksmans say that they are starting to see patients and potential patients begin to communicate with them on the Facebook page, which has 70 fans. Vaksman will publish her Yelp reviews from patients on the site as well as YouTube videos containing educational content about dental procedures. Twitter is still a fairly new forum for the practice says Robert, and he’s still trying to determine the best way to engage with potential customers on the network.
    Last October, Dr. Vaksman signed up for a Groupon deal in San Francisco, and received 320 new patients because of the deal, which was for a patient exam and x-ray. The Vaksmans say that the deal propelled the five month old business in the right direction and boosted its patient base significantly. Robert is also looking into partnering with Facebook campaign startup Wildfire to set up a promotional sweepstakes for the practice’s Facebook page.
  • Wine Library TV
  • Gravity summit unbranded social campaigns - david alpern

    1. 1. Internet OMG: Social for the Unbranded World Internet Online Marketing GroupInternet Online Marketing Group 562-275-3699
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    7. 7. George P. Johnson: Prolific but not Viral Experience Marketing Why Should I? Why Should I?
    8. 8. CTAs:CTAs: * Email (ROI!)* Email (ROI!) * Follow icons* Follow icons * Like buttons* Like buttons * Value* Value propositions!!propositions!! 3 days after premiere Example New Brand – Initial Steps
    9. 9. Example Small Brands – Big Social
    10. 10. Viral via action, likes,Viral via action, likes, remessaging, othersremessaging, others 6M Visits, 2 M UVs6M Visits, 2 M UVs ……over just 12 weeksover just 12 weeks 3 days after premiere Example Small Brands – Big Social
    11. 11. Example The Crème Brulee Man • Curtis Kimball, formerCurtis Kimball, former construction workerconstruction worker • 1+ years in business1+ years in business • Engage – humor, asksEngage – humor, asks for type/location recofor type/location reco • Yelp -Yelp -
    12. 12. Example Dentist Irene Vaksman • SFO Groupon examSFO Groupon exam & x-ray deal& x-ray deal – 320 new patients320 new patients • Next: WildfireNext: Wildfire promotionalpromotional campaign and sweep-campaign and sweep- stakes for FB pagestakes for FB page
    13. 13. • Grew family biz: $4M to $50MGrew family biz: $4M to $50M • Learned: $15K in direct mail = 200 newLearned: $15K in direct mail = 200 new customers; $7500 billboard = 300 newcustomers; $7500 billboard = 300 new customers; $0 Twitter = 1800 newcustomers; $0 Twitter = 1800 new customerscustomers • GV's eccentricGV's eccentric persona; offbeatpersona; offbeat oenophile infooenophile info • Led to success withLed to success with Example Gary Vaynerchuk
    14. 14. • 99 cent cardboard case for the iPhone99 cent cardboard case for the iPhone • Blogger Larry Greenberg posted articleBlogger Larry Greenberg posted article • Picked up on Gizmodo, Engadget, TechCrunch, CNET,Picked up on Gizmodo, Engadget, TechCrunch, CNET, Mashable, etc.Mashable, etc. • Site traffic +5X, daily revenue record, 7K unitSite traffic +5X, daily revenue record, 7K unit sales in 4 dayssales in 4 days • Free Offer: PersonalizedFree Offer: Personalized "Sharpie Script""Sharpie Script" • Sparked mini-phenomenon - buyingSparked mini-phenomenon - buying cases to send personalized messagecases to send personalized message • Social propagation: SEO BenefitSocial propagation: SEO Benefit • #1 for 'iPhone case' & 'iPhone cases'#1 for 'iPhone case' & 'iPhone cases' Example Case-Mate - Recession Case
    15. 15. • InformativeInformative • EntertainingEntertaining • DC Shoes – resonates w/targetDC Shoes – resonates w/target • InteractionInteraction • Example: JetBlueExample: JetBlue servicing tweetsservicing tweets while passengerswhile passengers still in terminalstill in terminal • Other interactiveOther interactive • Traffic, RetargetingTraffic, Retargeting Steps New Brands
    16. 16. • Informative –Informative – • FAQ email curriculum, videoFAQ email curriculum, video • Leverage our assetsLeverage our assets • SEO by bloggers, forumSEO by bloggers, forum • Local CT acquisitionLocal CT acquisition • Site content,Site content, Chat, C2CChat, C2C • ContestsContests Action Plan Bi411
    17. 17. • Build brand awarenessBuild brand awareness • Protect the brandProtect the brand • Reserve your Twitter ID, Facebook page,Reserve your Twitter ID, Facebook page, etc. before someone squats on itetc. before someone squats on it • Twitter, FB, LI pages rank well forTwitter, FB, LI pages rank well for searches on a brand namesearches on a brand name • This helps YOU DEFINE YOUR BRANDThis helps YOU DEFINE YOUR BRAND instead of reviews and news from othersinstead of reviews and news from others defining it for youdefining it for you Action Plan Points to Consider
    18. 18. • Wrap it up value – tie down with:Wrap it up value – tie down with: • What’s important in your community?What’s important in your community? • Everyone should have their own millionEveryone should have their own million dollar ideadollar idea • What resonates with your community?What resonates with your community? • Find existing brands to leverageFind existing brands to leverage • did so with All American Pet did so with All American Pet Food Action Plan Points to Consider
    19. 19. Thank You Social for the Unbranded World Internet Online Marketing GroupInternet Online Marketing Group 562-275-3699