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Local Ppc Manager Presentation


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You can run your own PPC Campaign

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Local Ppc Manager Presentation

  1. 1. Business Plan
  2. 2. Advertising On-Line • Determine your goal – Targeted advertising. Bring your ad when they search for your product – Mass advertising. Image building
  3. 3. Advertising Platform • Google, Bing, Yahoo – Responsive advertising • Facebook, MySpace, Ning, LinkedIn – Billboard Style Advertising • Twitter, GoogleWaive – Who knows how to advertise?
  4. 4. Search Engine Advertising
  5. 5. Opportunities
  6. 6. LinkedIn A New Trend! Cross Advertising
  7. 7. You can do it yourself • Adwords FREE from Google. Just go to Google Help. • Facebook Free Account • Linked In Free Account
  8. 8. How is cost determined? • Quality Score: • Each time a search is done, Google is looking following about 200 factors, some of them are: - Search query and the keyword matching? - Search query and ad text relevance - Keyword and ad text relevance - Search query and website relevance - website easy navigation - website load time The above data is building your Quality Score for the particular search. (This is calculated new on every search). • The Click Cost is calculated by the following formula:
  9. 9. If you want to hire someone SEO – A Biiiig NO! • Flat Fee vs. commission on clicks • How is the sales person paid? Who pays it? • Nobody can manipulate search results. There NO company with direct access to Google! Beware of scam • Buying clicks????
  10. 10. Broad vs. Exact Match • Client: ANYLABTESTNOW - Keyword: TEST, • Lab test, Blood Test, SAT test, Magnetic test, Bio- chemical test, driving test, citizenship test • Should I bid on the word TEST?
  11. 11. • Why should I hire someone? • Do you have extra time on your hand to read 1000+ pages of information and learn this system? • How much it will cost you if you make mistakes? • If you can reach $6 per click on a $1000 monthly budget, you will have 167 clicks (167 potential clients coming to your website). • If LocalPPCManager can achieve $2.30 per click on the same $1000 budget, only $790 will be used towards clicks and you will receive 344 potential clients on your website.