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Uem albacete2011 records


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Uem albacete2011 records

  1. 1. ALBACETE 2011 – CIRCUIT INFOUEM Road Racing European ChampionshipAlbacete, October, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th, 2011.Information: Circuito de AlbaceteName: Circuito de AlbacetePole Position: LeftLength: 3539,31 m.Width: 10 m. Recta principal 12 m.Left Corners: 8Right Corners: 5Longest straight: 623,50 m.
  2. 2. Info – UEM 2008 12/Oct/2008125GPLorenzo SAVADORI Pole Lap Lorenzo SAVADORI 1:36,006Joey LITJENS Circuit Record Lap Lorenzo SAVADORI 1:35,436Ricard CARDUS Race18 Laps Lorenzo SAVADORI 29:03,477SupersportAngel RODRIGUEZ Pole Lap Angel RODRIGUEZ 1:31,728Kev COUGHLAN Circuit Record Lap Angel RODRIGUEZ 1:32,040Dani RIVAS Race 20 Laps Angel RODRIGUEZ 31:04,762Superstock 1000Carmelo MORALES Pole Lap Javier DEL AMOR 1:30,948Bernat MARTINEZ Circuit Record Lap Javier DEL AMOR 1:31,089Javier DEL AMOR Race 20 Laps Carmelo MORALES 30:45,886Info – UEM 2009 01/Nov/2009125GPMarcel SCHÖTTER Pole Lap Marcel SCHÖTTER 1:34,296Alessandro TONUCCI Circuit Record Lap Alessandro TONUCCI 1:34,725Joan PERELLO Race 18 Laps Marcel SCHÖTTER 28:50,747SupersportKev COUGHLAN Pole Lap Ferruccio LAMBORGHINI 1:30,757Javier FORES Circuit Record Lap Javier FORES 1:31,210Adrián BONASTRE Race 20 Laps Kev COUGHLAN 30:46,609Superstock 1000Carmelo MORALES Pole Lap Carmelo MORALES 1:30,729Bernat MARTINEZ Circuit Record Lap Bernat MARTINEZ 1:30,574Stefano CRUCIANI Race 20 Laps Carmelo MORALES 30:27,683
  3. 3. Info – UEM 2010 24/Oct/2010125GPMaverick VIÑALES Pole Lap Miguel A. OLIVEIRA 1:33,831Miguel A. OLIVEIRA Circuit Record Lap Maverick VIÑALES 1:33,498Alex RINS Race 18 Laps Maverick VIÑALES 28:23,721SupersportCarmelo MORALES Pole Lap Carmelo MORALES 1:30,374Marko JERMAN Circuit Record Lap Carmelo MORALES 1:31,824Raymond SCHOUTEN Race 20 Laps Carmelo MORALES 30:59,145Superstock 1000Santiago BARRAGAN Pole Lap Bernat MARTINEZ 1:29,988Bernat MARTINEZ Circuit Record Lap Santiago BARRAGAN 1:30,734Xavier DEL AMOR Race 20 Laps Santiago BARRAGAN 30:29,513UEM Records125GPCircuit Record Lap 24/10/2010 Maverick VIÑALES 1:33,498Best Lap 24/10/2010 Maverick VIÑALES 1:33,498Race 24/10/2010 Maverick VIÑALES 28:23,721SupersportCircuit Record Lap 01/11/2009 Javier FORES 01:31,210Best Lap 24/10/2010 Carmelo MORALES 01:30,374Race 01/11/2009 Kev COUGHLAN 30:46,609Superstock 1000Circuit Record Lap 01/11/2009 Bernat MARTINEZ 1:30,574Best Lap 24/10/2010 Bernat MARTINEZ 1:29,988Race 01/11/2009 Carmelo MORALES 30:27,683
  4. 4. UEM Road Racing European Champions 2008 - 2010 125GP SUPERSPORT SUPERSTOCK 10002008 Lorenzo SAVADORI-ITA Angel RODRIGUEZ-SPA Carmelo MORALES – SPA2009 Marcel SCHÖTTER-GER Kev COUGHALN-ENG Carmelo MORALES – SPA2010 Maverick VIÑALES-SPA Carmelo MORALES-SPA Santiago BARRAGÁN - SPA