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Ten best uses of the internet

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Ten best uses of the internet

  1. 1. Ten Best Uses of the Internet ANNA LOVEL IDT 7064
  2. 2. Use Number10: OnlineBankingBalancing a checkbookis an outdated skillthese days, and there isno reason to pay a billlate with online bill-pay. Online banking hasmade money easier
  3. 3. Use Number 9:CoordinatingGroupsCoordinating groups onthe internet allows andrequires: documentsharing, wikis, video-chatting, and emailing.Drop the chalk is evencreated for teachers toshare information onstudent behavior andacademic achievement.
  4. 4. Use Number 8:InteractiveGames andGadgetsBeyond the addictiveproperties of World ofWarcraft, internetgames can beeducational, fun, anduseful. In theclassroom, they all butensure studentengagement.
  5. 5. Use Number 7:OnlineEducationOnline educationmeans that going tocollege is notnecessarily going tocollege anymore.Now, geography is not alimiting factor togetting adegree, although moneyjust might
  6. 6. Use Number 6:Google EarthWant to go anywhere inthe world? Evensomewhere that doesnot exist anymore?How about the bottomof the ocean? Or Mars?Then GoogleEarth isthe program for you.
  7. 7. Use Number 5:OnlineShoppingSometimes, the localbookstore does not havethe ancient Romangeography workbookthat I need. That iswhen internet shoppingcomes in handy. Nowgeography is less of abarrier in
  8. 8. Use Number 4:InformationalVideosInformational videosallow anyone to take orprovide a mini-coursein any topic, providingequity of access. Byproviding this wealth ofinformation, everyoneis now a student of theinternet.
  9. 9. Use Number 3:Open-SourceDocumentsOpen-sourcedocuments allowinternet users to accessdocuments that are nolonger copyrighted. Forexample, the entireLatin text of the Aeneidis available fromwikisource.
  10. 10. Use Number 2:EmailEmail has permanentlychanged the way thatwe communicate.Communication is nowinstant and free; you donot even have to answerthe phone to talk tosomeone who may bemiles away.
  11. 11. …and the top use of the internet is…
  12. 12. Use Number1: SearchEnginesSearching the internetfor information is themost important way inwhich the internet haschanged our lives.Now, anyone can findany information thatthey may need withinmoments. As a teacheror student, this meansthat you are neverunable to answer