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film-Point of View


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Published in: Spiritual, Art & Photos
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film-Point of View

  1. 1. Point of View
  2. 2. Point of View•  Perspective, a manner of viewing, outlook of a narrator or character, the position from which something is observed•  If you want to start taking interesting photos, start thinking about your point of view -angles and interpretation
  3. 3. Bird s Eye View•  Looking down on your subject from a high vantage point•  You don t necessarily have to be up high, you just have to be high in comparison to your object
  4. 4. Worm s Eye View•  Taken from a low position•  Makes everything seem large and tall
  5. 5. Frame within Frame•  Great composition technique that emphasizes point of view•  Foreground interacts with or frames something in the background
  6. 6. Other Point of View Examples
  7. 7. James Nachtwey
  8. 8. Point of View Summary•  Think about the angle of your shot•  Think about the background and how it affects your shot•  Think about how you are interpreting a situation or showing your point of view conceptually