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Searching Chemical Information 0. summary and ideas


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Contents of the Seminar "Searching for Quality Scientific Information" in the Chemistry Department of the UAB in 19th of October 2015

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Searching Chemical Information 0. summary and ideas

  1. 1. Searching for Quality Scientific Information Alexandre López-Borrull Estudis Informació i Comunicació Universitat Oberta de Catalunya 19 Octubre 2015
  2. 2. Summary 1- Information Science: Some Ideas 2-Journals, Patents and Social Networks. Specialized Information Sources. Impact Factor and Open Access. 3‐ SciFinder and Web of Science. Google Scholar and Academic Social Networks (Research Gate,
  3. 3. Information Science: some ideas The problem in searching information is the ratio quality versus quantity
  4. 4. Information Science: some ideas The Important thing is finding THE information (to look for a needle in a haystack)
  5. 5. Information Science: some ideas Information and Files follow the laws regarding Entropy
  6. 6. Information Science: some ideas Information and Files follow the laws regarding Entropy
  7. 7. Information Science: some ideas A library is more than a store
  8. 8. Information Science: some ideas Big Data seems something new, but Scientists cope always with it
  9. 9. Information Science: some ideas Big Data seems something new, but Scientists cope always with it
  10. 10. Information Science: some ideas Google is not your best friend
  11. 11. Scientific Information: some ideas Highly Competitive
  12. 12. Scientific Information: some ideas Information is not free, somebody have to pay for them
  13. 13. Scientific Information: some ideas Mission of Information Science: “Give the right information at the very instant it is needed”
  14. 14. Scientific Information: some ideas Is this need of information new? 1665!!!
  15. 15. Scientific Information: some ideas If information is not available, there is no information
  16. 16. Scientific Information: some ideas Not all the Knowledge is in the Internet. And what there is in the Internet is not always Knowledge
  17. 17. Scientific Information: some ideas Collaborative Science
  18. 18. Scientific Information: some ideas The Price of Good Information
  19. 19. Scientific Information: some ideas Scientific Information as an ecosystem
  20. 20. Journals
  21. 21. Journals Why do we publish?
  22. 22. Journals “Publish or Perish” (Dr. Kimball Atwood ca 1950)
  23. 23. Journals Article Types - Full Paper - Communication - Review - Position Paper - Data Paper
  24. 24. Journals Publishers Types - Commercial - Scientific Society - University - Predatory Publishers!!!
  25. 25. Journals Five Big Publishers: Reed Elsevier, Springer and Wiley–Blackwell, ACS and Taylor & Francis
  26. 26. Journals Journals change their name
  27. 27. Journals Journals merge
  28. 28. Journals Journals are taken over
  29. 29. Journals Journals split into two
  30. 30. Scientific Information: some ideas Where did we publish and where do we publish?
  31. 31. Journals Publishing a paper
  32. 32. Journals Peer Review
  33. 33. Journals Open Access
  34. 34. Journals Open Notebook Open Source Software Open Peer Review Open Acces Open Data
  35. 35. Structure of an article Title+Authors Abstract+Keywords Introduction Methodology Results Discussion Conclusions References
  36. 36. Journals Additional/Complementary Material?
  37. 37. Patents
  38. 38. Patents A patent is a set of exclusive rights granted by a sovereign state to an inventor or assignee for a limited period of time in exchange for detailed public disclosure of an invention. An invention is a solution to a specific technological problem and is a product or a process
  39. 39. Patents Patent must meet some requirements
  40. 40. Patents Patents are different from know how and Industrial Secret
  41. 41. Patents
  42. 42. Patents
  43. 43. Academic Social Networks
  44. 44. Academic Social Networks
  45. 45. Academic Social Networks
  46. 46. Academic Social Networks
  47. 47. Academic Social Networks
  48. 48. Academic Social Networks
  49. 49. Academic Social Networks